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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cong's 19

Hey I'm back!!!
Hahahah it's been only a day since my last update. xD
As you can guess from the title, it's Ying Cong's birthday surprise!
His birthday is on 21 January, but we gave him a surprise on the 24th.
It was a simple surprise: buying a cake and deliver it to his house without him knowing.
Fian lied to him by jio-ing him to play pool, at 11pm. Hahaha 11pm??
Cong then told him that he can go have dinner with his classmates first, that's when Fian panicked & said, 'no no no eat at home'.

It was kinda messy because we meet later than the agreed time. Poor Serene reached on time at CWP so I called her over to my house.
When was the last time I see her...
She's that kind of good & close friend, when we didn't meet often but when we see each other, we don't feel weird or awkward. In fact, we blabber on each other.
We update on each other and talked like, non-stop. She's someone who I'm very comfortable with ♥ (I hope you cry when you read this you bitch)
So we stayed till it's time and headed to CWP to buy a cake for Cong.
Fian, Eve & Jiahong met us and we're off to Cong's house!

He was shocked to see us with the birthday cake xD
Thank goodness we bought a small cake that is enough to feed us all + his mother.

I have bad photography skills, pardon me.
Oreo cheese cake from Prima Deli!
Candid whoops
Serene + Eve
'Someone called me?'
Birthday boy! 
Heheh where are you looking?
A good shot!
We had a very long chat in his house.
Serene haven't been seeing us for a long time (not in years but yah) so she started a 'who changed the most' convo topic.
In terms of personality lah, not looks. But I think it's hard for someone to change?
Unless he/she experience something devastating or mix with bad company or some sort?
Oh goodness I need to be more philosophical I want to know the study of humans.
Wafir joined us after we cut the cake.. He arrived in his fixie and sang the Chinese version of 'Happy Birthday' in slow-mo. We replied back in a China accent, 'who's that? Wrong house! Go away!'
Ahhh.. I love this gang.

Then.. we got into photo snapping mode.

I had a bad hair day...

Yes I blocked Wafir
Jiahong your face please
Wafir's face hahaha 
Eve's blowing kisses
Fian your face 1D sia all same same.
The more I view all the photos the more I laugh; funnier if put it as stop motion. xD

Wafir, one day I will parody the way you take photos.
Just wait.

Bo jio
Eh the lighting nice leh
JCboy_95 with Polyboy95
'Let me present to you ma faggots'
While queuing up for our food hehe
It was a long queue...
We're missing Jas :(
Serene look so joyful!
I feel like photoshop-ing Wafir...
So it was getting quite late for some of us, so Eve & Wafir went home, while Fian, Cong, Jiahong & I sent Serene off to the MRT station.

Wait! Group picture!

Stupid big head blocked 1/4 of my face.

Glad we walked to the station because that period we were talking. We all are talkative. d:
After Serene left, the 4 of us went to grab supper at Woodlands Checkpoint.
It was a simple supper with the guys!

Why Jiahong why
Told ya I had a bad hair day... HAHAH FIAN WHY YOUR EYES LIKE THAT
All in all, I hope you enjoyed your night with us!!
Claim your prezzie from me ;)

That will be the end of the post everyone. I wonder when will be my next update...
Till then!

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