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Friday, February 7, 2014

Chinese New Year: 马到功成

Heeeeeeyyy everybody!!!
This is such an extremely last post I know I am so sorry!
I've been cooped up with projects and assignments that's eating up my life.
My soul is depleting Y.Y Nah just kidding, my soul never dies; never give up!!

31 January 2014

This is a CNY 2014 post, the year of the Horse.
Which is also the year of my last teenage year. Next year, I will be stepping into my early 20s. Holy shit the thought of it just... Growing up sucks :(
But the perks is that you can do lot more things than when you're young.
The sudden realisation that my parents are also growing old as I'm growing up; I see more white hair :(
So people, cherish & spend more time with your parents while you can!

About CNY, somehow I don't feel the CNY atmosphere as much as previous years, & I suspect it's because I'm getting older.
Maybe I'm wrong lah but I dunno.. I only go visiting on the 1st day..
Doesn't matter, it's our New Year, we get to see our relatives & cousins.
I envy people who have cousins around their age and are close with them. Me? The closest cousin to me is the youngest cousin, which is only Primary 6 this year.
My cousins are either way older or way younger than me. I also don't talk to them because they're hard to approach. I dunno..

All along we cooked food for reunion dinner but since 2012 it had changed to steamboat. Guess the parents are tired of cooking in the morning.
But I'm more out-going towards my relatives each year, hoping to get closer to my oldest cousins!
The food was yummy! I like the dumplings it's so good!
Steamboat soup is always so delicious. I always add the prawns in first for flavouring mmMM!

My lil bro & I
Das my bro over there
A good one haha (goodness I needa close my mouth)
Turtle lil bro over there haha 
Hahah called his name & he turned
Gotcha too!
My 5th Uncle, his son, my Ah Gong on the right
Yup he is the closest cousin. Very naughty but I can converse with him even with the age gap
Greetings from the Yellows
I got bored.. My bro too..
My Korkor 's (eldest cousin) wife & his 2 sons
He's playing GTA on the iPad
Boys will be boys
That's my Korkor! & my Ah Po :)
Interrupt for a selca

Went home and indulge myself in almond chocolates they are so delicious!!
Bro's Mahjong kakis came over to play money while I just watched TV...

3 February 2014

Finally I get to go out to visit! This time it was my Poly side.
1st house we went was Karise' house! It was my 2nd time going to her house & the Tan's hospitality was great! I've blogged about it here.
Junyuan, Jill & I were the 1st one to arrive at her house, even though I woke up late! (Okay lah not very late I still made it)
Guess punctuality is REALLY dead; it's like universal or something.
While waiting for the rest, the 4 of us played cards - Blackjack & Daiti.
Just nice maximum of 4 for Daiti.
Jason, Sam, Jackie & Amelia arrived thereafter.
Karise took out the Mahjong table so all of us can play Ban Luck and we played it with small amount of money. xP
Then after that some of them played Mahjong while I keep eating the nuggets & potato wedges Karise' mum cooked.
She also prepared chicken for us! Thank you!

We moved on to Mr Enzio's house. We didn't know how to go even though it was in a neighbourhood next to Karise'.
We cabbed there.. Heng got 8 of us so we can easily share a cab. Oh & thanks Jackie for footing the taxi fee! :D (Hope you see this)

Mr Enzio's house was pretty cool! He has a bike rack to hang 2 bicycles & 2 doors to his house.
We started playing cards with money while Junyuan & Enzio played PS4.
It was so much better to play with money because you got that rush when you won! But the Zheng Keh is always either Jackie, Sam or Jason.
Anna, Richard & Jovial came afterwards. We played another game called In Between. It was my 1st time playing but it wasn't hard to grasp the game.
In fact, I won a lot of money from this game!
I think it's more of luck bah...
I got rid of my shillings and I stopped playing because I don't wanna lost my notes. xP

Hahah Mr Enzio's daughter at the back look so cute!
The mirror has its advantages

It was an enjoyable day! Laughing and playing, my favourites!

Pity I didn't spend my CNY with my cliques nor my girlfriends... A really pity.. :(
This year no clique steamboat.. Never mind, there's always next year!!
My tests & exams are drawing nearer, so I might not be blogging for a while!
Maybe just a quick update or so ;)

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