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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back from 7days School Exchange trip to Hongkong & China!

I'm Hoooooommmmeee !!! :D
Yesterday night I just reached home at 12+ after my Mother & brother picked me up at the airport.
I thanked God that my luggage isn't missing! :D
At night the bubble in my luggage break and it wet my adaptor and charger. So when I charge my phone, there is a spark and the whole house went black-out.
Then again, I thank God that the electricity is back, thanks to my big bro too! :)
Now lemme start on the trip :D

Day 1: Getting ready and arriving in Hongkong
Sam slept over but went home, guess she missed her mother.
In 3.50am in the morning Sam called saying that the taxi had come, thought it will come at 4am!
Dad bought cheesecake woohoo ♥
After check-in & stuff we board the plane.
Met friends like Rianne (nice name right! my partner in hotel room but Sam slept me after the 1st night), Amalia, Licia, Praveen, Haneesa, Afiqah, Farzana, Ameesha, Tery, Junwei, Bala, Shivanaan, Issac & others!
Praveen's super funny and bitchy at the same time!
Watched Justin Bieber: Never say never in the plane to HK.
Food in plane was nice haha.
Reached Hongkong! OMG so damn excited lah, proceed to a long zhong R
The R is a taboo word in HK because almost everyday every meal we eat at that place.
The food was nice, there's soup, rice and many dishes, quite satisfied.
Chatted & laughed while eating.
After eating we walked to the sidewalk and saw a lingerie shop that showed a very obscene video.
LOL its like very funny cos Isaac was looking in that direction my god.
Hahaha then the coach brought us to the hotel, though its very small.
After that we went shopping down the HK streets.
Note much to buy cos many shops were branded shops and other shops they sell were either too expensive or too distasteful for my liking.
In the end I bought Mango Sago (d: very delicious), 10 adorable pens for my friends and 2 bangles. Total HKD 214 thats like... $25+? Wahlao eh.
T.T so much I haven't spend on myself especially clothes, bottoms & bag!
Grand dinner again, at R.
It was Sister, Praveen lah, birthday! :D
After dinner we proceed to the light shoe, it ws very smooth and nice!! Laser show ah, got many colours and lights sync with the music.
There is also the Star Walk or something like that where famous people print their hands on the floor, I saw Jackie Chan xD
First night with Rianne, she got food! xD
The strawberry chocolate omg damn nice.

Day 2: Wax museum with strong nice wind
Met the group then went to eat breakfast.
Yes, at R again.
They served dim sum, porridge and bee hoon.
Its very yummy especially the man tou (plain bun) with condensed milk ♥♥♥
After that went to HK museum of History.
Our tour guide, Veronica, speaks good English even though she's a Hongkong-er!
She's very funny cos she laughs at her joke where we don't understand, on the mic.
Her laughter is very funny that makes the whole of us laugh with her, sarcastic laughter btw.
In the museum there is this male guide telling us about Hongkong the Opium War and stuff.
And it made me interested in the story.
Sam & I almost got lost sia we panic cos we're almost late.
After that took tram up. Wah the pressure was damn heavy while travelling up.
Theres the wax museum, they make the body damn realistic sia!!
Got Jackie Chan, Jay Chou, Bruce Lee and others. Ooh Lee Kuan Yew, Eddie Murphy, Obama, etc.
The boys and me and Sam went to the haunted house. Keep screaming and yelling sia I only take a few peeks inside the dark house.
Then proceed to the Fishing Village. I had motion sickness when coming down so I didn't get to ride on the Sampan boat, anyway you have to pay for it and I thought it's pretty boring.
Ms Lim gave the us the medicated ailment for some comfort and it helped me! :D
Lunch at R, filled my stomach.
Next went to make our own Wife Biscuit and egg roll + tea appreciation.
I like the making of Wife Biscuit because my group was very funny and we laughed all the way.
When it comes to egg roll, all the 4/1 dudes and chicks and do it! Even Ms Kok can xD
Me, Sam, Jx, Wafir, Vynx, Tery, Junwei, Bala, Jas & Linglin.
Hahaha we keep on laughing! xD
Dinner! R again!
This time dinner we played the number game.
I dared the pair who clashed with number to eat tomato, in the end me & Linglin kena!
Burst out laughing!! But the tomato was nice k.
Went to shopping at a shopping mall. Its like Bugis mix with Far East.
We spent like 3/4 of the time in on the 3rd floor! Left 20 mins to spend on 2F & 1F.
So we speed shop @ both floors, bought my bag! ^^ bargain till very good xD

Day 3: School visiting & Wetland Park
Woke up late, me & Sam chiong sia LOL.
Breakfast @ R.
Cannot eat already, going to get sick!
Went to the school. Walk around the school, saw some hot guys and 1 pretty boy :B
But hor, they are like very anti-social sia, all hide in one corner.
Then went to the Taoist temple & eat lunch together with them.
Wafir did his beat-box performance and became the center of attention of all the HK females :D
Headed to the Wetland park, it was very fun! Except for the very hot weather.
We saw Muimui the crocodile, plants, mud skipper & crabs, insects, etc.
The park got a lot of butterflies and 1 insect landed on my handed.
I shook my hand violently but it won't get off! T.T
Went back to the hotel and took a quick wash-up and headed to shopping!
Praveen, my sister, and friends got high and Farzana was singing the spicy Mcnuggets song.
Fais was doing the 'holy mama' move and the bus was doing it xD
Got high ^v^
Ladies market, woah its ze best!
Many shops were selling the same things so if there is an interested customer they try anything to make him/her buy. Lemme tell you my story.
I saw a wallet quite nice and want to buy for my brother.
But its too expensive so I walked out of the shop.
She keep pestering me and discount here and there.
Trick: If you find it too expensive, LEAVE THE SHOP. It doens't work everytime but you'll get the price you ask for :D
Me, Sam and the boys bought Shades together! haha!
Spent all my HKD in Ladies market alrd.
Going to meet the group alrd so we walk fast, Jianxiong walked too fast then 'BAM!', he accidentally hit and made a box of goods dropped on the floor.
The whole box sia, then I turned behind, he pushed us and say 'eh run lah sia run!!'
So we run and laughed at the same time! Super hilarious lah poor shop attendant xD

Day 4: Shenzhen & Museum
Breakfast, me like! Its noodles + toast. d:
Last day at Hongkong alrd. ): I missed Hongkong.
Trained to Shenzhen, me, Tery & Sam played the English game where you have to continue the word of the last letter.
Its very fun xD
Proceed to Shenzhen Museum. Got Ancient & Modern history, got real corpse! Damn cool lah! They preserved until very well.
In Shenzhen the lunch was R again, I don't like D:<
Service: Unrated
Food: Two Thumbs down.
Nevermind, Went to the China Folk Village. Spent like the whole day there, I don't really like it a a lot because we have to walk a lot and the weather isn't making it better.
However, there got many cool things! I bought ice-cream, magnum! ♥v♥
Ooh and we met an expert in cutting shapes of our side view, I didn't take photo of my portrait but I swear its very good and he's skilled!
He's the best in it and the talent is very rare. First he give Shivanaan free and after 10sec he finished his protrait! We were like clapping and cheering for him we all go 'woooaah wah! wooh!'
Best. Gift. Ever! Thanks Master! :) It only cost $8.
Walked around and finished my water ):
Talked to Vynx about many things but always very hard to talk cos got people there.
Now I know Vynx ah!
After that went to watched the Night shoe, damn awesome!!!!
Though the speakers blast the volume as if we were deaf or something.
Oh yah and Bala got married! Hehehe.

• Tery is so cute! He gave me seaweed :B He left on the door and ran away xD

Day 5: Theme Park!
Today is playday! LOL I think this trip is more of leisure then educational loh.
We went to the theme park!!!!!!!!
Though we have to take the escalator a lot, cos many rides were located up high.
First we rode the not-so-thrilling ride. Hahaha.
The Scream-O-Meter was 2/10.
Second we got onto the 4D ride, damn those china sluts who tried to cut queue.
But the Singaporean spirit drive them away! We were like shouting eh don't let the China cut queue fast come and squeeze, and then we STARE at them yeah.
The 4D ride was damn fucking realistic me, Sam, Linglin, Jasmine, Rianne & Amalia were screaming sia the creatures were like so real and in front of us, like eating us omg.
The last ride, the water ride, 'leave the best for the last'.
Heng we wore raincoat, its like roller coaster but with water, extra thrill sensation LOL.
I banged my head ): Cos I bend my head trying not to get my hair wet.
Highest was 20m oh-so-cool and another back-faced down, xD
Then express coach to Guangzhou, its a very long trip there, slept in the bus.
Ahh, fee-na-ley, a nice dinner :)

• Tery is cute! I like Junwei's laughter xD
• I don't like Isaac..
• I think Licia is creepy. No one likes her O:
• Vynx is fun to talk with!

Day 6: Trips to various places + Beijing Lu & Mac
Every time morning wake up feel very lethargic.
First went to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, its again, history, then talk about the heroes about China & He Xiao Ping ah. LOL.
Then I think we went to Chen Ancestral Shrine next, its a temple lah, basically its for attraction and the Chinas doesn't pray.
Later is the Qing Ping Market.
Eh wahlao its like 90% of the stalls sells disgusting herbs, dried animals like sea horses, lizards, cat ears, mouse ears, etc & other weird exotic food.
Mixed altogether the smell is so pungent that it kill my smell cells.
They also sell live animals - dogs, cats, birds, chicks, baby ducks, fishes, you named it.
The cruelty is that they tie the dogs ear so that it will stand up straight.
There is no cushion, no food and water in the cages! Y$(&*^#(*$^#! ARGH DAMN THOSE CHINAS!
Forget it, last is the best.
^v^ I bought shirts @ uniqlo its damn cheap, wallet and necklace! I ♥ it!
Fee-na-ley, no more R, not trying to be qian da lah.. But we ate Mac for dinner! woohoo!!
Sam & Me left Licia alone because we don't like her, she's creepy, so we stayed at Linglin & Jasmine's room.
Licia had caused so much inconvenience to us and the teachers loh!
A LOT!! She left her wallet in the school and had to go back with takes 1 hr there =_='
Ms Lim keeps rolling her eyes and indirectly shoot her, she still doesn't want to apologise!
Until Mr Tan go and talk to her then she apologise. Hmph, whatever to you.

Day 7: Back to Singapore :)
We were heading back to Singapore! hehehe.
First we went to eat breakfast, then lunch then last-min shopping at a shopping mall.
I bought books and Serene's birthday prezzie :)
After that proceed to the airport to check it, flight got delayed ):
Skipped the procedures lah.
Haha and the ice-cream they served in the plane was Haagen Dazs! Ooh-la-la!
Arrived at Changi Airport and saw my mother & bro :D
Ahhh, it feels good to be home! :)

I want to say thanks to:
• Riverside Secondary School, for giving me this very education opportunity to Hongkong and provide us with the best food and tour.
• Ms Lim, Ms Kok & Mr Tan, for caring us, worry us, nagging and scolding us and I know you meant well for us as well for our safety, so that we can enjoy to the maximum. Not to mention three of you joking and chatting with us.
• Ms Tricia, the guide who have been following us in these 7 days and taking care of us too.
• Ms Veronica & Ms Camping, our tour guides in Hongkong & China respectively. Veronica with her cute laughter and Ms Camping with her humor.
• Bus driver who drives us at various places.
• Sam, Jasmine, Linglin, Vynx, Jx, Wafir, Tery, Bala, Junwei, Rianne, Amalia, Praveen, Farzana, Haneesa, Fais for all the laughters and hyper-activeness you have caused, had made a beautiful memory in my heart.

LOL, like some kind of lomantic or touching story eh? xD
I hope next year still have lah! Though low chances of it having ):
Dah! I've finished my looooooooong post. Enjoy! ♥

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