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Saturday, January 25, 2014

DEPM Bonding Day 2014

What's up guysssssss???????
I apologise for the lack of update!
All those school projects and assignments are locking me up in a transparent cage.
Now that I have time, I shall start!
Gosh, this entry is so overdue! This event was over a week ago.
Let's get started baby.

So this event is a rather special one for me (1 of the other special events).
Because my class, together with 2 other classes of the same course, were planning & organising this school event.
Basically, it was an event to bond the Year 1s & Year 2s in my course.
So it's kinda like a small event but why do we need 3 classes for it?
Because this event has 3 segments - Trail, games and Talent Time.
My class was responsible for Talent Time (TT).
We started planning this since Semester 1. Yup, it's a small but valuable experience for me.
Of course, there's bound to be obstacles and bad happenings pre-event.
Like we couldn't find sponsors on time and such.
Everything that has to be done pre-event, during the event & post-event were equally important.

We had a few rehearsals, to do a couple of run-through and setting up the props.
It was not easy. But everyone was being a team player and things were done.
I felt happy because we were all doing what we're told and things were getting done quickly.

Here are the rehearsal photos:

Discussing and working!
That's 05 over there
Good job guys!
And another class on the other corner
The Operation Department (I think) monitoring the Audio Visual Control.
Everyone is busy doing their work~
Isn't Jiahui's smile bright too? :D
So many people working on the backdrop!
Oh yah! Something very funny happened while we were putting up the backdrop.
Because the backdrop was made up of cardboard and many, many, many, duct tape, the cloth could not support the weight of the backdrop.
So we used a lot of Velcros. We realised we cannot tape the backdrop to the cloth, but directly to the wall instead. 
ONLY AFTER we stick the backdrop up then we realised it. So stupid! xD
So we had to cut holes and tape the Velcros.
It wasn't a one man job, we need a team. 
One person to cut hole, one person to hold the backdrop, another to hold the pair of scissors, another to hold the velcro, etc.
Then, Amelia said, "this seems like a operation theatre. Like how the surgeon said 'scapel', 'glove', but instead we said 'scissors', 'velcro'."
It made all of us laugh xD 
So damn relatable and funny!!

What I was doing w my Marketing Department: cutting the words on foam sheets. (It wasn't easy, especially if using scissors)
Gotcha Karise!
Damn it, Karise.
Powerpuff Girls + Asyiqin
The committee tee!
Agent Fish reporting for duty. (I know I have zero beef but...)
Let's fast-forward to the event day.
Alas! The big day!
We had to reach the event hall early to set up the back drop and put up the props.

1: Amelia drawing the silhouettes
2. Jason practicing his performance while the rest work on the backdrop
3. Great job Amelia and MM! 
1: Tada!
2. Close up
2. 05 girls counting the number of magazines for the goodie bag
3. How the f*ck do you operate this
4. There were A LOT of leftovers.
1: Decorations!
2. Welcome to DEPM Bonding Day 2014!
3. Theme was Superheroes in comics
4. I like Spiderman more than Ironman
1: Welcome~
2. Yo Clark Kent
3. Our sponsors! Thank you!
4. Letters to cut
Our beloved lecturers and tutors photoshopped into heroes! xD
This is hilarious shit man. I like Benji Fury
Beng please don't act cute
Think they were using Photoshop
Brudder why you slack ah
Isn't this funny??
So many notes
I tried to make it like an inspirational, philosophical Tumblr-like post but I failed.
It's a perfect photo to do it! & I suck at it because I am not swag enough #sign

Food arrived on time too, which was a relieve.
I was initially an usher.
......then crowd controller, then scouter, then stationed at the food area, then finally a bouncer.
Bouncer as in guard the room where the participants placed their bags ah, just in case someone enter the room and steal something.
Aishah was with me, we go in pairs.
Although we sort of being 'thrown around' to different positions, I don't hate it.
In fact, I enjoy being in so many roles. It's so fun! But tiring at the same time ah.
& Aishah, we had this little fun and giggles while in the room, eh? ;) HEHEHEHE

We didn't do much tedious work. We ate and talked, and then it was time for TT.
It was the highlight of the event. I'm so glad there were enough participants for the segment. *Phew*
Pictures time!

Making sure everything goes smoothly
Half of the audience
My brudder as a guest performance! His performance received roars from the audience!!
Many exclaimed that he was so cute and funny
I approve. I'm proud of you bro.
Bottom-right he threw confetti
It was an entertaining performance. It cracked up the audience!
Jiamin from 05 singing a Chinese song!
Is that a hand-made maracas? 
And no, they are not together.
Yeah, they wore masks up on stage because they were the Villians
Vanessa and her friend! Also Karise's & Aishah's friend!
All performers are to dance for the audience. Check out Jason's move.
1. No idea why Jackie was up there
2. Haha so cute
3. The emcees
The only dancers in the TT. I rate this 1st out of all! (Personal opinion okay don't bash)
Cute, sexy, groovy!
"Say something I'm giving up on you"
Yup.. Jason's dance
"I will climb the highest mountain, I will swim the deepest sea"
The song played was PPG's them song.. That's why their hands were...
I don't have the photos for this duo's performance! They were playing The Cup Song.
It was interesting because they put up a skit lah. So it was very different from other performance.
Only 1 girl was playing with the cup, so immediately I thought '2 girls 1 cup'.

While the judges were collating the winners, there was another special performance!
By our very own DEPM Justin Bieber! Who could it be? Hmm...

JASON!! He sang 'Boyfriend'
Then, a song wasn't enough for him. He danced to SHINee's Lucifer.
Check out those dance moves
He was getting positive feedback from the floor! Like, they were craving for him.
Did I actually said that? HAHAHAH
There were not only prizes for the participants of TT, but also pre-event contests and lucky draw! ^-^
So nervous!
Mr Ong! 
This segment got the atmosphere HOT! The lecturers dancing woohoo!
It was Anna's birthday on that day, so we had a surprise for her! 
It was an exhausting day for everyone of us, but I want to thank the upper management for tanking the workload and must have burnt several midnight oils.
Everyone's work add together gives the final product.
More projects in future! I must stay positive >:)
I look forward for more events!!

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