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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Quick Update #16

WHAT IS UP GUYS????????????
First & foremost, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR Y'ALL!!
I know it's a little late but hey, it's still CNY period, right?
& yes, I know, I know, I only blogged once last month & this month it's nearing the end & now then I write??

I have been to many outings & short meet-ups, but 'why no CNY post??'
Well, I got too absorbed in my friend's companion & laughing (& gambling away) that I didn't really take photos.
Come to think of it, I am beginning to live in the moment 😀
Not that I have TOTALLY stopped taking pictures - I will definitely still snap photos to post up in my blog - it's just that I'm more active in my Instagram stories.

I took a short break during CNY, so yesterday I went back to work & woah, I was so uncomfortable that I STILL am an amateur.
I am so hungry of knowledge but I take in information slow & I take a longer time to understand what is being explained to me.
Many a times, my seniors were talking among themselves regarding work & I'm like 'errrm I am a crew too so I should know what is going on too' but then again I probably have no clue what they are talking about, thus they talking to themselves.
WHICH, by the way, FRUSTRATES me.
Not because they didn't include me, but because WHY THE HELL DO I NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT?
I (& also my peers) always tell myself to take things in my own pace, because I know what are my potential.

Work aside, I have started my personal art project!!! *SQUEALS*
Cannot wait to show you guys what am I cooking up!!
Not only that, after this 1st series, I have ANOTHER series to draw! 😄😄😄😄😄

I have uploaded the photos from the Spring-themed shoot that I collab with Andrew over in my pixieset website → https://zennartsg.pixieset.com/
Appreciate if you go over & see 😀😀
While you're at it, check out my photographer's portfolio !
Do check it out! ^-^

Till then!

Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Wrapped

Look into the horizon, and wave hi and goodbye
Hey waddup guys!
I know, I know, this is my first and only post for this month.
(Edit: I actually finish writing this End Of Year post but I thought I'd save it for Dec 30th to post. End up yup I forgot about it so Imma make this as my New Year's post then 😂)
I Let me be honest: I don't know how short or how long this post is gonna be. 😝
But I also won't go into much detail about every single piece that happened in 2017 (cos that'll bore you am I right hahaha)
At the end of the post, I will sum up the year with three words! (Should have done this already but oh heck I can always start with this year)
Here goes!
🌟 One of my girl in my clique flew to Australia for her further studies. Although I can't bear not meeting up together with the rest, (see: drink sesh & club), I'm happy for her to pursue what she want. Hope to see you on Chinese New Year, Yuwen!!!! We almost see each other at my house for Christmas dinner but sadly no :(

🌟 I had a lot of collaboration opportunities with my photographer & also a good friend, Andrew. Be it as an artist or HMUA, I had fun when I'm out with him! Not to forget our drinking sesh too 😜 Our meet ups with Saiful too! Damn we actually drove into Malaysia for a fun trip there. FUN FUN FUN!

🌟 I had frequent self time out. Going out running errands, shopping, dining by myself, or just doing my work in coffee joints. I love being alone out sometimes, doing what I wanna do without anyone's opinion, without anyone rushing me; my own time own target.

🌟 COLDPLAY CONCERT. Enough said.

🌟 I graduated my course this April, the starting wasn't a good one, but it gradually got better! Being a casual means I need to know my shit & not be afraid to make mistakes. Afterall, I learn best through mistakes and lessons. I am a visual learner, I need to see & feel things. I am slow at taking in information & understanding knowledge. I may take a longer time than my peers but that doesn't mean I am not willing to learn. In fact, I am hungry for knowledge.

🌟 I took up 2 other side jobs & I am liking 1 of them very much! Because it includes two of my interest: art & teaching children. I foresee myself staying in that freelance job for long.

🌟 As for the other side job, the one & only reason why I'm glad I join is because I met Denise, a colleague there. Both of us join around the same time, & we got closer from there! We even hang out! She showed me I am a friend who means something to her & thus I am keeping her 😊

🌟 2nd trip to South Korea!!! Food & cosmetics! This trip is more of adventures & thrills instead of sightseeing :)

🌟 I met up an old friend, Jianxiong, together with two other good friends. Man, it was soooo good to catch up with one another with none other better than - beer. He changed so much man.

🌟 My girlfriends ALMOST could meet up full, but Jas had to work :( It's alright~ I'm delighted to see Serene! Don't worry girls, we can meet again in CNY, I hope!!!!

🌟 This year, I cried a lot; be it from movies/videos or by people, but it is because that's how I am. I am sensitive & I am emotionally strong (yes, you read that right). I worry about my loved ones & that isn't helpful when I get occasional intrusive thoughts. I think about the worse scenarios you can imagine. I get upset at the slightest thing when I'm going through PMS. I can't change being less sensitive, but I can learn to not give a fuck about what people think & say.

🌟 My close friend from work started talking to me & we're back to being goofy & bitchy :)

🌟 I know who are my true friends & I am extremely grateful for them. I will cherish them & spend more time with them.

🌟 Definitely fought & quarreled with my boyfriend here & there in the span of 12 months. But we never let each other go to bed angry or sad.

🌟 The only good friend I met in Poly & am still hanging out is my Partner, Partner I love you. Yes I am still gonna be cheesy & lovey dovey & act cute because I know you can't stand them 😗

🌟 After 6 years I saw my ex-boyfriend. Of course there is a wave of memories because afterall he is my first flame & first long-term relationship. We didn't end it in a bad term but he didn't gave me closure (I'm someone who needs closure) so we talked for a long while for that closure.
What I believe is that if anyone of you didn't end your relationship with your partner in a bad term (due to some other circumstances), thank each other for the memories made & the time spent together. I'm someone who don't like to hate anybody (hate is a strong word, but so far I have only extremely dislike 1 person), so let your mind in peace. It's over, time to move on!

🌟 I have made little progress in my art Instagram & as an artist, but little progress better than zero progress!
I guess that's all about my 2017 Wrapped! For the year 2017, I would describe it as: emotional, grateful & anxious.

In 2018, I resolve to:
be more active in my art path &
give zero fucks about what people think & say about me (but of course not to the extend of being inconsiderate. I still have my manners)
I figure things like 'getting a driving license' or 'getting a tattoo' is too.. hmm.. superficial?
Like resolutions are what you resolve to do, perhaps a goal to reach; an improvement from the previous year, a better you, yes?
So 2 resolutions for 12 months. Can I stick to it?
I feel like start a journal for me to pen my unhappiness, anger, happiness, but knowing me I probably stop halfway cos I am lazy.
But, 2018, what do you have for me? I will embrace everything with strength from Him.

Picture from: credit

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

JB Trip - Malaysia Drift

Was taking group photo when the server decide to join in!
Gosh, this road trip is almost a month ago! Oops.
Alright so, Andrew, Saiful & I rented a car to drive in to Malaysia, with Saiful behind the wheels.
Well, because he's the only one with a licence so.

Initially we planned to meet at 9.30am BUT something cock up with the car & we had to wait for the car rental shop to start business so they can send someone to Saiful.
Saiful was alone with the car whereas Andrew met up with me at Marsiling (because that was the plan - to meet at Marsiling).
It was pointless waiting outside we we both chilled at my place.
We waited for about 2 hours plus before the car got repaired & running! YAAAYYYY WE WERE SO HAPPY!!
It was my first time going in M'sia in a car so, I was actually squealing inside! 😁
I was sitting at the back so I have the luxury to put my leg up on the seats heheehe.

Our main purpose is - KARTING!!
The route to the karting venue is actually kinda far & I am a direction idiot so all I did was remained quiet & enjoy the view outside while the boys in front were busy with the GPS & looking for signs.
Aahhh, such relaxing thing to do~
The road towards the location was quite bumpy! Like, BUMPY BUMPY.
THEN, there were like, A HERD of cows on both sides of the road!!
Sua ku people like me were like fascinated by wild animals.
There were also like 2 deers(???) (I can't remembered actually HAHAHA but it's an animal lah) blocking the car in front of us 😂
Finally, we reached the location!!

There were two of that dog! TWO!!! Siblings definitely.

Hey sweetie!

AWESOME PART - they have dogs!!!!
There was this one hairy, big dog who, I think, didn't received a lot of love & affection because he came to me when I showed my gleaming eyes to him.
He leaned against my right leg & sat. I patted & stroked him.
& then, I moved. I patted my leg & called for him to come. AND HE CAME TOWARDS ME! AND SAT BESIDE ME!
It's the dog below!

So darling.... Sitting next to me and letting me pet him..

Personal hygiene everyone! I bluffed my boyfriend that I did plastic surgery on my nose and he bought it. HAHHA 

I look like an auntie on the right because of the hair cap urgh.
We weren't the only players in the track, there were some other dudes there too.
In the first round, I spun 360° at one of the corner. DAMN IT.
But I quickly get back in my gear & FOOM - THERE I GO.
It was like, holy fuck, THE ADRENALINE IS AMAZING!!
I test how fast I can go, so I slowly & steadily stepped on the accelerator & the faster I drive, the faster the adrenaline rush in my blood!
But the faster I go, the harder the kart vibrates & the hotter the motor gets.
After the first round, Saiful suggest for a second round, so SECOND ROUND HERE WE GO!
Nabeh in the second round I turn 360° twice & landed my kart on the grass patch. *smacks head*
I had to get out & pull my kart out of the grass patch like a peasant.

The last time I played Go Kart was in Escape Theme Park. NOW THAT'S LONG.

After playing our fill, now we got empty stomachs to fill.
So Saiful drove us to this Shisha cafe.

Playing with the lighting heh.
What I ordered - not exactly delicious but I finished it all.
What Saiful got - this is delicious
and what Andrew had - he didn't know it was breaded chicken.. He didn't want fried chicken.. 
Somebody call the Bomoh because someone looks possessed 

We also ordered one Shisha but I forgot what flavour. But it's mainly Saiful & me who smoke because Andrew was being a wuss.
No lah he got a fitness test the next day so he wanna keep his body in tip-top condition 👌

I think Andrew was eating his food but I dunno, I ain't judging :P
Look at him; so done with my shit. 😂

After our meal, we head to Johor Premium Outlet!
The only thing we all spend on is Starbucks (basic bitches) except Andrew got a shirt which he changed to straight (see photos later).
Basically we just leech on Starbucks Wi-Fi & chill.
It was pretty quiet when we reached there, like as if it's a ghost town. & I mean like those Wild Wild West ghost town o:

Moving on.

Both Andrew & I really want a full body massage, & he has this particular Chinese massage parlour he found online.
So when we finally found the place (it was actually right in front of our eyes when we were turning the car round & round LOL), we decided to just go for Thai Massage instead because the price & duration isn't worth the money.

Gosh, it felt soooo good yet pain at the same time.
The masseuse cracked my back bones, my arm, my head, everywhere!
Andrew was literally right beside me, & I grunt a lot when she hit the right spot, & that makes everyone laugh. OOPS.
The Thai masseuse complemented my face hehehe 😸

& we had a hell lot of selfies hehe 

He purposely take the picture together with my masseuse.

& she saw, she smiled! :D By the way, I'm NOT not unhappy that she's inside the photo it just I made that face so I couldn't see the screen.

When I say hell lot, it's a lot.
& I like it all so I'm gonna put it all here 😁.

Chinese eyesssss

We were suppose to do slutty pose, he paitao me!!
Okay lah, a decent picture:

Forever my Dido
Both of them are in NS now.. Once enlisted in October, the other in November...
We're gonna have lesser time to meet up now that both of you are in army & that I am working... :(
Nevertheless, we shall find time to have like a simple meal or K session again!! ♥
That day was a fucking fun trip, thank you so much guys 

Thank you Saiful for withstanding the cock up alone in the hot weather, & also driving the car around with 2 noisy kids in it :P