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Friday, July 14, 2017

AnnyeonghaSEOULyo 2017 PART 2

Read my AnnyeonghaSEOULyo Part 1 here .
I realise I don't have a lot of photos for this trip because I'm too busy having fun hahaha.
There's probably more pictures in Eve's camera but until I got hold of them, I'll add them in.
Furthermore it is only 7 days so, excuse the inadequate pictures taken 😁

Day 4: 22 June Thursday

The first half of the trip is more dedicated to activities & fun, whereas the second half is shopping!!!
I don't have a lot of photos because I'm too busy looking at clothes & things that caught my eye.
Food yes, definitely!

(It's been 3 weeks after the trip so I forgot some details, I'll try to recall as much as I can hehe)
I think this was breakfast? Lunch? Brunch? Okay let's take it as brunch hahaha.
We ordered Abalone porridgeSamgyetang AKA Ginseng Chicken Soup & Seafood pancake.
There's 5 of us so we ordered quite a lot.
The Seafood pancake is so crispy on the outside & chewy on the inside.
Smell damn nice too, it stirs your appetite mmMM!

Ong is sitting at the side so she got cropped out 😶
I showed my Mum pictures of my Seoul trip & she's like, 'why take picture cut the people out?? Pantang leh!!'
Then I'm like, huh really meh? I always focus on the food one leh. 😂

The first stop for today is Hongdae (Hongik University Street) where the youth hang out & do their shopping.
But before that we went to Namdaemun Market to purchase fresh ginseng.
We were suppose to go there the day before but it was already night fall when we reached & many shops were already closed.

I didn't take the 'mandatory' tourist shot where you stand in the middle of the shopping street (see: BKK Chatuchak, Taiwan Shihlin Street, Japan Harajuku Street).
& nope, I didn't have any photos of Hongdae, maybe Eve has it in her camera but I have yet to get from her.
If you wanna get contact lenses, Korea is the best place to get 'em. I got like 4 pairs for myself HAHAHA.

Moving on, Ewha Woman University for our 2nd stop.
Actually, today is 'minor shopping' day because the main splurging is the next day. 😀
I don't think I shopped anything here... Just like the previous trip; I spent on nothing at Ewha.

Next up, Garosu-gil for Line Friends Store!

Those are coasters! Cute or what??
(My boyfriend should not be seeing this)
Candlelit steak dinner with Jessica
We have two more stops for Day 4 but we already spend the whole day, so we shift Gangnam to the next day & totally removed Han River.
For dinner we had BBQ!!!
But a little disappointed because they only had one portion of beef left, & it's like a big thick piece.
I'm not saying I don't like big thick piece but I thought it'll be like a buffet..
Nevertheless, the beef is damn juicy lah omgosh LOVEEEE.

We have 5 people.. Just kidding we ordered pork also.

Day 5: 23 June Friday

We girls, the 4 of us (me, Pauline, Eve & Bao Er) went to Gangnam to shop first hehehe because Eve want to shop for her Champion clothes but in the end we couldn't find the store. We bought cosmetics instead 😂

Okay for the first shopping haul was Gangnam, then next is Lotte Duty Free Main Store at Myeongdong
Actually we should have went to the big ass store because there were a lot more selection of food and cheaper too. But oh well since we were already here, traveling there would take up time & time is very precious to us hahaha.
Compared to last year, the food I bought isn't a lot... We then cabbed back to our guesthouse to place our barang barang then head to Express Bus Terminal Underground Mall.
There, I only bought one top... Their season now is not my style leh, so I didn't like what I see. We split into two; Eve with me & Pauline with Baoer because it's faster mah.
Ong & my style is similar, so imagine if one enters a shop but it is not the other 3's liking, they have to wait, get what I mean?
Oh yah, both of us were hungry so we went to see what to eat. Ong found a shop that sells mandu & I'm like YES THAT'S IT WE'RE EATING THAT.
The dumplings are sooooo good!! We ordered the kimchi flavoured one it's so bomb.. Cost wise - cheap!
The other pair called us & ask us where were we, when they found out we were eating mandu they came to find us immediately HAHAHA & they ordered as well.
(I miss their mandu already..)

Evening we zoom zoom to Myeongdong!!!!
Ahhh, one place where everyone who traveled to Seoul for vacation will definitely go.
Actually I bought many of my items at Gangnam in the morning so I only buy whatever I-see-I-like-I-buy.
In addition, having Ong in Seoul is a big asset because she knows what's good & what's not, because
1. she has first-hand experience
2. she done her homework (research) well.
Like I wanted to buy a shampoo & Innisfree Ampoule Cushion refill but she said the Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion is good so I bought that instead.

We had street food as dinner because there are so many choices to choose from!!
My Traveler's Stomach got better today, thank God!
At night we cabbed to Namsan Seoul Tower to catch breathtaking view of Seoul City.
The cable car up to the tower is very different from our Sentosa's - they squeeze in as many guests as possible, then there is a jerk before the car move up.
So when the jerk happened, many of the people inside got shocked hahahaha!

Phone camera don't do justice 😩

But trust me, if you ever plan to go Namsan Tower, go at night. The view is legit etched in your head.
I also have a lobang for you 😉
You can purchase N Seoul Tower Observatory Ticket for only USD7 instead of USD9! Damn cheap right?? You can click either that link or here to get you tickets. 😊 

On ground there's a open area for couples to lock their 'love locks'. Look at all these lovey dovey couples!
Fortunately the guesthouse Jie booked is near the N Seoul Tower so going back is rather quick hehe.

Day 6: 24 June Saturday

Can say this is the last day of our trip (cue: cries in the background).
What better yet to wrap up the trip than going to a spa resort??
After draining my energy & strength + aches after the water sports & Everland, after much walking & carrying of shopping bags for two days, we relax ourselves at Yongsan Dragon Hill Spa.

The only picture I have 

You will get a special kind of wristband, & that is your form of payment so that you don't have to carry your wallet inside the resort. You tap your wristband at the reader of anything that requires money, then when you checkout, the counter will read how much you have spent & then you pay cash there.
They have a variety of sauna rooms there, see if you can handle the heat in each room!
The spa resort also has a cold sauna; we ate ice cream inside the room 😂
Many guests came in for a short while then they zao, but we stayed a while more even after we finished the ice cream.
There are separate changing rooms & sauna/spas for male & female. The 3 girls went to buy hard-boiled eggs & Sikye - Korean rice drink but I didn't.
In there, they got massage chairs, cafe, pool & arcade!!
Of course I'm playing the arcade! So much fun hehehhe!

You have to pay an entrance fee of USD12 but if you go here, it is only USD9.
Good thing must share right??
It is 24/7 but going between 5am and 8pm is cheaper than between 8pm and 5am.
If you're going to get Dragon Hill Spa Seoul Ticket (Jjimjilbang) might as well get at a cheaper price right?? 😄

I forgot where we went or what we did after the spa, probably revisit the shopping places & find food.
At night, all of us went up to the rooftop to have chicken & soju, because it was our last night!! :(

I miss chilling at the rooftop already..
We head to bed early because we gotta wake up early the next morning.
The host helped us booked an airport van to transport us (& our luggage) to Incheon Airport.
So nice of him! 😃

Day 7: 25 June Sunday

Sian, bye bye Seoul! 😡
Our flight from Incheon was 8.20am (I think) but we only arrived at SG at 11pm.
We flew from Seoul → HK (for fuel stop) → BKK (3 hours transit) → SG.
It's really exhausting even though I didn't do anything too physical. Being on 3 planes, being in the air for more than 12 hours..
We had in-flight meals to which I'm not complaining but I just don't have the appetite to eat. I basically slept through the flight.
Watched 2 movies on different planes, 2 movies I didn't finish watching.

I felt soooooo relieve & happy when I smell Singapore. Judge me weird but I always love coming back to Singapore because I feel so at home.
Thank God all my luggage were flown back & YAY Jake came to fetch me from the airport 😁💖
So pooped from the traveling but seeing him really makes it all better :)

That's all for my AnnyeonghaSEOULyo travelogue! I hope y'all have benefited from all the great deals I shared hehehe eh but seriously planning your trip with Trazy helps as it can make life easier!
Hmm I think I'm traveling to Seoul AGAIN next year but plans are still ambiguous. Probably more solid plans in future.

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