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Monday, January 2, 2017

Ended 2016 With Love & Fun, Let There Be Adventure & Thrills In 2017

More adventures, less negativity, more thrills, less drama, more laughter, less bad vibes

Damn I'm one day late.
Lemme just do a quick 2016 summary :D

Hmm let's see....
I graduated from SP, that was like one of the happiest day of 2016!
Emotions filled the skate park with everybody taking photos, holding balloons, giving out cards, bouquet of flowers & broccoli??? HAHAHAHA
Life is funny: when you are schooling, you can't wait to graduate. When you graduated, you miss school.
A similar convo from my friends: when you worked indoors, you can't wait to work outdoors. Then when you worked outdoors, you wanna go back indoors.

I traveled to South Korea - Busan & Seoul.
It was the best trip so far in my life!!!!
The girls I went with are steady people, which are my kind of people to go overseas with!
In general actually..
The rich culture and traditions of Korea were enriching and I am grateful to have experience them in the 2 weeks.
Delicious street food, abundance shopping places, fun-filled activities to play!!!
To think I'm going back there this year again :D

In May, I started Technical Theatre Training Programme in Esplanade, which is a one year course.
I am happy with what I am doing now, and I have to thank my internship director for introducing me this course.
Had I not sat down and have a talk with him on the last day of my intern, I probably be doing some odd jobs.
It also strengthen my desire to pursue a career in the entertainment/arts/theatre line.

2016 is also the year where I had the worse emotional breakdown.
I was also confused with my emotions. My feelings were being toyed with.
Have you ever held onto something for so long (say half a year) only to tell yourself you have to let go because it won't do you good?
Even though you don't bear to?
My efforts, time, care & concern were wasted on somebody who isn't serious with me.
That, is an important lesson to me, I forgive, but I won't forget.
Because I use it to build myself up, make myself grow stronger emotionally, and actually thank him for treating me like this.
Sure, I was treated nicely but I was being used.
Ultimately, I felt so free and happier after I let go.
It's in the past, I will leave it behind in 2016. :)
Because before the year ended, something amazing happened to me.
It was the perfect thing that happened to me, & I am overjoyed for that :)

2016 is also the year where many of my close friends, including me, turned 21.
There were parties here and there throughout the year & I enjoyed myself in every birthday party I attended. :)
I wonder when will be the next big birthday party.

F1 SGP 2016 was not that happening as compared to previous years but being given the opportunity to work during F1 was a big experience for me.
Although my role & tasks weren't a huge part but it sure did contribute to it. :)

There were also little bits and pieces that made up 2016 which I am grateful for.
Think I talk too much.


Day 1: 31 December 2016

For the first time since the first time I started counting down outside, I am doing it outside of Singapore.
Just counting down at our neighbour country, Malaysia.
Initially our plan was Airbnb, but the host canceled on us, which is such an ass.
Then hotel, then Jingxuan (JJX) suddenly has a semi-d in M'sia, which belongs to his aunt.
So we don't have to pay a cent for accommodation! & it's freaking 2 storeys that has enough bedrooms for us.
Fian & JX went in the day before first so Cong, Guanming (GM), my Jie & I will meet the guys there straight.
We met at 7am and entered JB at 8am!! Fast right??
I didn't take a lot of photos cos I was too absorbed in enjoying myself hahahaha

We settled ourselves down while waiting for JX's friend to fetch us to Sutera Mall for lunch.
Imagine 6 passengers squeeze in a car! FUN ENSUE!!!!!

Taken by Fian. Never have I ever sat so straight in a car for a long period of time
I bought bubble gum!! From this shop, like legit can blow bubble.

See the Korean Restaurant behind this candy shop? We had lunch at Mr. Dakgalbi!
It's delicious but the one in Korea obviously is better.
We went for grocery shopping in the supermarket for the house - snacks, tissues, alcohol, more snacks, etc.


Next we went to massage!!!
The few massage parlours we saw looks edgy but we walked further and found a traditional massage parlour.
It was my first ever massage experience!!
After a good therapeutic sesh, we went to have dinner at this place that is similar to Newton Circus.

So stupid they thought I was recording a video
This guy's middle finger got to go
They have 3 big projector screens playing different movies! Shiok or what!!

Then look who I bumped into!!!

Charlynn! Such a coincidence!

Actually I saw her & went towards her when we were walking to find a massage parlour, but to think we are eating at the same food place????

Soon it's nightfall... & you know what happens at night ;)

For one night, think we can finish them???

This fucking game created so much SUSPENSE!!
We damn cb to each other like when one of us poke the sword in, we would SHOUT to scare one another HAHAHAHAH
There was another game, the Drinking Roulette Game which we brought over from SG.
That one also fun cos you dunno what you got - plain water, orange juice, vodka, whiskey, rum, sprite, etc.
GM was the first one to be down (weak sia he) but the rest of us continued playing & drinking.
Then when JX K.O. ...

We could've be much cruel but because we were using my eyeliner and that shit expensive, ain't gonna destroy it on his oily face
We were able to enjoy the fireworks from our room & it was pretty amazing! :D
Slowly one by one, we were dead tired and just K.O.

DAY 2: 1 Jan 2017

Surprisingly, we all woke up before noon! Considering we drank so much & slept at almost 4am.
Brunch at a coffee shop then when we're finished, JX went back to shower & changed, & GM followed him.
They cleaned the house too (thanks guys!!).
So that's just left the 4 of us, we decided to go JB cafe-hopping!!!
First stop: The Replacement

Taken by Fian

As you can see, the nicer photos were taken by Fian.
The churros was so-so, but the french toast is good! They use brioche bread!
Really yummy, would go for their french toast again.

Second stop: KONE

There's actually dry ice smoking out but you can't really see in this photo.
Well, the excitement lasted for only a short while.

Chey step.

We then walked aimlessly until we found a mall and went to their supermarket to buy our needs.
By needs I mean like food.
We had dinner at the same place and then we decided that instead of going back SG on 2 Jan, we go back that night.
So after dinner we went back to pack our stuff and got ready to leave!
Again we squeezed into JX's friend's car from the dinner place back to the apartment.

So thankful & blessed to spend my NYE & New Year's with you guys!! ♥

Oh! It was also my first time walking from JB Custom to Woodlands Checkpoint.
Yes, you read that right, we legit walked from JB all the way to Woodlands.
Why? Because the bus queue is horrible. The frequency is terrible.
I guess it's an experience & adventure??? Good thing it was windy at night :)
After all I need to drop 2kg so it was a good choice to walk hahahha :P

It may seemed like my NYE is boring but I was really enjoying myself with these (cb) friends who I am proud to have, to call them my real friends.
I'm always laughing whenever I'm spending time with them.
2017 - here's to more drinking sesh (even though I said I wanna cut down on my alcohol intake) and more adventures & thrills.
We shall laugh harder, create precious memories and cherish every moment together.
Okay that's quite gay but what can I do, I'm a mushy person ;)

I wonder what 2017 has in store for me! :)

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