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Monday, December 5, 2016

Stagies In Kilang Bateri

Adventure starts
Another post just a few days after my last one? Kinda rare :P
So on the 1st of December, my batch mates went for a JB trip! Too bad 2 of us - Fatin & Naim - couldn't join us :(
Never mind, there's always a next time!

The plan was to sing karaoke & munch on good food!
We set to meet at 10.30am but only Andrew, Saiful & I were there at the meeting spot.
Witz, being Witz, arrived half an hour later. :D
Okay lah considering it was raining & she live in the East, 30 minutes isn't that bad.
The only thing that was on both of our minds were FOOD.
It took us close to 2.5 hours to enter into City Square Mall, which is quite the average duration (I think) on a weekday.
This qt Witz kept asking for pit stop before heading up to the karaoke room because she's hungry hahaha so we bought bubble tea.
I bought Ovaltine Milk Tea with pearls, I'd say KOI's better.

We booked a room then we went to have lunch!
Can't remember the restaurant we dined in but it's like a Mexican mix kinda restaurant?

I ordered Creamy Salmon Pasta. It's sooo creamy when I moved the plate, the food stays motionless. 
Look at this 2

Food was quite alright, Andrew didn't liked his so he kinda got upset.
I feel you man, I feel you.

We stayed until it was time to head up to the karaoke room but gosh, we were feeling a little nua after our fill.
But being a fun, energetic & spontaneous company we are, we quickly get into the 'high' mode when songs were selected!
It was SOOOOOO funny with this bunch!! Can't stop laughing in the room while singing HAHHAHA!
What I like about the KTV in City Square is that each pax gets 1 free drink + finger food.
& all of us got our own mic!
Witz gave me the pink mic & said 'nah pink for you'. AWWWWW.
We sang for 3 hours, in between my throat became dry, I became breathless from all the singing & yelling & my stomach was aching from all the laughing.
The 2 songs that were so fun was Love Myself by Hailee Steinfeld & Yellow by Coldplay.
We were all totally rocking out, we genuinely had fun :D

Me and my favourite bitch

Look at the picture on the right, so cute lah her face!!!

After the K sesh, we took a cab to Kilang Bateri, the 2nd main agenda of the trip!
Good thing we had Witz & Saiful to be our translator hahahah & the Taxi Pakcik was kind enough to give us his name card & tell us to give him a call when we are returning.
So much ease!! & thankful that Saiful has a network in M'sia so he could contact the Pakcik.
Boo hoo, it was drizzling when we reached Kilang Bateri :(
But that didn't deter us to get excited!!! I haven't seen anything like that before.

Everyone needs a bae who takes pics for her

So we slowly walked inside of Kilang Bateri to see what it has to offer.
Apparently, there wasn't a lot of people as I expected?? Quite vacant actually.
There are outdoor cafes/restaurants, then on the inside it is separated into 2 parts: retail and F&B.
Some of the shops are pretty cool! Their deco, the things they sell & how they advertise their products. One of the tenant is actually made from a container!

I love this wallpaper so much!
Andrew trying on a bomber jacket which he got in the end

Both us got the light bulb drinks because we need some bright juice (that doesn't make sense)

More pictures taken together 😁😁 hehehehe

 Gotta be each other's Bae

I didn't get anything from Kilan Bateri, in fact I didn't buy anything back to SG at all hahaha.
While exploring the the F&B area, Witz saw this cereals shop that sells many different kinds of cereals that some of them can't be found in SG!
Because the shop is pretty & colourful, we decided it would be a waste to not take photos!
& being a perfectionist Witz is when it comes to taking photos, Andrew suffered much HAHAHHA!
Saiful bought something from the shop even though we two are the ones who made use of the shop. Oops!

Did you see Hershey Cookies and Cream at the back?!

Some of my favourite shots hehehe.

It was about time to have dinner so this question has been bouncing around 'eh so what y'all wanna have for dinner?' & the answers we gave are either 'dunno' or 'anything'.
Not seafood buffet or steamboat because we aren't exactly famished & the choices were rather limited.
We walked back & forth for quite some time until we decide on where to eat.

Look here babe

If only it isn't wet.. The restaurant we had our dinner is on a rooftop 
So big right?!
Cheers to the rest of our time in Stg Dep!
We all ordered the same hahaha
Over dinner, we had a hearty talk. :)
& I mean talking about work & considered a serious one?
We talked about each other's good points & rooms of improvements, etc.
Like Witz shared what I said or did that ticked her off/made her upset, & vice versa.
Or how I am sensitive so there are some things that can't be joked because I might find it offensive.
Basically we shared about what the rest did that made us pissed or hurt during the staging course.
I like the entire conversation that flowed during dinner because it shows that even though we can be playful & causing troubles, we can be mature and serious at times.
The fact that we spilled out our honest feelings out to let each other understand allows us to bond :)

Then of course... amid all serious talks there's me doing this:

It's a light bulb key chain that comes with the light bulb drink. So I tried to 'model' for these ridiculous look & Andrew told me to 'Vogue' it. LOL. Witz told me to smile with my eyes & hence the photo on the right.

Mandatory tourist shots hehehe.

While waiting for the Pakcik to arrive, we made one last round inside Kilang Bateri one last time.
Then we saw something that caught our eyes, in fact many passersby eyes:

 Hedgehogs but look at its eyes - RED 
Eeek 8-legged creepy crawlie!
Some kind of reptiles I suppose??

The green one lay motionless 
Snakes!! I went to feel the skin, surprised that it's not scaly or coarse as I expect it to be! o:
The tail! Sorry for the blur photo
The owner said it's a fox but I don't see any resemblance to it???
That was the last highlight of our JB trip! '
When we reached the M'sia customs, it was empty! YAY!
Going home was so much faster than going in (in addition to the fact that my house is near the checkpoint ;P) which is better that way because we're all so worn out.

There were so many stupid dares we dared each other from queuing up at the Malaysia customs all the way till the end of the day.
A fantastic, hilarious & memorable outing; will never forget this day!
Round 2 guys!

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