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Monday, February 13, 2017

Quick Update #14

Hey guyssssss!!
Shit I'm really like posting once every month. This is bad.
Well pardon me, because I haven't been to many events lately.
Chinese New Year was partly exciting partly hmm, how should I say it, no feel?
Exciting because the celebration with my friends were always fun - fucked up at times (what's new), no feel because we don't go to my Grandma's house on the first day to have reunion dinner anymore.
This means I don't see my all relatives & cousins under one roof, no steamboat lunch, no watching Channel 8 CNY specials with the Shifu advising on the different zodiac's fortune.
But this year I celebrated CNY with a special someone :)

Today one of my friend in my clique is flying to Brisbane for her studies, & she's gonna be there for 6 months!! 😡
I feel sad because we only got close like after we graduate from secondary school..
Yuwen AKA my Pocket Gal, I'm so gonna miss you!!!
Your cuteness, your nonsense, your fucked up attitude like the rest of us but not so much lah.
Pity we didn't spend a lot of time together because hell, you're one of a kind of friend.
Have fun in Australia okay! Study hard & party harder there (but not so hard without me)!!
When we have the money, we'll definitely fly there to visit you!!
Man, the thought of not being able to hang out with you for 6 months makes me really sad :(
Zhen xin hua.

Remember this? I took a video of everyone at Chips! 
Gonna miss you girl
So I have an upcoming project, it's actually a collaboration project with my photography friend Andrew.
I have always, ALWAYS, wanted to try body art/body painting.
Not sure when will we be doing. We actually set a date before, but stupid me forgot I have work on the day we were suppose to do it, so we have to postpone the plan.
Can't wait to be actually painting on a model!!

I incorporated some gems to each colour

The shoot was taken quite a while back. Have to thank Andrew for the results, I really like them!!
Check his Instagram for some of his work! He's building his portfolio so do support him :D

I also started on my personal project:

I actually completed the top part of my art piece, just left the bottom part.
This project was started at 27 Jan, & I've yet to complete it.
Yeah I procrastinate some days but it is a big art for me, & every time I draw I consume a long time.
Shall not reveal any further. :)
This 2017, I intend to do at least 3 self-composed art piece of different mediums to cover my wall.
I dunno what to name this yet, but it's mixed-media on A3 drawing block.

Another project that I did this year was designing my company's mug.

Pardon for the poor quality. 
I really hope my design is voted the top 3!
Actually my I already have the idea of having coloured background but it happen that Pip is also colourful. (I didn't copy har)

I'm actually writing this in CBTL alone, with a cuppa hot chocolate & a slice of Red Velvet cake.
Coffee Bean's Red Velvet doesn't taste as good as before though. There's a layer of like jelly (?) on top. I don't know what is that, I just scraped it off.
Aahhh I missed just doing my own things, chilling in coffee joints by myself.
I remember going all the way to Starbucks Rochester because it is a building itself instead of in a mall, and furthermore it's 2-storeys. I went there with Serene to chill, but she left early.
Will go there again someday :)

I skipped like 2 weeks of my swimming session, gotta go back to the routine next week!!!
Guess that's all I have for my post. Will try to update whenever I can!

Live healthily 🙌, laugh heartily 😂, Love wholeheartedly 💗

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