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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A change, a different perspective

A very good afternoon everyone!!

Okay that's a very ugly art because I have no inspiration at the moment...
Yay another public holiday for me hehehe.

If you notice (actually it's very hard not to), I've changed my blog header. :D
Yup I changed my hairstyle; dyed it jet black and cut my hair & fringe.
Actually, I don't intend to cut bangs, I wanted it to be touching my nose but the amateur hair cutter (yes I said hair cutter because I truly thinks she is just someone who CUTS HAIR) THOUGHT I WANTED BANGS WHEN I SAID I WANNA CUT STRAIGHT.
I specifically pointed the length on my face. =_= oh well, just gonna wait for it to grow long.

I added some details to my portrait like my mole and my piercing scars (they're not pimples, please).
Changed the colour of my braces band too!
I wanna depict it to be as real as possible.

Ever since the 1-to-1 talk with my Boss, I look at life differently.
I am changing to be more positive, be happier and smiling more.
I start by talking to myself in the mirror before I left the house ('today is gonna be a good day! You will be happy today! Work will be great, you will smile at strangers. Do not overthink!') and sniffing lemon.
He said a whiff of lemons helps to improve your mood, scientifically. It's true! Don't believe me? Google it :D
Hopefully I can do this long-term :)

I'll be meeting my poly friends later for dinner! Can't wait to see them! Ever since internship started, we were all so busy with our work, we can't meet up.
Sure, we did plan dinner after work but for some of them, they have so much work that they had to OT.
Today we will be eating at Jinjja Chicken !!
I have been craving for Chicken Up lately because their chicken is soooo good!!
But if you wanna go, go to the outlet in Tanjong Pagar, not Jurong East. The standard in JE is so different and lower than that of Tanjong Pagar.
Still, I can't wait to try this new Korean Chicken cafe in town!!! :D
Pardon me, I'm gonna go cook my Korean cheese ramen for lunch. :P

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