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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nothing November - I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing

Good afternoon everyone!
We are entering the winter (yes Singapore do not have 4 seasons) but expect colder temperature this month and next month.
I remember, back in 2012, it was raining ALMOST everyday in November & December.
At night it gets really cold. I remembered clearly because I wore long sleep & long pants to sleeve. Oh an a pair of wooly socks.

Is this the first monthly opening post that is not positive?
In 13 days, it will be my 2nd month in internship.
Up till now I have been learning a lot of valuable lessons, both socially and physically.
I just ended my Halloween event in Downtown East yesterday.
So this year instead of celebrating, I'm running the event.
Actually, not exactly running the event (I wish I was) but we were involved in the event.
The planning phase before the actual event days were crazy...
OT was unavoidable..

To summarise the 2 days of event, I find that I did not perform very well. Or at least I think to my boss' standards.
I wanted to ask him how I fare during the 2 days but I did not have the chance because on the last day he left before I know it. xD
I myself am disappointed at myself.. I am unsure about so many things related to the event.
It definitely will be affecting my grade but it doesn't change the fact that I cannot do well.
Looking positively - this was my 1st big project (while it was the 2nd big project for my intern mate) so it has created a platform with a lot of lessons for me to learn.
I'll take it as a training. I will improve myself to fare better for my next and subsequent projects.
Even though the event is over, the post-event procedures and work are still left.

I want to leave a good impression on my boss when I leave the company. If I can't do well in my internship, then what about my future job?
'Take it slow, pace yourself', I tell myself.

That's all for my internship updates. I haven't been posting any event-related entry but I have some stills for some small events and plans.

10 Oct - 11 Oct
Jakarta Kids Fair 2015
Yes I flew to Jakarta :D

18 Oct
Date with Partner
We were broke ass bitches but we ate yummy food in a Malay-Indian coffee shop in Haji Lane

Omgosh our 1st smiling picture

18 Oct
Dessert with Ong
This damn rock needs more than a wooden hammer
Who are they tryin' to kid??

24 Oct
THE DEEP at ArtScience Museum
I love exhibitions and mysterious creatures

24 Oct
Out w Andrew & Syed + Lou's 21st

30 Oct - 31 Oct
Trick or Treat Pop-up Booth @ Downtown East
Thanks Fian & Cong for coming! Really appreciate it ♥

That's all! I hope things will get better this month :)

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