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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Drained December - 1st time I want December to pass quickly

Hi everyone! How have you been?
I have been cooped up with work ever since late-November and I was so busy & tired to even write my monthly opening post for December...
It's already mid-December & here I am, writing my 1st post.
Work has taken a toll on my body and mental well-being... Well, in the events/entertaining industry, December is the most busy period..
I just look forward to my off day next month
Looking at the bright side, I get to execute and manage several shows :)

Enzo & Kayla:
Started in September, ended in November.
Great time working with the talents & met some adorable kids :)

Alvin and the Chipmunks Live Show:
I'm not suppose to get so attached to the talents but I got so close to one of them!
They are all Indonesian talents (except for 1 Caucasian) & they were so good to work with!
When they left for the airport, so much feels in me :(

Ollie & Friends:
2 big balls

Winx Club:
Working with Angmoh talents were so fun! They were so sweet & polite ;)
I get attached to the show easily, especially if it's long.

And currently, I'm running Precious Moments Christmas Concert in Seletar Mall.
After it ends, I still have events on my hands. Gosh, I really wish Dec 31 can come quickly!
I miss sleeping in T_T
I'll be back guys!

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