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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hair transformation at J7Image

Hi everyone!! My posts seem to be less active as compared to last year huh?
I resolve to update punctually! I actually have 2 event posts waiting but it was so long ago so I thought I should scrap it..
This school term for me is passing so fast (Year 2, Semester 2, Term 2). I start school this month & I'll have my tests & exams next month. Test week before Chinese New Year & exam week after CNY. WHAT a bummer. WHAT.
I hope to cope well & balance with whatever I have on my hands: my school projects/tutorials, my part-time work, my revision, my leisure time.

So this post is something different, it's not an event or a milestone or what I usually blog.
My first post of the year (which is pretty late) is an experience/review entry.
I got tired of my long hair to the point where I find it disgusting (is the word too strong?), okay maybe ugly, that I just want to chop it off.
I want to go for a short look, but with a style. I don't wanna go to just any hair salon & let them handle my hair, I don't want just a simple short hairstyle (read: bob, concave, layer, straight).
I don't mind spending money for a skilled hair stylist to deal with my hair, so after my research I find J7Image to be the most suitable salon for me. Their website shows their creation & I was impressed!
So I made my way down to the salon in Far East Plaza. It was rather hard to find because the salon is in one corner...
When I entered the salon, I was greeted by the hair artist, who asked me any preferred stylist to cut my hair.
Well, it's my first time there so I said no. So the salon manager serviced me. :)
I told him what I wanted: 'short hair, roughly shoulder length(?), but I don't know what style, could you help me?'
Basically I said more than that, to summarise in 2 words: Surprise me.
He then analyse my hair & told me his idea of cutting, which I am really easy-going at whatever he suggested. I'm like, 'oh okay, sure!'
Andy, the salon manager & artist who handled my hair, asked me if I wanted a drink, so yeah, tea please! :)
& so he begin to snip my hair...

BEFORE: My hair length
BEFORE: Look at that - flat and frizzy.
Andy was big-eyed when I told him my desire. The other artist beside me had the same sentiments as Andy: New year, new look, new hairstyle.
Sort of like cut away the past & worries, I guess hahhahaa.

The interior of the salon was really comfortable. The mirrors are long & simple, I could see the reflections of whatever is behind I. There is no bright lights in front of me that could blind me. The counter in front of me is within reach so I can easily get my phone or drink my tea.
There wasn't very strong smell of a typical hair salon; alkaline chemicals? Nope.
Which was really pleasant. The hairdressers look professional, which gave me a sense of relief hah.

Say bye bye to my long hair
Took my camera out to play
That's my hair stylist Andy over there
Snip snip
The length, can you tell?
Halfway through Andy asked me if I'm hungry, to which I replied no because I have 5 slices of pizzas earlier on during my class outing (actually also not outing lah we just ordered pizzas & have it in school).
Am I greedy? Nope, I certainly think not.
Service was good! We had small chit-chats in between so I felt better. :)

90% done!
It's suppose to be 1 side short another side longer
Andy styled my hair like this, and he further added, 'I got an idea. I'll highlight some parts of your hair at the front, but it will be hidden underneath some hair'.
So I went, 'mm okay'.
He said red will be the colour, so red it is!

Andy in action!
Dum dum dum~
Look at that paste!! I can't wait for the results
My hair has foils 
'Please let it turn out nice'
A football-like machine, which I find pretty cool, produces hot air to my hair. Heh. 

Time to wash it off!
It was soooooooo shiok when Andy massage my hair/scalp. It felt so damn good!
And the shampoo smell has a nice fragrance~
After the wash was done, Andy tricked me saying that the colour didn't come out, it wasn't very bright. I almost bought it, ALMOST, but I remain my composure. Then I found out he was playing. I don't know how to react man, thank goodness I was sharp (am I self-praising?).
Blow drying my hair is my 2nd favourite part of visiting a hair salon, I don't know why I just like it. :P

Andy doing some touch ups
I love how it turned out!!
 The AFTER results...

Honest feelings: I didn't expect it to be THAT short but I leave my hair to the hands of a professional, so overall I am very satisfied with my current hair now!!
Andy also say I can pin up my fringe to reveal more red highlights, or let it down naturally to give a subtle look.  我喜欢!
Cut + highlight + blow & dry all done under $100!!
The service is good, skills like a professional, furthermore the brand have won awards! Definitely will visit again, Actually I will because I became a member ;P.
Thank you Andy again for the styling! :D

After cutting my hair, I went to meet Eve. We had lunch in 313 and catch-up with each other.
Day with her is never a boring day ;)

The only decent picture hehe

Ended my day well, so I'm happy! :D
Last time my hair salon is located at Bukit Gombak, I always go there to cut my hair.
But I think now I know which salon I shall return to. :)
Thank you J7Image! :D

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