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Friday, December 19, 2014

Halloween Horror Night (HHN) 2014


I have committed a sin, guys.
I have not updated my blog for more than a month!! Goodness gracious my November archive will be none!!!!
So sorry guys, no I did not forget nor give up on my blog, it's just that I have so many things on my hands that I couldn't type (if you get it)
Although this event was in October (last day of October so it's sort of November), I will still add this in my life journal.
School & work has been sucking the joy out of my youth.. You ask me, 'then why did you commit yourself to work??'

I need some income to feed my expenses that my weekly allowance isn't able to support. No I don't spend on luxurious goods or expensive materials, but why I spend so much per week or should I say per month?
Let me answer that question: I have no idea either.
Probably on food and some miscellaneous items. I'm pretty impulsive.. I'm saving as much as I can now though hahahah. So back to the topic.

So I went to HHN on the last day of the event dates, because my friend thinks there will be fewer people. Erm.. I guess it's the same volume in every dates.

I want to write about the whole event in that 31 October 2014, because there's something I want to rant.

We, a bunch of friends, plan to meet at 7pm at Vivocity and take the monorail to USS. I met Fian at 5pm and we're deciding between taking the train or bus. We took the bus instead.
The bus was moving rather slowly and there was a jam in the expressway. Time was moving faster than the dog (I can't say God) damn bus & I was feeling anxious.
Because some of them are already there and they are not close to me (or should I say I have never spoken to them before)(they're friends of friends). Furthermore I have yet to eat dinner then.
So Fian & I alighted the bus in Bukit Batok because we thought we'd take the cab instead + the Hailo code was still valid which is the $10 code.

Now this is the part.

When using the app Hailo, you don't get a driver immediately. So we searched so like 4-5 times then we got this driver called Mr Lim XXX Wah. Name is not exposed to protect this cabbie & also I don't wanna get sued.
But you get the hunch yah.
We were able get track his taxi in the GPS in the taxi app, which is pretty cool because it tells customers how long more till the cabby arrived at your destination and where is his location.
Apparently, our situation is 'passenger-look-out-for-driver' instead of both ways.
We saw our taxi, I went out the curb and flag it but turns out he just drove past us.

I can't even express my astonishment & the look at Fian's face was rather funny. He flipped the cabby off.
So the taxi driver called me & I explained what the f*ck happened & he was apologising and had to do a big round to pick us up. TIME WASTED.
When he was here, he seemed approachable and then we boarded the cab.
Time picked up: 6.02pm.
He was rather easy to talk to but he did not give an assuring feel to Fian. He said this kind of driver makes him feel unsafe.
Let me explain: this cabbie:
1. Don't know his way (He said it was his second day as a cabbie & he just returned from overseas. How unlucky of us)
2. He relies on GPS; I mean, drivers should not be using phone while driving & even though he was navigating the phone on a phone holder, he kept using other applications which brings to no. 3.
3. He was talking & texting on his phone while driving. & when I meant texting I meant group Whatsapp. I was baffled like what the actual f*ck can you concentrate on your driving?! (Bonus: He was swearing while talking to his other driver friends)
4. He swerved in & out of lane many times. Like umm why do you keep cutting into other drivers & going back in again??
5. He jam breaks. I thought my head was gonna hit the back of the passenger head rest in front of me.
6. This is the best: This driver stray to the OPPOSITE lane DANGEROUSLY. A car did the same so I presumed he thought it'll be safe to do the same. There was a vehicle in front of my taxi so we (including the cabbie) couldn't see if there's any incoming car. There WAS, just that it was not speeding and the distance was enough for that driver to slow down so as to not collide with my taxi.

I was getting annoyed because we still hadn't reached our destination and at that point of time I asked myself 'does this f*cking cabbie knows where is he f*cking going??'

We reached Vivocity's drop-off point at 7.15pm. Took longer than an hour. Wow, bravo. Should've just stayed in the bus. Hailo, I'm disappointed in you.

I felt really bad for making them wait and being so late. I quickly have my dinner so I gobbled down my food and we all head to take the tram.
Wow, the crowd was really no joke. Expected lah, everyone's going for either HHN or Spooks.

Thought the ticket will be in Halloween theme but it's normal
I wanted to take a picture of all our tickets but we were walking in different speed. So only managed to take a photo of mine. d:
The queues to all the Scare Zones & Haunted House was a level higher than the one in Vivo. The person doing the snake queue must be an expert. Sure, the queue was constantly moving but the time spent in the queue v.s. time experiencing the attractions were a little of an unbalanced ratio.

Pardon the poor quality. 
I couldn't afford a good camera
Don't even know why is Khairi there I'm not even close to him
Oh, what is bad about queuing is that there were SO F*CKING MANY PEOPLE wearing the devil horns hairband that keeps blinking that it hurts my eyes.
Up till here, I seem to be negative don't I? Hahahaha the post was filled with rants & complaints..

The 1st Haunted House we went
It was pretty scary! I screamed & the boys hurled vulgarities because they got surprised & it was hella hilarious!! Especially Fian & Rahim xD
I hope the scare actors don't take it to heart, the swearing weren't meant to you!

This actor is really into his character! Very good!
I wonder how long it take to remove the make up..
In total, we went to 3 Haunted House & 2 Scare Zones (or was it 1?).
In between the HH & SZ, there was also another attraction that is like a play. It was really very well-done!! The acting & acrobats were as if done by experts. Unfortunately due to dark lighting and bad camera, the photos I took didn't managed to come out nicely...

I like how the 'monsters' interact with the guests
Hostage in Hell
Some kind of cult chant that is tormenting the sacrifice
Look at how real! Almost called a Bomoh

This was the ending, and the most thrilling part! See the 2 actors held on a rope? It depicts the minions of hell thirsty for fresh blood and the 2 captured victims slowly got dropped lower and lower, until they hit the ground and the minions rush to devour them. I could here the audience gasped as the 2 actors got lower and lower to the ground. 

While queuing
Overall, the experience for the day was horrible.. The cabbie, the queue, the hunger.. My sore throat became worst that I had to see the doctor the next day. My voice was already on the verge of becoming mute.
The next day, I noticed I had rashes formed at my back as well as my neck area. Which obviously freaked me out because it was like small tiny bumps and it was the 1st time I had such rashes. I didn't know what I was allergic to. Maybe the fog and the water sprayed at me during the walk in the HH.
Plus the sweat. Yuck.
So I had to see the doctor for my sore throat AND the rashes. Wonderful.
Will I go HHN next year? Maybe not.
Maybe a party or a small private celebration.

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