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Monday, February 9, 2015

600th post milestone

Wow, to think I’ve reached my 600th blog post?? Since 2008 I’ve started this blog (but I was first exposed to blogging in primary school [by my English teacher] & my first blog URL still exist, the posts are still there. I’m just too embarrassed to reveal the link. Unless, though, you want me to) & I used to have the habit of blogging every single day, like a real girl’s diary would look like (I’m sure no one will read my going-to-the-arcade-daily posts & how cringe-worthy they are. Don’t go reading my archives, please).

To be honest, I don’t know how to mark my 600th post milestone. I don’t know what special entry should I write in order to commemorate this glorious day (kidding) & it’s just like any other posts, just extra special.
So how shall I write my 600th? Well, I figure I’ll ‘summarise’ the happenings in January that I am too late (‘too’ is an understatement) to write.

Oh well.

Singapore Polytechnic Open House 2015 (7 Jan – 10 Jan)

Yes, I’m involved in the open house this year because I figure I should join as many events as I can this year. I regret not participating in most events in the past (mainly because I don’t have steady-buddy to jio, but now I have found one :D) & so I began to participate enthusiastically. 
I mean, I get to know new friends! My role is to scan the secondary school students’ ID & give them goodie bags.
Luckily we have Jurongville Sec students to help us fill the brochure in before the group arrive ^-^
Drawstring bags this year
The many stacks of goodie bags.. & have to collect them from 6th floor??
Come over to collect your goodie bags!
Ever ready for photo
Pre-set up
We also have to insert the brochure into the goodie bags before the school buses arrived. I don’t know how many boxes of goodie bags were used. It wasn’t hard work, I had something to do. 
The good thing about being a SPOH helper is that they provide food coupons that you can used on almost all food places in SP. Pity Manna wasn’t one of them… I wanted cheese fries… But it’s okay, Llao Llao is included so I had Sanum for a day ^-^.

Not sure what school is this..
Welcome to SP!
Don't be shy~
Wait for it..
Why hello there handsome, why are you in my photo? I swear the moment was just right he walked past my camera.
During the first day, there was a heavy rain that came pouring into the sheltered area, talk about bad luck… The security guards were kind enough to help us move the goodie bag booth & the heavy boxes. All the helpers there were girls… So thank you Uncles! :D
I had a lot of fun scanning the IDs & giving out the goodie bags because we fool around at the booth ;P.

How can one not rent a popcorn & candy floss stall in an event??
I only took the popcorn, the candy floss is too sweet & it melts quickly. 
One of the engineer school lecturer did this! Whoa!
Beautify the booth for us, thank you!
Atikah please
We – Atikah, Asyiqin, Mingmin & I – had a lot of fun during the whole 4 days. I love the company of them; I ship Atikah & Mingmin ;). So much laughter were shared, it makes the experience enjoyable. 

Zenna + Ming
Ming so cute hah
Sorry Asyiqin, you got cut out..
Shoo Mingz, shoo
Dang it
Guess the real gangstaS
Don't ask
Don't put us together
Don't ask too, I don't have the answer.
I also met some familiar faces like my juniors & my ex-classmate, Vynx! It’s been so long since we saw each other & we strike up a quick chat before he continued to tour the school.
All the helpers got the goodie bags except for me, because I don’t see myself using the bag or the items inside. The whole event ended well, although there were some miscommunication here & there, the event team did great! Thank you for having us :D!

Last day.. waiting for the last debrief

Cheers to the end of SPOH15!
The power of selfie-stick

Steamboat @ 天天 with my colleagues (26 jan)

One of my full-time senior staff resigned her position so we decided to have a steamboat/BBQ dinner before she leave! It was a steamboat at the end of the street somewhere in Bugis, the street behind Bugis Junction I think. What is so good about this steamboat is that it opens till late, & you can choose to have double soup base + BBQ at the same time!!
There were a few choices for the soup base like chicken soup, Ma La, Tom Yam, Herbal Ginseng. I think that steamboat/BBQ house have different soup base on different days. 
There were 8 of us altogether & we got 2 steamboat/BBQ sets. 
Because I cannot eat spicy food, my table had Herbal Ginseng.. ;P the soup was yummy!
The ingredients, well I wouldn't say there's a huge variety of it but it was quite fresh. 

Dig in!!
This is not the end
The absent members here are busy taking more ingredients
The soup is crazily nice, I love it!!
I didn't eat much of the BBQ food because it's either very oily or wasn't well cooked.
We talked throughout the meal and laughter were flying everywhere, so nice to have good company :)

The main spotlight: Jia Yan!
Hope you like your present!
Jia Yan, Wan Yee & Hui Pin :)
Hui Pin & I ^-^
The food doesn't seem to decrease.. Before we could FINISH one ingredient, my colleagues went to take more. Don't underestimate us girls..

After dinner, as we were about to leave, we spam photos..

Stupid Wan Yee purposely block us xP
She took my camera.. 
Ashley & Hui Pin ^-^
Ash's idea of promoting the steamboat house xD
I hate how the focus is on Ash.. 切~
It's always fun w Ash d:
I want to be a kid again xP
Don't mind me
I'm sure Ash is sick of my shit
We spent a lot of time taking pictures with each other it seems like we'll be going home when the sun rise xD.
I hugged Jia Yan & said last farewell to her, & she said till fate let us meet again~ 
Good luck in your future endeavours, Jia Yan! Hope to bump into you in future ^-^

My arm hurt from this selfie
& this
as well as this
Not forgetting this
Group picture ^-^
It was a fun night ;)

Integrated Project Exhibition 2015 (28 Jan)

The last phase (actually second last lah, peer evaluation was the last but it isn't very tedious to do) of my year long project!!
We had last minute touch-ups and decorating the booth the day before.
Our props were gotten from our client's partner and the materials had to be bought on the day itself. So some of us were running everywhere to get the materials for our booth.
It was a lot of fun & also frustrating moments because we couldn't decide on some stuff and almost argue. Thank goodness for understanding team members to be the mediator hohoho.
I didn't document the process.. Damn it I wish I did!!

Our team's Bae. Notice my hairband, cool or cool??
Lousy photographer (a.k.a Atikah)
This my evil partner
She is the original Overly Attached Girlfriend
How did we fare?
Our client, Brian, came to visit us! Hahaha it was so funny whenever he's around.
Brian + Junyuan + Asyiqin = hilarious combo!
We had to present our project to the industry partners, school teachers and Year 1s, so it's quite a heavy job especially to the industry partners..
Nevertheless, my team & I were not anxious after explaining for a few times. We also gave out candies & our tagline while giving out is, 'treat or trick!' But it's actually only treat lah.

D-0! The final decoration! See that pumpkin box? It's for the candies & I think I used 1 whole permanent marker to colour it.. All 4 sides were drawn differently mind you.
I love the outcome!!
Thank you Jiahui for the polaroid!
We were all dressed black for that day ^-^
My squad
Love this pic a lot~
Sorry I have no black shoes (except for my black pumps I hate wearing that)
I gotta stop slouching..
Come to our booth!
Selfie with the client, Brian!
When it was time to end, there were prizes to giveaway, to both the Year 1s & the exhibitors, which is us Year 2s.
One award was the Most Engaging Award, and 2 booths were tied on the 1st place. So they announced the 2nd place.
We thought, 'aiyah confirm the Dark Tales will win, look at their booth! They f*cking built a coffin as a prop & gave out popsicles..'
MC: & the 2nd place goes to... drums rolls please! *Drum rolls* Halloween-'
Us: See dark tales
MC: '- at Downtown East! Congratulations!!'
It took me 2 seconds to comprehend what just happened & trust me, all of us were caught off guard!!
We were surprised & speechless that we actually won an award.. So we all went up the stage & received the prize from Mr Ong!

Yay!! Congrats to us guys!! 
Brian is so proud of us :')
We also took class photo with A.D, our personal tutor (yes he told us to call him that, which is pretty cool of him).

Can say it marks the end of our Year 2 :)
How I feel after the event ended
I have 2 more events to write but I think I'll save that for part 2, if not it will be super lengthy..
See you at part 2! ;)

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