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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Alright 2013, make way for 2014

Whoa! 2013 just whizz past like that! Can you believe that?
It's 2014 now! A fresh beginning! This year I have New Year's Resolution.. but I doubt I can follow it.
Do you have New Year's resolution?
In 2914, I know 1 thing for sure: & that is the WORLD CUP.
Man, I remember going to Wafir's house when I was sec 3 along with my other friends. We stayed over in his house but I fell asleep halfway the game, only to be awaken up by the sudden roar of 'GOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!'
Then I woke up like 'huh huh who scored? Paraguay??'

Countdown for 2014 was.. let's say each year it gets less happening & less happening..
People get fewer & fewer...
There's only Cong, Fian, Jiahong, Jas & I..
We went to Marina Bay for the fireworks, hoping to slack at the usual place where we always go: the wooden platform facing the river.
I didn't expect the unexpected: it was freaking mayhem.
Okay lah maybe not that exaggerating but it was madly crowded.
The walking pace was walk-stop, walk-stop.
But we manage to find a place to sit (but it was a bad spot I'll tell you why later)
So we played cards, with the poker deck from Cong.
Games like Blackjack, Daiti, Heart Attack & this new game called 'Wu Gui' taught by Cong.
We had a hard time trying to decipher what the hell he was explaining because his English really CMI & he had his braces on.
Then Jiahong explained it in a simpler & shorter way & all of us understood it. d:
That game ruin friendship like Uno & Monopoly.
At a point of time Jiahong thinks the game is flawed, but I was standing on Cong's side.
But then again I thought about his logic & went over to Jiahong's.
And THEN AGAIN with all the explaining i went back to Cong.
Fian got so frustrated he threw his deck on the ground & said 'ALAH F*CK YOU ALL LAH'
HAHAH HOLY SHIT I could not stop laughing!!!

In between games there was countless time of laughter.
I mean, in this gang we can insult each other but we laugh it off because, hell it was really hilarious.
& we all know we are joking.
But I can 't do this to others lah, like my poly friends or my secondary school classmates (except Rahim & the Douches)

When it was nearing the countdown, more & more people came squeezing. Eventually we got up & waiting for the fireworks.
Here's the thing: we thought the fireworks will be shot up the sky in front of us.
The professional photographers already had their DSLRs set up & waiting for the glorious moment to erupt.
It was difficult for them because it was really packed & then they had to deal with heads that block their view.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Yes I'm talking about TREES.
I guess this is their way of revenge because the fireworks produce so much air pollution.
Can you imagine the looks on the photographer's face.
That sulky look, sunken hearts?
I beg those equipments are heavy & hard to carry. I bet they came early to book the spots. But in the end?
I felt sad for them.

So after the main objective, we wanna grab something to eat because we were darn hungry. As we walk out the place, Jiahong & I started wishing strangers 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' & many responded to us! Some are even enthusiastic xD
While others just have no compassion.

There were people sitting on the ledge, so I told JH to go running in front of them with his hands out & say 'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to see if anyone slaps his hand.
Kinda like an athlete hi-fiving the fans, you know?
Apparently there are responses! The responses fueled my laughter & I went high!
I saw a Bangladeshi taking a selfie, so i joined in by standing beside him & pose. After the shot, i shook his hand & wished his a HNY, he wished back!
Jas & the rest were laughing their ass off. i mean, c'mon! it's New Year!

Had our meal in Mac & it was a miracle we found seats inside.
My goodness 1st meal of the year I'm having fast food; I hate fast food & it's been so long since i had them :(

We walked a long distance from Dhoby Ghaut to Somerset then to Orchard. We sent Jas off & the 4 of us slack at FEP.
Played Uno but in the end we cabbed home at 5 because 2 NR2 were packed.

Nevertheless, I had fun out counting down with you guys! Hopefully this year will be a blast!!
Once again, Happy New Year to everyone!! Hope this year will be more of Ups than Downs, & let the past be the past! :)

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