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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Class (very belated) X'mas outing + gift exchange

Hey guys! How is 2014 so far for you?
I hope it is a good start! If it isn't, don't worry, you're climbing up the mountain :D
Well, for me it is a good beginning! (except for the fact that I got a splitting headache, sore throat & block nose)
But that won't deter me from having fun!!
So yesterday (I'm sorry I came home after midnight :( ) I had my class outing! 3rd outing if I'm not wrong. I did post about the 1st but aren't sure about the 2nd.
Oh well. This outing was meant to be a Christmas outing with prezzie exchange but because Jan 3 was SUPPOSEDLY the date when EVERYONE can make it, however not everyone turned up.
Which was quite disappointing..
1 reason why SP is so cool is because they allow students to claim money for their class outing!
But only for food lah; with $10 per person.
We decided to hold the outing at Marina Barrage with a little picnic.
Trust me, the little is not so little.
With $10 per person & 21 people in the class, that makes $210 worth of (junk) food.

Many candids!
Jackie act cute sia.
That young woman is our teacher!
Isn't Karise's smile bright?
I dunno why I took an up-close of Junyuan.
The rest checking the food out!
Kevin and his trademark duck face.
Selfie in the train d:
Atiqah & Aishah!
Sadly we're parted from the majority in the train

In Cold Storage, we have gotten chips (like a lot of chips), 2 loaves of bread, cheese slices, can of tuna spread, sushi, biscuits, gummies, croissant, walnut cake & lot more food.
We walked for a long distance to our destination. 
Be it in the MRT station or outside.

The cutest couple in class; another Ernie & Bert.
Class photo! Photo credits to the Bangladeshi helping us to take!
Finally, we reached the place!
Thank God that the weather was just fine! Not very sunny and it was windy!
Not very crowded too, we easily found a spot.

Setting up the mats!
Sam & Kevin
I'm glad there's enough mats!
Must act a bit
Just some kites.
Know why we are laughing? Because we were leaning on each other and we sorta domino each other xD
Caught a selfie
Wanted to take the sunset as the backdrop but.. 
Oh & 1.5l of drinks & miscellaneous.
We filled up 4 baskets & Ms Liew came down to Cold Storage. Sadly she couldn't join us because it was too late.. She paid for the stuff & it amounted to around $145.
The boys bought 80 pieces of McNuggets with the remaining amount.
I had MacDonald's on New Year, pizza 2 days ago & now? God forbid me to eat healthily d:
Or is He trying to tell me to go back to my secondary school lifestyle? (Where I eat a lot because I needa gain weight but I can't & because I love food)

Anyway, we reached Marina Barrage in the evening, almost when the sun is setting.
We lay out the mats & placed the food & prezzies.
Damn, the breeze in Marina Barrage are never disappointing; it's never not windy for a minute.
Of course, this kind of event there will sure be photo snapping here & there.
Played Captain's Ball with a mini rugby ball. There was Frisbee but it was only touched for a while.
No one played my Uno too :(

Then out of nowhere, a monkey appeared!
Can't tell if it's playing or fighting with the common bird (the f*cking irritating bird who sometimes come into my kitchen & scavenge on the bin & shits on the floor).
I was both fascinated & terrified at the same time; fascinated as in wanna be friends with it because it was an intelligent creature, terrified because what if it attacked me.
It caught everyone's attention.

Soon after we played Blackjack.. Then I joined Karise & MM who were lying on the mat doing what it seems like fun.
I lied on the mat & what they were actually doing was taking photos with the torchlight.
It was amusing & hilarious!! Took photos of the nails with the torchlight giving the effects, our faces, hands, blah.
It was so funny!! My phone was blasting music so we sang too our hearts' out at every song.
At that point, that very point, I could feel my throat tearing.
My sore (dry) throat was at its critical state, but the girls just keep making me laugh.
My poor throat.

These photos I didn't collage them because it will be too small to see.
Ain't it nice??
Wait, there's more:

I like this too!
Nails with the watch: Karise
Red: Mine
Black glitter: MM
And then we moved on to games like the number game & Murderer.
Murderer was fun!! Really tricky & funny, which worsen my throat condition.
By the time we are in the train on the way home, my voice changed.
I felt pain every time I speak, I was at the brink of losing my voice my goodness.
4 words: IT WAS WORTH IT.
Wait no make it 5: IT WAS F*CKING WORTH IT.

A successful class outing. I am delighted that we had this made possible!! Hope to have more in future to get our class closer! :D

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