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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

SP BP Mentoring Christmas party + potluck + gift exchange

Ho ho ho!
Firstly, I want to wish everyone a 


I'm afraid I can't wish you the actual holiday.. Or maybe I can? 
I hope you enjoy your festive holiday! (Did I mention Christmas is my 2nd favourite holiday?)
Are you working? Partying? Staying at home? Whatever is it, just go all out!! It's the season of giving ^-^
'Cept if you're working.. Well, double pay, isn't it? xP

Yup, as you can guess from the title, I had my 2nd prezzie exchange (holy shit 'prezzie' is a word) this month. 


I realise I didn't blog about my 1st gift exchange. Okay I'll make a really brief description of it.
It was with my fellow nail fanatics. (I did I have mentioned before but can't remember where..)  
We meet up for a present exchange & went to visit nail shops.
Of course, there are pictures!

The rest decided to have same nails but I did my own design!

Thank you Secret Santa!
I got 2 nail polishes, a set of nail polishes (3) & a set of nail brushes! Thank you again! xP


The event is held in Siloso Beach, Sentosa. I met with Aishah before heading there ^-^ 
For potluck I brought Redondo Wafer Sticks Strawberry. But sadly, no one touched it..
The entrance fee to the beach increased from $3 to $4!! But lucky for me I have my Islander Card (teehee)
Also, we're lucky to bumped into Kenneth & Jian Peng (or Ping) & Kenneth led us to the spot. 
It's the exact same spot where I had my Halloween rehearsal! 

Okay I'm gon' rave about this cookie! It is very tasty & CHEWY!!!
It was baked by Huili & Erra. Yumyumz!! 

Prezzies on the left, food on the right!
I only ate junk food and small bites even though there was curry and bee hoon. (See my lonely Redondo over there? T-T)

Cut to the chase, the girls & I strolled on the sandy beach because we dunno how to integrate ourselves into the games... But after awhile only I joined the Frisbee game because I wanna play!

A random quail
Ey ey~~
Jill's home-made sandwich!
Javier (the brightest guy) looked at all cameras xD
What is 1 thing that you must do in a beach? 
Other than ogling at bikini babes and suntan, there's something else.. 
The suay ones got buried!!

If you look closely, you say see boobs and a boner.
Elton got kicked by sand, fed by sand, and he becomes the sand. 
And the end product?
Ladies & gentlemen:

While playing Frisbee, I spotted this guy:

Wonder what is he doing...
Oh? It seemed to form words??


It was a whole load of fun!! 
I kept laughing and running and more laughing!
Then we had a game of Captain's Ball. 
There was 1 time when another girl & I caught the the ball at the same time, but being girls, we didn't give way. (Like, hell no bitch, I'm getting the ball. (Okay this is even wrong))
I crawled over her but she won't give up! Damn she strong. 
But in the end it was the other team's ball. 

The Captain's Ball was really awesome; my energy was depleted not because I was running, but because I was chasing & LAUGHING AT THE SAME TIME.
I was K.O.ed by the start of 2nd round.

I didn't joined the 2nd game, which was Human Foosball. Because I followed Jill to the washroom & got my body washed up. So I don't wanna enter the sand again :T
That was the last game, then it was time for prezzies!!
Was excited for mine though!
I got to know who was my Secret Santa because someone told me xP
Thank you, Secret Santa! The gifts were useful to me ^-^

After that.. it's camwhore session.
The thing with this club right, we have sharp eyes. 
No no no, in fact, we can SMELL a camera 5 feet away. 
Say the camera was meant to take a picture of 2 persons, but the outcome will be 7 or more. 
Really, it's a gift.

It has started.
Seen the transition?
1. Me taking a photo of people taking a photo
2. *Snap* Saw my camera, came running.
3. Done.
Now, what did I say? ;)
There were a LOT MORE.
Because I was running to cameras too. It was so hilarious seeing human running one 1 place to another.
We don't even care whose camera was it. Stop talking, start snapping.

I left early because I had dinner at home.. Sorry for not staying to pack the place.. :(
I want to thank the committee for planning this fantastic and marvelous X'mas party in Sentosa!
Everything was fun, the people were funny, the food is good.

This might be the last event of the month (so far), till then!

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