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Sunday, July 7, 2013


A very good morning everyone.
I should have waken up at 8am+ so that I have more time in the day to do whatever I wanna complete.
But oh well, this timing is still acceptable I guess.

Cut to the chase, yesterday was my 18th birthday. :)
I have to attend my CCA's Handover Ceremony in school cum mentoring workshop.
It was pretty long, but ended earlier than stated.
I was feeling disappointed somehow.. but I did not let it affect my emotion :D
Strangely none of my Carpenters wished me a happy birthday in the Whatsapp group... I felt dejected...
But there was a reason behind it :D

They surprised me w a huge birthday card w birthday wishes written by all of them!!!
There was Big Bang & 2NE1 pictures in it, A BIG THANK YOU TO AISHAH!!
They really did a good acting, I mean they were among themselves & I felt an energy that they doesn't want to talk to me. So I talked to Jill & Karise.

When the ceremony was over, Aishah wants to go shopping & jio me out after the event has ended.
I have no known plans on my day, no movie date, dinner date, whatever. :D
Then I was talking to Jill & Karise, then they ask about my day. I started tearing... It's nothing to be ashamed of, really. :D
Let's just say big expectations leads to big disappointments :D

When my Carpenters surprised me with a birthday song, I can't help but shed tears of JOY xD
Really wanna thank them for this act!!

See 2NE1 there? xD
After that Aishah, Jillian, Karise, Nicholas, Andrew, Mingwei, Audrey & I headed to Cineleisure for lunch (more like tea break actually).
When we finished our food, the guys went to the toilet, a really long toilet break too.
Then they came back with a Starbucks cake.
Andrew damn cute sia, he just placed the cake in front of me, without saying anything, and went back to his seat.
I guess it was awkward there hahahahah.
I thought they just wanted to spend time with me in *scape, I didn't know they were going to buy a cake!
Next we went to Playnation and play!!
But only Nicholas, Andrew & I played - the only station left was Wii.
We played Guitar Heroes, but it suck because the drum set was not sensitive & I am bad at playing the guitar.
So we played er, Mario Kart!
My all-time favourite!!
It was really hilarious playing with the guys, because all sorts of funny remarks came out. xD
We changed another game to Super Mario Brawl.
I didn't even win them, I kept dying & self-destructing.
But it's fun!!
We got tired and left before our time is up.
It was a really fun day for me :D

Once again, I blogged this to show my appreciation to my fellow Carpenters who put in effort for my birthday, thank you!!!
Thank you Yiling & Nana, who are the Mamas in the group; Aishah for planning this out; and my dear Carpenters Audrey, Brenda, Isabel, Siew Kuan, Andrew, Nicholas, Mingwei, Yee Kien, Pim Yan!!
Did I left out anyone, I hope not!
I'll never forget this memory :)


At night, I had a long heart-to-heart talk with my Mother.
I learnt a lot & realised so many things.
Maybe I should stop putting people before myself because they are not doing the same.
My mother was right, in the end, I am the one who is hurt the most.
She asked me, 'is it worth it?'

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