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Monday, July 22, 2013

Old skool

Heya guys!!!
My school ends at 12.30+ today, & I'm still at my school's library. Life's great man.
But I've completed the agenda for today, together with my group mates. So they've went home & now I'm in school blogging. Shall make use of my time hehehe.
I now have favourite spot in the library.
So, umm, yeah yesterday I went out with Ong to cut my hair.
Actually she accompany me to cut my hair lah, we went to study after that.
My favourite spot to study is in West Mall! I now can jio Aishah out to study every week kekeke.
For me Monday to Thursday is for school project/assignments, tutorials etc. Friday is f*ck-everything-it's-TGIF-nothing-else-matters day. Saturday is a little slack: half-study & half-slack. Sunday is out studying ^-^.
But I don't know if I will spent like $12 every week lah.

So yeah, sorry for the side-tracking.
The hair salon I go is at Bukit Gombak, and there was a provision shop there. The really old in the '80s kind of Mama shop.
Lemme bring you closer with the pictures:

Pictures credit from Eve!

For the sweets, it's 3 for $0.20! Tell me where to get this price-in-the-olden-days sweets??
Yeah and Ong got the biscuits. Generous amount!!
You hardly see this around in Singapore (right?), I mean. I remember seeing this in Woodlands Checkpoint???
I can't even remember where, but it's like it's going extinct!!
This store ought to gain some recognition. I hope it last for 2 to 3 generations.
LOL also not I to say but, I really like this provision shop!!!
Makes me rewind back when I was little, so nostalgic. :')

Okay so we studied, and got Sogurt.
We chilled there, it's a very nice place to talk and chill xD
I hope to visit this Mama shop often!

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