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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Carpenters outing + gang outing

Wassup yo!
My my, it's the last week of my term break. School's starting next week.
Do I look forward to it or do I not?
Doesn't matter, enjoy first.

Yesterday I went for the Carpenters outing, which is my group during the BP Mentoring FOC.
We had lunch at Eighteen Chefs but only 9 of us turned up.. :(
The food there.. I would say I don't really like what I ordered.
I ordered cheese baked rice + creamy white base.
Guess it wasn't a very good combination because well, cheese is already creamy so it's like a double creamy combo.
I felt sick after eating it, but I would visit there again because of the affordable price!
They offer student price too haha.
There was a movie afterwards but because the movie they watching is too late for me so I didn't join them :(
I wish I could!!
Oh man.

Left from top: Audrey, Brenda, Nana, Yiling.
Right from top: Hafiz A.K.A ass violator, Nicholas, Ming Wei, Aishah.

We had a surprise birthday cake for Audrey, & the waiter was kind enough to help us store the cake in their fridge.
Moreover, another waitress (I think she is a chef) came out and offer us plates for the cakes!
She gave us disposable forks too!
Service is too nice already.
So when they left for the movie, Aishah & Ming Wei left first leaving me alone in 313.

Fast-forward, I met up w Serene & Jas!!!!
You don't know how elated I am when I finally saw them.
Soon Fian, Cong & Ryan came. We got the movie tickets to EPIC!

Some parts of the movie are really funny, it's very exciting I would say.
I would rate it 3.5 Greenmen out of 5.

After the movie ended we could totally relate to the outside world.
It was damn hilarious when we walked to Orchard Central.
Settling down for dinner was hard because many restaurants have long queues but we ate at Pastamania :)
We chatted and laughed, proceeded to *scape's Mac and chatted and laughed.
It was a stress-relieve when I hang out with them.
Our (my) lame jokes never fail to liven (damp) the atmosphere, and our non-stop teasing & inside jokes are so making my stomach burst.
We could have stayed longer but due to the haze (fuck the forest fire you assholes) we went home at 11pm++.

Non of our outings are dull. I love my clique. :)

Photo credits to Serene

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