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Friday, June 7, 2013

SP BP Mentoring FOC

Hellooo everybody!
It feels good to switch on my laptop & use it, especially to blog.
So, the reason why I'm occupied this week is because the SP BP Mentoring Freshmen Orientation Camp lies on this week!!!!
It's a CCA in SP and I went to the 3 days camp (no overnight stay though..).
The concept for the camp was HUNGER GAMES.
Cool right?!?! So as you can see from the photo above, I am in Carpenterswhich is in District 07!
It is fate that Aishah is in the same district as I am!!!!

Cut to the chase, I shall try to summarise each day of the camp as I can. d:

DAY 1:

All of us tributes assemble in LT18A.
Met our fellow Carpenters, and the briefing starts when everyone has reached the place.
Moved to our respective classrooms for ice-breakers and bonding session.
Well, funny how I don't feel as awkward as I am in the past when I go to orientation camps, where I meet new people.
Maybe because I enjoy making new friends (but that also means more enemies) and I am eager to know more about my own group mates.
Of course we introduced ourselves, our course & 'red, yellow or green' light.
Red - Attached; Yellow - Single but not ready to mingle; Green - Single & ready to mingle.
After that we played several games like Number Game & such.
It was really fun!! I am so glad I have them as my group mates!! Because many of them are really friendly, sociable, hilarious & have the leadership potential in them.

Day 1 we did many Mass Games, a few water-related games.
The 1st game was about passing water balloons to the end.
Each group only has 10 water balloons to try, & guess what? Carpenters scored a whopping record of: 0!!!!!
It was really funny because of the hilarious guys who crack jokes while playing.
I can't remember all the mass games so I'm just gonna write down what's in my memory kay.
One was called Partner Dodgeball.
I was played against Tailors, which happens to be Ong's group hahaha.
So we have to jump ball to start, but the ball went over to the other team's side, so Aishah & I got out within a minute of the game. :(
The feeling was... embarrassing & dejected.
But in the end we went inside again, but go out AGAIN because Aishah broke free from me. T.T
So sorry I didn't gave warning because I ran Y.Y

Another one was called Captain's Ball.
But instead of the common ball, we used balloons.
It was F*CKING HECTIC in the game area because we act like children rushing to the ice-cream uncle.
I got hit at the forehead and I exaggerated my pain but it seems like no one cared & their focus is only the pathetic floating balloon.

I find it really funny so I just laughed all the way till I was in crouches.
It poured heavily & there was big puddles of water on the ground so many of our shoes got wet & even though we're walking under shelter, it felt like we're not.
The wind were blowing towards us & the leaks on the ceilings are not helping either.
Oh well, that's the best part of the camp, right?
All in all, Day 1 was full of laughter and running and cheering and shouting.

Tiredness level:

DAY 2:

Amazing Race.
In Botanic Gardens.
Yeap, you read it right.
Really damn excited for the Amazing Race!!!!
But the weather wasn't really on our side because during the entire race it was bright & warm, and because all of us were not familiar with the venue, we had a hard time finding the game stations.
The games were really hard :T
I like the Twister game though!
There were a total of 8 stations but we only managed to complete 4. d:

After the Amazing Race we have 2 hours to come up with a performance.
With a limit of 10 minutes, we used about 1.5 hours to finalise the Carpenter's performance.
Ours is a mixture of dance, singing and skit.
How cool is that?? Or should I rephrase it to how fabulous is that??!
We had 3 scenes: 1 about our camp trademark & something that is related to Carpenters. We danced Gentleman but in sawing & nailing actions.
It really cracked the audience up & they were all high & screaming & cheering for us.
Why? Because it's funny & we wore shades.
2 is about SP BP Mentoring Club, with a mentor & 3 mentees.
1 of the mentees 'accidentally' dropped the paper, & the mentor and mentee when to pick it up.
They bumped onto each other, mentee said 'sorry', song 'Apologise' plays & singer sang.
3 is something that is relatable to the GLs & GMs & the seniors.
About an obvious couple.
It is really f*cking hilarious I swear, it's hard to describe in words I wish I have the video to show you!!
Tiredness level:

DAY 2:

Today is the last day of the entire camp...
So since today is the FINALE, it will be the most crucial & exhausting day.
The Hunger Games is actually: RUNNING MAN.
The version was tweaked to be similar: ripping of tags (tied on the wrist) with GMs wearing bells.
First we have to find our kidnapped GL to get our tags (lives) to start the game.
Our, campers, objectives is to collect as many flags as we can find.
The boundary is almost half of the school, it's really big okay.
It was really challenging, thrilling, exhilarating, heart-thumping, adrenaline-rushing.
Now I know the fear of the Running Man casts when they hear the sound of the bells.
It's like, you can hear them but you cannot see them. Especially if you know the sound of the distance is getting closer & closer.
We, Carpenters, have 4 groups, intending to go as groups.
I kept clutching my stomach because I was producing too much laughing gas & it really drains my energy like hell.
I died once, but got revived again.
Can buy lives, shield & Twist of Fate.
It's really awesome I'd say!!!
Twist of Fate is a card where the Guardians will stop chasing you for 10 seconds if you yell the magic words.

We spent on lives only.
I had a hard time escaping from the Guardians & at the same time searching for the flag.
In the end I found 1 flag!!
The Guardians gave us 30 seconds to find, it was really tense.
The countdown was giving me pressure but when I spotted it yelled 'FOUND IT!! RUN!!!'
And then we sprinted in all direction.

We kept separating, grouping up with others, separating again.
It was super exhausting but I LOVE IT!!!!
The sounds of the bells still ring in my minds.
When I met the catcher at Eleven Square, the 2 Guardians were very nice to let me off.
Because the guy see me girl so he let me off, but he called his female partner, so I became to jog pathetically & both of them caught up with me.
So I said if they can't rip my tag off within 3 seconds, they have to set me off. In the end, I WAS FREE.

It was scary running & hunting alone.
The bells, the Guardians locking their target on you & they taunted me with a fake chase.
But I was caught by 2 Guardians, both male.
No hope lah.. they no mercy one.
Tried to negotiate, nope. Tried to play cheat, nope. Tried to break through them, nope.
They got me cornered hais so they tore off my tag.
I got revived though, tried to alliance with Fishermen but we got separated hahaha.
In the end I ran everywhere the school.

After tabulating the points, we collected 8 flags and jumped from 4th place to 2nd place!!!
Carpenters won 1st for the performance!!
I told you our performance was marvelous ;)
So, with our points, we can use it to bid on the prizes.
We bid 2 prizes, and it ends up to be tissue packets & felt pens.
We spent 50k points for the tissure packets...... *crikets*
But the felt pens were nice!! Very colourful! Yay!!
Tiredness level:

So since it was the last day, we took many photos together as well as doing our 1 last cheer... :(
I shall spam the photos now & describe them :)

Jun Hao. Well, I don't really know him well but I can 
say he is a very social person!
Nana! My GL! She is a great GL, always hype up the group when there's awkward silence.
She is so funny!!
Sorry my mouth really ugly in here. Hafiz, the ass violator.
That's all.  No lah, he is one guy who doesn't open up himself but very good & games!
Especially during the Hunger Games, he collect 4 flags but didn't die.
Yok Heng. The Yishun guy ahhahah. Doesn't open up too~
Nicholas. A really shy guy! A rather cute guy too hehe.
When he's embarrass or shy, he looks x10 cuter.
Ong. 'nuff said.
Ming Wei, our flag bearer! Hilarious at times. Can really run! 
One look you can tell this guy from his pose. Andrew. He is damn humorous and funny!!
The acting & actions and dances really crack everyone up.
I sense leadership potential in him.
I think he'll get into the CCA.
Pim. Well I dunno how to spell his name so yah.
A guy who always do the 'Mark oneeeee' and full of comments this guy.
His actions are very robotic I feel.
Hilarious guy.
Yee Kien. Whoa this guy really talented.
Looks? Not bad. Singing? Amazing. Dancing? Superb.
When he sang right, my heart like, fluttered for a second.
When he dance, he did hand stand & moved some steps,  his belly was exposed.
Was that abs I saw? Oops.
This guy, knows how to party. He can easily get the girl he like. 
Isabel. She's really cute like Jillian!
Fan of caps. I always tease & bully her d:
Comfortable to talk to with! She's very good at conversing.
Brenda. Likes to smile & laugh a lot hahaha.
Didn't really talk to her much :x
A great Carpenter member!
Andrew who say you can photobomb, huh??
Nah jkjk. Yiling!! My group's super cute GL!! Her voice is really.. really.
Cutesy kind, not those act cute act cute.
When she laugh, it's contagious & she won't stop!
She can become a voice actor for Disney I tell you.
Hugs! xx
I have no idea what are they doing but it is comedy there.
Orange, squeeze!

So that's the end of BP Mentoring camp!!
I really enjoyed myself these 3 days even though it was super tiring.
I wanna thank the Organising Committee for planning the camp for us tributes.
I wanna thank the Game Masters (or whoever is responsible) for planning the splendid & various fun games for us, especially the Hunger Games (Running Man SP Style).
All of you really put in a lot of effort & time to plan it out for us although it is tedious. I can feel it.
I wanna thank the Group Leaders for teaching us new cheers & leading us, giving us suggestions when we are stuck in ideas.
You all not only hyped the atmosphere up & make us all high but also inspire us.
You are all great. Amazing. Supermen & Wonder Women.
Last but not least, my fellow Carpenters members. Without you guys, we can never be 1st for the performance, nor can we become 2nd for the overall winner.


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