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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I am fortunate because

Hey guys, how ya doing?
School starts today, for me, at least. My younger brother is still having his holiday till the end of the month. *Psssh* Wait till his exams are nearing. (Which means mine too f*ck.)

This entry is rather impromptu, as I got the inspiration to do up this post while I was bathing.
I suppose many people think deeply while they're scrubbing their bodies? Yes?
In this post I'll be showing how thankful, grateful & fortunate am I to be ME.
It will be what I am happy about, why am I loving my life.
I don't know how many sub-titles will there be, but please keep on reading.
I believe through this post, you'll think about my words & extinguish all the negativity within you;
thinking twice before saying 'FML';
and count your blessings instead of calculating your drawbacks.
Please keep in mind. :)

First and foremost, out of everything, I strongly believe I am fortunate to be in a FIRST-WORLD COUNTRY.

Just like in the shower, I am able to get proper sanitation, hygiene. In the kitchen, I am able to cook & feed myself with the food easily available in so many supermarkets, mini-marts.
I am able to watch dramas & wide variety of shows with just a click of a button in my living room, lazing on my comfortable couch. Probably with my favourite snack beside me.
I have my own bed, with soft, springy bed to slumber. A laptop to entertain myself with the Internet - one of the best thing invented today. It can keep me occupied the whole day (of course I don't glue my eyes in front of the screen 24/7).
And last but not least, I have my own HOME.
A shelter above my head.
Like they all say, ❝ there's no place like home .
Most people like to take a dump in their house toilet rather than public toilet, because, it's your own home!
You can look as ugly as you can at home, dressed comfortably - half naked or only wearing briefs, or for women, shirt without bra. (¬‿¬)

I can go on forever, listing out whatever I can think of, the benefits of being born in a first-world country.
Especially if my country is the most developed Southeast Asia country & is doing well in the economy. (Don' t get me wrong, I am not patriotic. The government of Singapore, I can't say it. Not publicly, no.)
There's good food everywhere in every corner of Singapore, abundant shopping malls (I need them for a mall rat like me), entertainment venues and activities, and more lah you get what I mean.

Often we take granted of what we possess and who loves us; but because we want it more & better, our vision is only locked in the more & better that we might not achieve, that we are blinded of what is there for us.

I know this because, I speak from experience.
I lost something who loves me but I took granted of him, when things fell apart, I can never get him back.
The aftermath is me thinking of him & sometimes dreaming of him (this can't be helped okay), even though it's been more than a year.
You can't possibly forget a person, not entirely. Unless you knock your head so hard you get concussion & you lost your memory (choi choi touch wood touch wood).
I didn't take good care of something so dear to me, and so I lost it.
I have no idea how this is related to first-world country but if you know me, I jump from topics to topics. But I am trying hard not to. :)
The word here, is regret.
Everyday, I am struggling to improve myself, not to be an ungrateful douche.

Secondly, I am lucky to HAVE A COMPLETE FAMILY.
Everyday I get to call a loving woman 'Ma', and every alternate days I get call a tall, dark man 'Pa'.
Because I don't see my father everyday, I would stop whatever I'm doing and greet my father when I hear the door close. (Although I am guilty of sticking my butt on the chair & only go out when I'm hungry for dinner).
Sometimes I treat my mother without respect & would talk back at her, but my heart only ache after reflection.
Both of them are my heroine and hero respectively. (I googled how to spell 'heroine' because I thought it has the same spelling as the drug, turns out it is.)
Whose parents don't treat their child(ren) as gems?
You may dislike your parents, or holding a grudge for very long, even though they seem to mistreat you but I'm sure their heart breaks when it happened.
They're the ones who support you, encourage you, inspire you, take care of you, everything they can do to groom you.
What are we doing in return?

Not to forget my 2 annoying brothers, sheesh.
I may fight (verbally & physically. Hey, people who have siblings can relate.) with them, but as I grew older, my brother talk some sense to me whenever we yell at each other.
I don't apologise when I was young because I find it awkward & that why-must-I-apologise-I-am-not-in-the-wrong mindset. But when I turn 17, I apologise & felt bad afterwards.
Thank you, Kor.
My younger brother is so worrisome... You're so annoying but you help me whenever I called you (because I force him & him have no choice HAHAHAHHA no lah just kidding I talk to him nicely)
After all, your siblings are your closest friends who can understand your shit the longest. :)

I would write about my Ahpo (grandmother) but I shall not turn this into a 'Thank you' post.

Thirdly, for I am able to receive EDUCATION.
Knowledge is power, they say. I agree!
I can't remember which film I watched, about a world's strongest man challenging a genius.
After that movie, I concluded: smart is the new strong.
Sure, you may lose in a physical fight but the real winner is in the brain.
The strongest man can just be defeated without his opponent touching him.
Often education have a connect with psychology.
I dunno, maybe it's just me.
Its all link. You attend school. You made friends. You have setbacks. You had betrayal. You learn body language. You learn to read people's motive.
But I'm sure it's not just me.
Education doesn't limit you to academic, but the economy, random facts, news, life cheats, etc.
For that, I am fortunate to be literate.

Lastly, I am fortunate to HAVE FRIENDS.
Both good and bad ones.
I wanna quote a lyric from Lighters - Eminem: ❝ I wanna just say thanks cause your hate is what gave me the strength 
I am also fortunate to found, I believe, my true and best friends.
The friendship is so strong, the trust is that hard, the love is there (not BGR but friendship love lah), that I believe even if we don't see each other for a long period of time, when we meet we will not be awkward but be like usual.
For me, I cannot lose them.
Friends ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO ME, so important that I place them above my boyfriend (in the past, and thus - ).
Some people might argue they are fake friends, it is better to depend on your girlfriend/boyfriend; others thinks it the other way round.

I guess I'm ending my post now.
Once again, live your life to the fullest, don't try so hard to be someone else become you never know if there is someone out there wanting to be you.
You may have things or strengths others does not possess, so think about it.
Nobody's perfect, and for that, I'm happy to be me. :)

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