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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nature's a mysterious beauty

Pardon me guys for the late update!
I couldn't update in time because I have started work and the working hours are from the after till the night :(
So since today is my day off, I woke up extra early to blog! :D
Though, I can blog anytime I want today but I have somewhere to go later in the afternoon!
Will reveal it at a later minute ;)

So as the title describes, my gang and I went to Gardens By The Bay on November 21st, except for Jiahong & Wafir..
Gosh, how long was that?
We were deciding between the Zoo Gardens By The Bay, but eventually chose GBTB because that period was the Monsoon Season, and it was raining ALMOST everyday. BIG RAIN.
So we don't wanna take the risk of raining halfway while we tour around, neither do we want to bring umbrellas. :x

Without further ado, here are the pictures!

Sorry, Kiasu a bit

We spotted many centipedes and Millipedes! Like suaku sia.
We bought tickets to 2 conservatories: Flower Dome & Cloud Forest.
Luckily I have Passion Card, it gives us discount ^-^
First we went to the Cloud Forest.
Damn, when we enter the conservatories, cold wind blew into our face!
It was abnormally cold, because the area have to be maintained at a certain temperature suitable for the vegetation to grow.
The first thing we saw was what made me struck with awe:

This giant waterfall

Vibrant colours

Look pitiful right? IT'S A TRAP!
Must have hehe
It is HUGE!
Look at the statue's dick
Another trap!
Many more traps!

Beauty among the beasts
I find this plant, offensive
Wahlao, only I did funny face :(

Then we move on to the Crystal Cave! (It's not really a cave, though)

On reply to the photo above:

The Crystal Cave have mirrors on the ceiling. I thought it was to reflect light to the crystals so that it can sparkle and shit, but then Ryan said it could be also to mean that crystals form on the ceiling, so we can visualise how the crystals look.

We were touring around the dome where I spotted something, well, cruel?

Damn, her son is not even a dog! I would never do that to my children.
Although I have seen this before from Singaporeans.
Moving on.

We went into a theatre called '+5°C'.
It shows us how the Earth is gradually getting hotter and hotter, because of human activities and partly animals' doing.
It shows us horrible images of the future if we continue to do what we are doing, instead of getting into actions and prevent all those terrible events from happening.
That is why I emphasize that please recycle & reuse your resources..
Switch off the main plug when not in use, etc.


We then proceed to Flower Dome for our last tour.

Baby cactus hehe
That is Iron Man's stool
Aloe Vera?
Many different species of cactus!
Silk cocoon.. cactus?
This looks like a gigantic, hairy Tarantula.

Must be the cousin.
Not sure if decaying, or part of the growth.

Must be the male

Damn, a blur one.

Believe me, this is BIG.
After walking for so long...

Aren't they beautiful?
Fian tried smelling some of the flowers, some are sweet smelling, some... well let's just say it made our nose crinkle.

The dried raw corns can be eaten!
Don't ask why.
Last flower of the day:

It was a pleasant & enriching trip.
I think everyone should go there at least once to experience the beauty of nature! Really, you learn a lot of stuff about Mother Earth too.
Your knowledge about the condition of our precious Earth will not be so limited too ^-^
My father said we're going there on New Year's, hopefully he remembers!

Okay, about the event I'm going later... is...

Well, although I'm going alone.. doesn't matter! At least I can strike on item off my Bucket List!
Lemme extract the title from Allkpop:

2NE1 to be the first girl group to hold a world tour

Don't believe me? Check this link out! 
So proud of my girls ;)

Free gifts will be given out from 12pm, and official merchandise will start on sale from 1pm.
The concert starts at 7pm. 
I don't know what time should I go, afraid that the merchandise will run out of stock and also scared that it will be a hectic mess :(
I'm gonna enjoy myself, my self-time alone! It's a great way to really think about MANY THINGS.
Just like how you go into deep thinking when you're showering, kinda like that.
Alright, that's all about the post. Will update soon! :D

There was one day after I work, my girls & I went to watch a night movie.
The movie we watched was:

It was a movie I've been whining to Eve that I want to watch, I want to watch SO DAMN BADLY.
I know the movie from Mike Tompkins.
Check out the video:

The humour is there, not some lame or cold jokes, sarcasm and a little coarse language.
It is not like High School Musical mind you, now I'm older, I find that Gabriella's & Troy's voice sound fake. No offence man.
I rate this 4.5 pitches out of 5.
Hurry go watch it before it stops airing!

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