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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Prom Night 2012

Hello everybody!!
OMGOSH, I have been missing for such a long period of time!!
Okay lah, few weeks or so.
Now, I am back with something ^-^
It was a night event lah, yesterday's night event.

After the end of 'O' levels, this is one of the many activities I looked forward to.
In addition to the pre-prom shopping with my girls & the boys.
Whoa, shopping with the boy was tougher than with my girlfriends.
They are extremely picky.
They want to look outstanding so they couldn't choose which one to buy, asking for Eve's & my opinions, the guys' opinions about how does the suit look.
Furthermore, men's clothing are super expensive!!
One blazer can be more than $80 to $100++! Cheapest is $70 but hard to find & not so nice that kind.
The shoes, no need to say.
I'm just glad I'm born a female and my dress & everything probably didn't reach $100. ^-^
The dress is also not worn many times, maybe to wedding dinners or formal events?
The fashion tapes didn't last for long too...

Cong was my prom date and Xiong was Eve's.
I went over to Eve's earlier to accompany her to do her hair at a neighbourhood salon.
After she did her hair we went back and I start to prepare before the boys came over.
I finished changing and everything, then Cong arrived first, followed by Xiong.
Xiong was very 烦恼 what colour shoe should he wear.
The brown one he said doesn't really suit his outfit, while the black one was overly formal, like a businessman going to meet his client or something along that line.
He is THAT vain.
Eve's preparation took a very long time!
Anyway it doesn't matter how long she took because everyone is late for the entrance xD

Here is how we look:

Yup, that's us ^-^.
I put light make-up because I don't like the feeling of too many things on my face.
Then we cabbed to Holiday Day Inn Atrium! 
Unfortunately Cong had forgotten to bring his ticket and that the cabbie was a new one and she does not know how to go Cong's house even though it was just nearby.
She even had difficulties going to our destination, which none of us have a clue too (duh, that's why we hailed a cab & taxi drivers are suppose to bring us there).
She ask us how to go, isn't it funny?
Then something terrible happened.

The taxi we were on clashed with another car.
We jerked violently to the front, I had a shock of my life!
Thank God it was a minor accident and none of us were injured.
The other driver went to take pictures non-stop.
The cabbie was a new driver and she haven't made any money and now she met with an accident...
In the end we Shara saved us and we took her father's car to the place.
Thank you Shara & Shara's parents!

All the ladies looked gorgeous and the guys looked charming.

The place was kinda ulu and we thought it was a budget place but actually it's not!
Well, though the food is buffet kind..
We had quizzes and games, it was pretty fun. :)
Well, enough said, let me spam you with the photos.
(I didn't edit ALL but some)

Jianxiong x Vynx
Shara x Me
Durka x Eve
Durka x Me
Eve x Praveen
Eve x Praveen x Me
Eve x Vynx x Me
Vynx x Cong
Adibah x Me
Eve x Adibah
Huishan x Me
Huishan x Adibah
Durka x Vynx

Xiong x Me
Patrick x Vynx x Xiong
ZIhao x Me
Eve x Darlene x Me

Eve x Hasz x Me
Darlene x Me
Darlene x Yuwen
Ryan x Me
Ryan x Xiong
Wafir x Me
Alfian (one of the Prom King) x Guanming
Wafir x Guanming

Jiahong x Me
Me x Fian
Cong x Ryan
Arshad x Me
Gaayathri x Me
Durka x Shara x Me
Haidah x Me 
Vynx x Shahrul
Chairperson x V.Chairperson (cheh)
Vynx x Danial
Vynx x Syafiq
Syafiq x Me
Gaaythri x Xueyi
Xueyi x Me
Eve x Xueyi x Me
Gaayathri x Me
Gaayathri x Eve x Me

Arshad x Gaayathri. He's shorter than his prom date.
Mr Xie x Me
The girls! 
Cute Danny x Me
The boyz
Sam x Me
Prom Queen Ivy x Me (WHY SO BLUR?!)
Me x Linglin
Shihui x Yuwen

Mr Teo x Me!
Ms Kok x Me!
Fian x Linglin x Ivy
Hafiza x Me
Eve x Arshad x Me

Minghui x Me
But wait, there's more!

Cong x Me
Me x Eve
You realised I look tall in all the photos right? That's because I am..
I wore a small heels..
& you notice many people like to take picture with Eve & I? Cheh hahah jkjk.
Then we have our own Riversidian to sing for us!
Her name is MinYee I think. Pronunciation is like that but spelling I'm not so sure.
She is auditioning for a singing competition! I think it is Campus Superstar? xD

And here are the door gift:

Riverside bears! ^-^

What would a Prom Night be called 'Prom Night' if there wasn't any dance floor for us to get high?
When the lights dimmed, I pulled Eve's arm but she won't budge, but Darlene was with me! xD
The dance floor got hotter and hotter when the music went to full volume. Everyone was raising their hands, jumping & dancing.
We did 'choo-choo-train' and even opened a big space for individuals to strut their moves.
Arshad, Zafren, Ryan killed the dance floor with their moves.
It was a hell of a fun time!
I really enjoyed myself! But the dance was a very short one..I guessed many people were stepped on xP
They played songs like Titanium & Gangnam style.

Okay, that's all for the event.
I really love Prom Night 2012, it is one memory that will be etched in my mind forever ♥
I wonder what's my next outing hmm..
Till then, toodles~

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