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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

21st New Evolution

Hey guys! I'm gonna write about the concert I went on December 1st!
I actually wanted to blog yesterday, but I was called last minute by my Boss to work.
So today is my off day & I can take this chance to update! Heheheh xD

Ever since I work, I miss watching Running Man, Family Outing, Oh! My School, my Animes and movies.
But, for the sake of earning extra pocket money, and also I don't like to always stretch out my hand and ask money from my parents..
Okay back to topic.
As I said from my previous post, I went to the

Like finally I get to meet them! It's like one item in my bucket list, stroke off! :D

So I went alone, because none of my friends are fans (or should I say, hardcore fans) of 2NE1.. Which is quite sad.. So doesn't matter, what matter most is I get to enjoy myself! :D
I went to the Singapore Indoor Stadium at around 1pm+ and the first thing I saw ruined my mood: IT WAS RAINING.
I didn't bring umbrella, because my bag was too small, and the rain started to get bigger.. and bigger..
'F*CK,' I murmured to myself.
There was a 7-11 at the MRT station, I heaved a sigh of relieve but only to know that IT WAS CLOSED.
This time, a longer curse to myself.
Because I was alone right, I tend to talk to myself, to comfort myself, to ask and reply to my own questions.
I remember a quote from the book of Dust and Decay by Jonathan Malberry, and that is:
" Use all the resources you have, be Warrior Smart "

Well, the last 2 words aren't necessary to my situation at that point of time, so then I saw what brought a smile to my face: A SHOPPING MALL.
I speed-walk there, bought the smallest umbrella I can find and head back to the stadium.
I queued up for the merchandise, and shared my umbrella with another Blackjack (that's what we call fans of 2NE1).
Got my official light stick, which cost me $35... But actually $25 because the girl paid for my first as the rain became a bitch so it was hard for my to take out my wallet.
I got big change and she doesn't have small change, so I gave her $25.. In the end she said never mind and thanked me for the umbrella instead. x)

Then I waited for 4 hours or more until we went inside the stadium.
I was EXTREMELY OVERJOYED when I entered the hall.
MVs of 2NE1 were playing, and I waited for the girls' appearance.

Before they appeared, all the speakers were switched on to full volume and the crowd's screams followed the volume!
And when the screen split open and there stands the girls...

It's just... a gush of emotion that overwhelmed me when I finally get to meet my favourite idols.
They were performing 'I AM THE BEST', and I was tearing and cheering at the same time.
I don't know.. I was just touched to see them..
My camera forgotten inside my bag because I want to enjoy that moment.
The volume.. The vocals.. The attires.. Everything about them is just WONDERFUL.
So here are the pictures..
It was very difficult to snap HD shots of them because
1. My camera is not a DSLR (it was prohibited by the way)
2. Light sticks were waving around
3. The girls were moving & dancing

Luckily I am tall, I am able to snap some pretty decent pictures. Hehehe.

Not all the photos I took are ALL the performances. I didn't wanna be busy taking photos that I can't enjoy the concert.
I was too awe-struck by them. Simply appalling.


PARK BOM!! Powerful main/lead vocalist






Knock it Minzy!
My Dara xD


I took this many photos because they aren't moving or dancing, so it's a very good opportunity for me to whip out my camera and take pictures!



Pole Dancing!




It was really sad to see them go..
I recalled clearly that their last song was 'I Love You', and we sang our hearts out.
Showing them that we truly love them as our idols.
My eyes welled at the end of the show, seeing them exiting the stage..
Dara's English was so cute!
All of them really put in effort to communicate with us in English, especially Dara & Minzy.


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