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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Babies

Good morning all!
It's 9.19am now, and I have to rush doing everything I have to do before 11am!
Today is Serene's birthday chalet, and we're heading over at 3pm, but before that the gang have something else to do ^-^

So about yesterday, the gang (Fian, Eve, Jas, Cong, Dills, Jiahong & me) went out to celebrate Fian's birthday, belated birthday.
I think we never really did much because we don't have ideas what to do for him, but as long as he's happy and he enjoys the day, that is the most important thing. :)
But first Eve and I went out earlier than the guys 'cause we wanted to visit The Salvation Army.
It's just the Family Thrift Store, Eve watched the new episode of Budget Barbie: SALVATION ARMY and because it's Qiuqiu, she's a pro when it comes to money saving and digging for cheap clothes.
Eve, being a direction-idiot, has no sense of direction.
Luckily there's me ^-^, if not how she survive alone man. Heheheh.
Yah lah, I do get confused by here sometimes, but anyway we managed to get on the right track.
And we took the Bukit Panjang LTR transport, which is Eve's first time on that automatic train.
I rarely take that, but I'm still, together with her, like sua ku in the train.
When we reached Pending Station, we were like tourists in a foreign land.
'Where is this? Where are we?', she asked.
She asked me if I brought my cam, I answered yes, and she said, 'never say earlier!'
'You never asked!'

[E] Sua ku right? She finds that building nice
I love this! ('cause i edit one mah hahaha)
Eve stop that you're scaring me
I was thirsty kay
We scared we got lost, and in the end we alight one stop after.
So we have to walk back to the destination.
Eve squealed in excited when she saw the big 'The Salvation Army' name on the building.

Of course all the things are are mostly second-hand but trust me, they are in mint condition. 
Just a few defects on the label and little here and there.
They sell blazers at f*cking $3
But those is like no brand and, not very nice one, so it's very cheap.
Eve found one G2000 blazer for only $20! But in the end she didn't purchased it.
We left that store empty handed, 'cause I don't find anything that catches my eye.
Most of the things are not pretty or nobody-will-use kind of products so I was kind of sad.

I got attracted by the snacks the moment i stepped in
[e] no idea why she took this
the kid's section! there are dolls inside which are really scary
how cute is this??
so many teddy bears lost its owner! ):
the lighting damn nice! hehehehe
After we left, Eve's not happy that she didn't buy anything so we took a bus to Clementi MRT station.
We have zero idea how to cross to the other side of the road to take the reverse bus back to Pending MRT station, because there were many road construction works and I couldn't spot any bus stop either.
Luckily Clementi MRT station wasn't very far, though it's still take up relatively much of our time.
We joke around and laughed too much that I told myself, 'contain Xiaoyu, contain'.
What to do when two girls with a camera have nothing to do?

eve became dara. orange lipstick
i have to stop making that face
eve gave me a lollipop! *starts singing bigbang's 'lollipop'*
the hell?
Thank God Clementi was in Green Line,
In Bugis we finally bought her blazer, which cost the same, but I think she liked that better than the one in TSA because Bugis one is brand new. xD
We ordered crepé too! xD I ordered one with condensed milk & brown sugar, Eve ordered Canolly.
Mine was nice except for the brown sugar, it taste disgusting.
Furthermore, there was a small roach crawling on the counter.
Then there was this one girl, who got really, I mean, REALLY freaked out by that one small roach.
Sure, I am scared of these ugly and creepy crawlies, but it was small and trying to get into the jar of sweet fillings.
I slowly overcome my phobia of these insects, but she was over-reacting LOL, she kept staring at it and rubbing her arms like she got goosebumps.
When we got our crepé, that girl cannot take it and informed the staff, which are all teenage girls, and they were afraid to kill it.
The way how the staff kill it - take 3 tissue paper, and let it dropped on the roach, which has no effect because it doesn't hit it hard and it escaped away.
The more I see, the more I want to help them kill that annoying bug.
What's more, that shop have an 'A' for its cleaniness environment. Oh gosh, look carefully and closely leh NEA! Or whoever is in-charge of giving license.
But I was eating my food and I don't wanna spoil my appetite. Oh well.

Okay enough ranting, we finally met up with the guys and Jas! xD
Too much text for you? :okay:

hi there
birthday boy! and one extra one. cheh
okay... eve...
we're missing jiahong hmm
i'm fabulous
can't missed out us girls eh?
i'm guessing they are deciding where to go
nice timing fian
We went to Mustafa Centre, where Dills & Eve claimed that the things there are cheap.
Sure they are, that's why there have very strict security system.
Eve was carrying a small plastic bag she bought earlier on in Bugis, and she have to keep it outside of the centre before going in.
And when you purchase something inside, they have to seal the plastic bag.

the boys!
birthday boy and me!
second shot!
eve & fian
the two who are always at loggerheads
my favourite
you looked blur

The first place we went was the perfume section, we began spraying random perfume at each other (the boys lah) and some smell really, really ---.
I lost my sense of smell afterwards.
Dills sprayed on onto himself and it turns out to be a really... nasty smell.
So I kept complaining that he smell really bad.

I feel uncomfortable in that area because 99% of the shoppers are... Indians or Banglas.
I'm not racist but I really feel uncomfortable when I'm surrounded with so many of them.
Some more I can't stand some of their smell... like how people can't stand Buddhist temple smell right? (The joss sticks and incensed paper).

We spent quite a long time inside, Eve & Dills were always 'fighting', and it was very funny how they fight.

It was dinner time, so Dills & Fian brought us to an Indian restaurant to have our meal ^-^
From Mustafa Centre to the restaurant was a long distance, so while walking...

i thought whose hand was on my shoulder

fabulous bitches!
i think i take too much back views..
eve's shop
i need self shots too what..
close your mouth lah 

All the pictures in the menu look excessively spicy.
I had a hard time deciding what to eat, so I ate prata instead. (Noah's favourite? LOL)
Their portion of food is really generous, my prata is big, Eve's thosai or whatever you call that is big, Cong's serving of rice is big, everything is big LOL.
I ordered 1 egg prata and 2 prata kosong, in the end I was already full at the second one and I gave the last one to Dills.
He, too can't finished it.

curry boys
don't judge please
After the meal, we walked around Little India, see if there's anything to do.
The girls wanna do henna, so we searched around to see shops that do henna service.
Dills found one for us, it was on the second floor, and he accompanied us. ^-^
When the lady help us do henna right, I can tell they are reluctant to help us do.
Maybe 'cause we're Chinese? And only Indians & Malays are appropriate to do henna?
Like their smiles had be confiscated by devils burnt till ashes.
Anyway doesn't matter, we had our henna nicely done :)
Mine was done by another woman, and it seems like it was smaller than Eve's and Jas' ><

j > x > e
Does the lady knows my name is xiaoyu? got two fishes!
The guys bumped into Mr Khairul, a teacher in my school.
And he was rude to Fian, 'cause Fian want to be friendly so he went up and greet him, but he told him off saying he's suppose to be staying at home studying for 'O' levels.
What's wrong man, it's the holidays, and we don't have the rights to come out and play? Gosh.

Nowhere to go, we slacked in Dhoby Ghaut.

Wanna see something really pretty and charming?
He's single, tanned, and what's important, he's available girls ;)
Here are some handsome photos caught by me, ready?

i'm digging gold
rare footage - awhh that felt good
eh f*ck wth shit f*ck
i feel a big one there
So how girls? Interested? Call me for a date with me ;)
LOL wth man.
We were talking and laughing in the place, but head home afterwards.

close your mouth cong
she's peeling the dried henna
hey birthday kid!
lol i think she's doing the same thing
i snapped this 'cause in my cam there's red and pink lights, but when it's taken, there's nothing :(

That's what happened yesterday, more to be happening today!
Can't wait for later! ^-^
I think I won't be updating today again, since after BBQ I'm gonna stay in the chalet with the rest.
Till then x)

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