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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

President's birthday chalet

Good afternoon everyone!
Happy to see me again? Hahahaha.
It's another birthday celebration! My wallet getting thinner and thinner. :(
Yes, this post was meant for yesterday event - SERENE'S BIRTHDAY CHALET!
Hehehe, she invited the clique (Eve, Jas, Cong, Fian, Jiahong, Dills, Ryan, Jianxiong, Wafir & me) to her birthday celebration in Coasta Sands, at Downtown East there.

Before we met up with the rest, Dills, Eve and I went to Jas' house to back a rainbow cake for Serene!
Well, it's not exactly a rainbow cake.

What we think the results will be:

What it ACTUALLY turns out to be:

Look at it.
The outcome, I only took the top part of the cake
Another shot
I didn't manage to take the cross-section because when we gift it to Serene I forgot to take out my camera..
So instead of multiple colours we only used 3: blue, orange and red.
Because there wasn't enough paste to do more colours, and the red turns out to be pink.
Dills wanted to achieve red so he practically poured the whole bottle of colouring into the paste, the more I see the more unappetising it will turn out to be.
F*cking unhealthy.
Jas' house is super efficient, whatever you need she has it. If not just go down 7-11 and buy it.
She cooked spaghetti too! I was starving at home so I was delighted there's a meal in her house xD
I snapped some shots of the bakers:

Adding in the butter 
Time to mix the paste!
The food colouring, some are actually expired so we didn't use them
Me in action! Only stirring the colouring with the paste...
Junior Master Chef
What the hell man Dills
The baking took about 1 hour+ so while waiting for it to be done we watched TV and play the hoola hoop.
Eve made herbal jelly milk tea for us too! She brought one bottle for me x)
She tried to copy Gong Cha's milk tea but her's is of course different taste lah, but it still taste nice!

The grass jelly!
Paiseh I drank too much forgotten to take picture
After we're done we met up with the rest except for Jianxiong & Wafir, they never came.
Doesn't really matter to me anyway.
We took bus to Tampines and trained to Pasir Ris where Serene's dad picked up us in a van.
And Serene keep saying she's kidnapping us and selling us for money.
Evil girl.
The journey was very long, the girls and I talked a lot during the ride and talked about the past.
How reminiscing..

What the heck
Hair check. Pretty girl pretty girl~
It was long all right.

When we finally reached the chalet, I give her her present and hugged each other. x)
Very long never see her already, miss her so much.
All of us present her our home-made cake!

Group photo! <3
Cake made with our heart
It was an odd shape cake so she dunno how to cut equally

The cake, personally I don't like the taste.
Ryan say it taste like the cake used for offerings LOL!
Anyway, Serene liked it. (I think to give us face and not to disappoint us xD)
Fian, Cong & Jiahong made (or buy I have no idea) pinata for the birthday girl!
Yes it's a colourful pony with candies inside!
There wasn't any suitable place to hang the pinata so Fian held the pony on the staircase handle while Serene, blindfolded, tried to hit the pinata.
It was very strong and Serene, being weak (hehehe), has no strength to hit it open.
It took her a long time before it finally snapped open.
Hundreds of candies hit her face and head like waterfall, especially the hard candies, she was groaning in pain hahahaha.

Serene and the pinata. 
We have no proper stick so she used the floor mop to hit it
 Here's a video of Serene hitting crazily on the pinata:

After that her family started the BBQ!
Her childhood friends were there too: Xiao Qian & Sock Hui :)
They were very nice and friendly!
We chat and gossip in the chalet while waiting for the food to be cooked. Heh.
When it comes to barbecuing, Serene's family is a pro at it.
There's a poly class chalet right beside Serene's chalet, and they failed at starting the fire - the wire mesh got on fire. Pssh, amateurs.
LOL even my class also suck at hahahah.

The food taste 1000x better and cooked compared to my class chalet's BBQ.
I guess this is the power of the adults.
I especially loved the beef, mini hot-dogs, sausages, crab meat, otah and satay!
Serene's mother bought alcohol, but there wasn't any bottle opener, so her dad used the back of a normal lighter and opened it in an blink of an eye!
Damn pro! Using the back of a lighter! *Bows down*

Ryan approves the food
Thank you so much Serene and you family!!
'I'm tired..'

When it is us teenagers' turn to help peng the food for the adults, Serene's father secretly hand us poppers to pop after singing her birthday song.
So cute!
While penging the food, I loved the crab meat so much that I snatched the one on Serene's hand, popped it in my mouth.
Hahhahaha so oiishi!
She complained to Eve. Too bad d:
Then it's time for her birthday cake ;)

Fruit cake!
Pretty birthday girl!
It's blur but I don't care d:

She forgotten to think we had a sneak attack of her, it's her fault for being slow, she got cream-ed.
xD but sadly I didn't take picture!!

We played Blackjack and Truth or Dare later in the evening and night.
No money? No problem - we used sweets.

Our form of 'money'

The Truth of Dare was hell, I don't know what's gotten into me that the questions I bombed were extreme.
Details will not be revealed here sorry xP

It was a fun, enjoying, crazy day but tiring day, we left the chalet at 10.45 and head home.
Tired as we are, I don't stop.

My eyes were closing
We got photobombed.
LOL Eve & Fian got the same expression
Last goofy photo
That's it! Today is Serene's official birthday, she have turned 17! So happy for her.
I've been going out for the past two days, need to compensate my study dates.

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