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Friday, June 8, 2012

Hair Treatment

Good evening readers!
Hahahah I'm back so quickly.
It's just a short post lah.
Okay, I just came home from my scalp treament at D'image!
I was so excited about it! xD
When I reached there, I was confused because the entrance there said 'closed', but the hairdresser inside opened the door and welcome me. ^-^
I was surprised that there was a second floor in the salon, and the moment I enter the room, I feel the relaxing ambience.
The room was lightly dimmed with soothing music playing softly through the speakers.
The consultant did a scalp scan and like the first time, my scalp was clogged with oil and there was one that I scratch until it bled. Gosh.
We proceed to the bed, the lady and professional were very nice and friendly!
They really make sure the customer had 100% comfort while having their treatment.
They gave me cushion and covered my body with blanket, and even served me chrysanthemum tea.

The process was really satisfying - at the beginning the lady applied some really cooling cream on my scalp to 
soften the oil clog. The feeling was just SHIOK!
The massage was comfortable too. She even chat with me and the conversation really flows well.
When we washed my hair, I feel so bliss (cheh) and after she done washing, it was time for the after result.
Through the monitor screen I can see all the oil clog were gone! 
100% and I was damn happy about it.
But the treatment was not over yet, still need to do one last thing.
After that, I went down to blow dry my hair. And guess what? I have the privilege of having 2 hairstylists to blow
dry my hair. One of them is the manager. Hohohoho.
Okay lah I never had this kind of treatment before okay so let me be in my own world.

I am contented that my scalp is healthier and able to breathe, but the lady say had to do at least 3-4 times of 
treatment to really get rid of the bacteria.
But, I am no rich person I am only a student Y.Y
Oh well, at least I'm able to get rid of those nasty germs in my scalp!

Okay, that's all.
Oh, I wanna show you something cute:


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