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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Jumping June

Good morning readers!
Oh my, I haven't been updating my blog, have I?
That's 'cause there's nothing for me to blog about :x
This is the first post of the month! Hahhaha
Actually, it suppose to be yesterday, but... yeah, it's the same reason again - I came home late, too tired to switch on the computer and blog. Sorry!

So, um, yesterday's plan was initially going to Little India to shop with my HEGxD (Hasz, Eve, Gaayathri, Xiaoyu, Darlene. Try pronouncing it. 'Hey-gag-si-de')
But due to some problems we're unable to continue with the plan :(
So Eve decided to just carry on heading out with just me and her.

The first stop is Ion Orchard.
She bought sweets in Daiso and finding for mask there, but she didn't buy the mask in the end.
As we walk further, we spotted a sale, and it was actually a very expensive shop sale.
The one that sell DC Comics apparels, THEY ARE HAVING HUGE SALE!
Oh no wonder, it's the GSS period, until 22 July.
The clothes there are too awesome, I actually texted my bro about the sale but when I reached home I realised I sent it to my younger brother instead. =_=
Too bad then d:

I bought a sleeveless Tweety shirt, I like it a lot! :D
Eve bought the same pattern but hers is t-shirt.
I also bought Serene's birthday present: its a damn cute tee, limited edition!
One and only piece!
Information limited, what if she came into my blog and reads it!
It was so pretty that I thought should I keep it for myself, but, it's for my close friend so nah, gift it to her ;)

I manage to buy things that I need.. so pretty much satisfied with the shopping ^-^
Ooh, and Eve did hair extensions.

Eve and her blue extensions!
The lady was super friendly and sociable! xD

It's clip-on extension, she also bought a red racoon pattern hair extension ;)
When you enter their shop, you can see the wall, floor, everywhere filled with wigs, hair extensions, more wigs and more hair.
You can check out GIRLHAIRDO at their facebook (click click click), and they're having a promotion:
Buy 5 hair extensions and $25 and get 1 free! 
They helped you to clip on and trim the suitable hair length for you. ;)
Service is good too.
It's located at Peninsula Shopping Centre, NOT Peninsula Plaza ah, don't get it mixed up.

We also had Everything With Fries, it's my second time eating there, and we tried different flavour.
This time we tried pork chop, you may start to drool:

It doesn't look appetising.. Wrong angle argh!
Shot taken by Eve. She called it 'artistic'. Gosh.
We actually wanted to drop by at The Salvation Army, but it was getting late so we just hop to Bugis Street since it was near Bugis Junction.
There, I bought my bag. ^-^ Happy happy!

I just came back from KKH, so after this I'm going to start revising on my POA.
Then I'll head out to CWP for movie with Jiejie ^^
See you soon, will update, umm, either tomorrow or Friday ;)

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