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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Taking it easy

Hey babes and hunks!
Wow, I've got an overdue post to make.
Well, that's 'cause it is not much of a big event so I thought, well, I'll just briefly talk abourit ;)

It was last Sunday, Alfian suggested a usual gang's dinner because due to school work and busy schedules we have not been meeting up and have outing like we did often last year and the previous year.
So we set on Manhattan Fish Market! <><

Before I met up with the rest, Eve and I first went to shop in town, 'cause her hands were itching for something and she wants to spend on something nice.
It's the usual places, I wasn't looking for anything, I only brought money for the dinner, wasn't in the mood for shopping that day.
So, here you go :)

Heading down in 313
The thing on the wall is such a spoiler  =_=

Take #1 fail - my hand
Take #2 fail - Fian's eyes is closed
Take #3 perfect!
'Oh yeah I'm sexy'
Dills' offensive finger photobombed Jas.

Serene says this mirror make our legs look slim. 

Well, the food at Manhattan was yummy. Their fish were so fresh and soft!
The portion was very big, so Eve and I shared our meals.
I would go there the second time, though I don't really eat fish.
Oh well, till then!

(Cuddly cats?)

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