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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The men in black suit are back.

It's already the second week of June holidays, and I'm spending my weekdays revising for 'O' Levels. Well, it's a very short one because I feel that June holidays are for me to relax and have fun. So I'm not gonna coop myself in my room and face the books.

Yesterday evening I meet up with my Jiejie, Pauline.
It's been like 743234 years since we met up (well I saw her at the Woodlands MRT Station on Tuesday but it doesn't count).
So we actually set on dinner + movie, but she doesn't have even money for dinner so we just bought drinks and snacks and sneaked into the cinema.

The awesome movie we caught is:

I watched this because I saw the trailer, it was simply thrilling and with all the aliens and monsters, it boosts the ratings.
It was relatively funny, but on the other hand it gave me scare TWICE because of sudden pop-outs.
=_= and because of that I screamed twice.
I have a weak heart you know, I cannot take sudden pop-outs that's why I hate horror movie.
Even though I said that, this film caught my eye:

Local movie, I looooove local movies.
Why? Because it knows Singaporean's humour and taste, and it sparks just right on Singapore traits.
Notice how this movie poster is SIMILAR to MIBIII's?
I laughed at it, man it's like a parody but it has nothing to do with super agents or aliens.
Okay, back to MIBIII, there are scenes that are disturbing and disgusting.
You'll know when you watch it, I shall not spill anymore details.
I'll rate this 4 aliens out of 5. The other 1 is because of the scares it gave me.
After that we just head home, nothing much. :T
But we manged to take some shots!
I look horrendous there, please don't judge.

That's it! I'm going for my scalp treatment tomorrow at D'Image Hair Salon.
Can't wait! x)

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