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Thursday, November 1, 2018

Busan & Seoul Travelogue 2018 - Part 2

You can read Part 1 here.
Also, you can download our itinerary at the end of this post.
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 5: 16 October, Tuesday

I woke up early today because I'm accompanying my Sis to the BTS Exhibition & their ticketing method is by sessions.
She bought the 10am sesh so we gotta be there before that time.
When we reached the gallery, there was already a queue formed (expected).
Turns out there were more people in front of us just that they were already in front of the exhibition entrance which you can't see from the outside (the entrance is at basement 1).
For 40,000KRW, we spent roughly 1.5hours there. I think it's pretty worth it!
From B1 To B4, there were stuff to see.
Gosh, when my Jie said she almost teared up because she feel moved, I told her I understand how she feel because I was once like her; crazy about a certain Kpop group (2NE1 if it isn't obvious to you).
But I am already over that phase. 2NE1 disbanded, Bigbang hasn't but some members are serving the country.
I also told her, when she goes to see her idols next year, she will naturally tear up when they appear on stage because, that's what happened to me.
When I went to 2NE1's first world tour alone - & mind you, they are the first girl group to hold a world tour, yes not SNSD 🙊 - I teared up uncontrollably when they finally appeared on stage.
I went alone because none of my friends are hardcore fans to go watch them perform so I'm like fuck it YOLO!!
& then I went to their second global tour 😁😁
I guess the only group I'm supporting is still under YG, which is Blackpink.
But YGFamily isn't like before. When there was Epik High, Gummy, Se7en, Psy, Akdong Musician, LeeHi...
Anyway, that's that. I did like the exhibition. My favourites are Jungkook & RM.

Painting by Jungkook. Pretty neat!

Each of the members' mask

Me tryna blend in



I'm guessing it's their room deco


After which, we did a bit of shopping there before heading to Express Bus Terminal for more shopping!!
I didn't buy any clothing for myself because their season is like all long-sleeve & thick so it's not practical for Singapore, & I prefer sleeveless.
Anywho, after combing the shopping stretches, we head to Line Friends Cafe because she wanted to go to see her BT21.
There is a cafe so duh, we each ordered a drink.
But she only purchased one item 😅
BT21 is actually cartoon characters, each representing the BTS members. They drew the character themselves.
This day seems like a BTS day because other than visiting the BTS Exhibition & BT21 cafe, she bough a coffee drink with her favourite member face on it.
Can you guess whether she kept the bottle?

Thennnn we went to Myeongdong.
The whole day was just my Sis & I until at night.
I did a bit of shopping because I wanna limit my spending for now.
I still have many days left!!

For dinner we ate at this to Tonkatsu restaurant near our accommodation.
Literally in our lupsup clothes & lodging slippers & off we go.
We shared one plate because the portion is fucking big.
Well we couldn't finish it...

Then at night when all of us are back in the guesthouse, we ordered fried chicken & beer & soju to chill at the rooftop.
But it was nice because there's beer hehehe.
Last year I drank the soju bottles until I see the TV, TV console, all furniture moving.
Like in waving form. Yikes.
I learnt my lesson.
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 6: 17 October, Wednesday

Today is amusement day!!!!
I have been visiting Everland for the past years so this year we went to Lotte World for a change.
It is definitely nearer to Myeongdong & it is smaller in size.
There is an indoor theme park & it looks amazing!!

We rode on the pirate ship first & no, it didn't go 360° & stops upside down like the one in Sunway Lagoon but its highest was 90° I suppose??
Still, very very fun!! I had to close my eyes when I felt the G-drop... Couldn't raise my arms up too..
We didn't ride a lot of attractions because of the queue.
So many students too!!! & I'm talking about primary school & secondary school age.
Many of them were still in their school uniform y'all.
I saw some of their uniform & I'm like, why does their skirt looks like my go out skirt??
This is so unfair.
We left Lotte World around evening because there were still items in our itinerary.

The pirate ship!

The thing about South Korea during their cold season, is that even though you're all cover up indoors, you won't feel hot, you just feel comfortable.

Lotte World has this Halloween special so there were parade in Halloween theme!!
I was thoroughly entertained heheh & it reminds me of my internship.

Failed jump shot

My sis, Jingwen & Sihui went to SMTown whereas me & Jingwen's cousins walked around COEX mall while waiting for them.
COEX mall nothing much one lah.

Until it was time for dinner - our dining spot is street tentage food!
We ordered dishes to share - stir-fried pork, egg roll, grilled mackerel, seafood pancake, chicken feet & of course how can we not have beer.
Jingwen's cousin wanted another bowl of rice so she called for it but it was very slow so total she asked for 3 times.
So when the ahjumma finally came with the rice, she said 'surprise!'
Why? Because it was a mountain full of rice 😂😂
When the ahjumma walk past her, the ahjumma gave the 'raise-eyebrows' to her.

Stir-fried pork


Seafood pancake

The ahjumma was very friendly!!
When it was time to pay the bill, we decided to joke with her & ask, 'is there tax refund?'
To which she said she don't understand 😂
I then took the opportunity to ask if she can give us complementary bottle of beer & she did!!
Yes to free beer!! 👐👐
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 7: 18 October, Thursday

Initially the plan was to go Namiseom go sightsee, but then we changed to this Changdeokgung Palace because it was nearer.
If we go ahead with the original plan, we gotta leave at 7am & that is a nono to me hehehehe.
Only my sis, Jingwen & I went for it because Jingwen's cousins are not joining & Sihui injured her ankle.
We booked a guided tour in Secret Garden, which is inside the palace.
But when we were on the way there, it shows that our reservations is cancelled?
Our guess is that it's because we were going to be late but, how would they know we will be late?
They cancelled before the timing which is before 11.30am.

So anyway we got the tickets to both the palace entrance as well as the guided tour, but at 2.30pm.
The scenery was breathtaking!
It is a UNESCO Heritage, which explains the guided tours.
I keep imagining what went on in that particular space in the past.
The rooms, the corridor, the king's throne, everything.
I was awed by the palace.
Absolutely stunning!!!

The palace is enormous.
There were more than one route to where you wanna go, so like a maze.

The emperor's throne!! & his... room? Gosh I don't even know what it's called.

Look at the intricate details!! People in the olden days have such patience & a knack for details.

I find this tree so special! So strange but interesting.

I'm not heavy, am I sis?

Okay maybe I am.

That's Jingwen on the right.

We switched roles.

We ended up changing our guided tour from 2.30pm to 1pm but we didn't join the (Korean language) tour because we can do self-tour.
We spent the time there taking photos & immersing ourselves in the preserved royal palace.
We spent more than an hour in total & we moved on to lunch.
JW went to meet up with her cousins so it's just the both of us.
Nothing calls to our stomach in the area so we took the metro down to Namdaemun Market.
After passing one eatery (& luckily we did that), we settled on this noodle shop.
The inside of the shop looks rather messy, with plastic table & chairs but the food is very cheap.
Every set meal in their menu is 4000KRW which is about $4+.
My set comes with a big bowl of noodle, small bowl of glutinous rice & a small bowl of cold noodle.
My sis one is almost same as mine just that her rice is different.
For that amount of food in that price, it is the definition of GOOD GOOD CHEAP CHEAP.
The soup, the noodle, the seaweed - BEST!!! Of course I finished it all.
The cold noodle, is good too! But I couldn't finish because it was too spicy for me.
I did continue to eat although it was spicy but it's very nice!! But I was too weak.


After lunch we got nowhere to go with a lot of free time so we went to Myeongdong to do a bit of shopping.
Sihui joined us because she was over there.

Shop shop shop~~~

Time for dinner y'all.
I wanted cheap food so we went to the 24hours eatery near our accommodation but what I ordered wasn't cheap though why..
Beef stew with rice but fine it was tasty I love it. 7000KRW.

Then we cab back to the accommodation because we have shopping bags & Sihui has an injured ankle.
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 8: 19 October, Friday

We left our place around noon so just in time for lunch.
Good because we no need spend on breakfast 😂😂

Our scrumptious meal was at Noryangjin Fish Market.
Lucky my Jie took photo of the name card of the stall we went to last year.
Why? Because the ahjumma gives a lot of complementary seafood & give us more than weighed!
A total of 320,000KRW for a bigass king crab, a bigass lobster, 14 abalones, 3 live octopi & half a kilogram of prawns.

We then went up the restaurant for them to help us cook.
But then this time it wasn't the same restaurant as last year... The total bill for the service in the restaurant was more expensive than previous year...
Then again how can we argue they overcharged us right?
Never mind, long long one time hahahha.

Lookit all these fresh catch!!

Look out for this stall if you're heading to Noryangjin Seafood Market!

Live octopus.

Forgot what is this.

Grilled prawns. Was disappointed as they overcooked it. It was very hard to de-shell, the flesh was stuck to the shell.

Abalones were good!

Oh my gosh, they added cheese to this grilled lobster!!!

The main star of the feast - King Crab!!!!
I took a pic of the flesh in my Instagram story.. IT'S SO DAMN GOOD.
I wanna thank my Papa & Mama for bringing me into this world.

Moving on, time to head over to Lotte Mart for food shopping!!!
This time I didn't spend a lot because I didn't bring a lot of money over, plus packing them is a problem.
Sis & Sihui spent a lot more than me!
We couldn't find the very nice gummy over there (like whuuuut it's a huge Lotte mart but don't carry that) so we went to this particular convenient store called Storyway & both Sihui & I SWEPT the store.
Like literally, Sihui took everything off the shelf but I saw a box then I told her to take that box too.
We ask for more but that's all they have.

We went one floor down because we passed by a Storyway earlier so we went there to sweep everything.
Asked for a box but they only have it in peach flavour.
So Sihui bought one & taste it on the spot to see if we should get the peach one.
She's like the expert in snacks & sweets because she went into almost all the convenient shops she sees & will always buy a different candy to try.
Thanks to her we know this is the best one out there in Seoul. 😆

This is the gummy I am talking about!

Look at our loots...

Today's itinerary is Myeongdong shopping after Lotte Mart but LUCKILY I did my shopping bit by bit in the past few days because I foresee we won't have enough time to do all in one day.
I had to change another SGD100 because I didn't have much KRW with me...
Dinner for us is like, street food & the free cup noodle in our guesthouse (thank God for free meals in our accommodation).
We did a bit of shopping... Sis was like 'every night we come back, sure have something one'.
Which is true.... It was a headache trying to pack my luggage... Gosh
Tomorrow is the last day already!!

Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 9: 20 October, Saturday

We checked out at 11.30am but our flight was at 11.30pm, & our airport van only comes at 7.30pm.
So we went to Myeongdong to wander, do some last minute shopping, eat some food, chill in coffee joints~
I had beef stew with rice because I just love Korean rice... & the beef in the beef stew is full of it!
We really just wander around Myeongdong until about 5pm-ish then we went back to the guesthouse.
The host asked us if we wanted the van to come an hour earlier so of course we said yes.
Fast forward to 6.30pm, en route to Incheon Airport!
JW wanted to eat Shake Shack for dinner but when we finally reached there, they were closed!!!!
We were late for like less than 5 minutes... Darn it.
So we went to a similar fast food join - Lotteria.
I had this Bulgogi burger & it is tasty!
Nothing much on the last day...
I miss Korea's food the most.... Followed by shopping hehehe.
Now it's back to the grind. Working & earning them coins!!
Saving up for my next trip next year. I wonder where will it be!
Download our itinerary here.

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