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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Busan & Seoul Travelogue 2018 - Part 1

Hi everyone!
Yes, after 3 months hiatus, I'm back!!
This time, it is about my trip to South Korea.
I know, I know, why every year go South Korea???
Well, this trip is rather a last minute decision heheh.
It is a 9-day trip there, with 3 days in Busan & 7 days in Seoul (yes, includes the transit between Busan & Seoul)
I will attach a link of our itinerary in this post & also part 2 so you can download & take a look.
It saves me time to write down the directions & address of each activity we went/do. 😛

Let's get to it!
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 1: 12 October, Friday

I left house at 10pm because our flight is at 1.10am on 12 October Friday.
I went with my Sister, her two friends Sihui (SH) & Jingwen (JW), & 2 of Jingwen's cousins, which makes 6 of us.
To cut things short, we only reached our Busan accommodation at 3pm.
Imagine being in transportation (car, plane, train) for 17 hours without proper meal (don't count dinner before I leave my house & in-plane meal), adequate water (I was having withdrawals because I am a water tank) & uncomfortable, on-off sleep.
Traveling is so fun!

My Sis & I were suppose to go to an art gallery but we didn't have enough because the gallery closes at 6pm. Bummer.
We had KBBQ near our motel but I tell you, when we stepped into the empty KBBQ house, the look on the auntie's face is so unwelcoming.
Like don't want to serve us like that.
But then another man came in, also the host, served us.
There was a language barrier but somehow we understood what he was trying to get across when we were ordering the meat.
Note: there were hardly any smiles on them but their service were quite helpful.
Luckily the meat & bibimbap & complementary soup were tasty so I'm not disappointed.

3 person per grill. We ordered beef (my love!!!) & pork.
There were so good! They leaf wrap is so fresh too!!

Next, we moved on to Samyeon Underground Shopping Mall to shop.
I kinda held back myself because I wanna go all out when we're in Seoul, especially in MYEONGDONG & HONGDAE.
After much shopping, we couldn't meet up with the other 3 (I was with my sis & Sihui) so we bought some supper, soju & yogurt & went back to the motel.
It was a pretty chill day but I actually wanted it to be like this because after an arduous journey I was pretty much wanna lay on a proper bed.
Day 1 isn't very happening because of the lack amount of time.
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 2: 13 October, Saturday

Hmm lemme think what we do today...
Radium Art Centre was the plan. 
Both of us split ways from the others because they are going to an attraction that we both went before & they wouldn't be interested in art gallery.

We had this for breakfast:

It was a very heavy breakfast; I couldn't finish it... It's yummy but not yummy enough for me to finish it... 
I'm not one to waste food but somehow it doesn't seem to decrease in portion as I eat.
The beef rib mandu is yummy though!

We took the metro to Haeundae Station & then there was this stage with musicians.
There seemed to be an event going on, a major event because there were HUNDREDS of police officers involved & they were like standing by in lines or in group. Kinda like how uniform groups fall in?
Also there was like a LGBT rally & the opposition party. We saw youngsters holding rainbow flags & banners standing around, we ALSO saw uncles & aunties holding like a banner which shows a mother, a father (with its words) & 2 children stick figure that depicts 'happy family'.
Quite a sight to see!

We followed the map to the art centre, which is accurate, but when we reached the destination, there's nothing like an art centre.
Thinking it might be around the corner, we walked around the bent. 
I asked a shop owner, she said she think it's closed but we can check around the corner to double confirm (which we did before going to her). 
I asked a different shop owner & she said it's closed permanently!
I wanna ask the marketing personnel or whoever manages the official website,
Nothing in the web says it's closed or whatever, the address is still in there.
You need to do yourself a favour & fire yourself.

Disappointed. Next.

Since there ain't got no art centre for me to visit so I can fulfill my bucket list - which is to visit an art gallery in any foreign country I go - we went to Haeundae Beach.
Back in 2016 we put that destination in our itinerary but we didn't go so push back 2 years, & here we are.
Pretty nice but I wouldn't say breath-taking.

We didn't stay for long there, then we took a bus to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple.
Directions to that place is in the file attached at the end of this post.

Forgot it was a weekend so it was packed with people.
Taking a picture without having a random stranger photobomb-ing is hard.
It was a sight to see! I love sight seeing.
We didn't explore the whole place because we haven't had lunch & it was getting late (to have lunch).

The 12 Zodiacs!


Got the feel anot???

The temple is really huge, we couldn't explore the whole place due to time constraint..
Still got more pictures!

I took this picture of the pigeons because when I saw them I giggled.
They flew really low! Like very near above our heads 😲

Stacked rocks?

We went to Jagalchi & roam around before we settle at this quaint shop that sells mostly rice bowl.
It was so tasty!!! 

I got curry beef but when it was served to me, I thought it looked like pumpkin sauce...

 After lunch we met up with the rest, did some shopping before heading back to our motel to have a short rest.

We went to this pork soup restaurant that the rest came across yesterday. To me, it was tasty!! Finished it all (only left a little soup). 
Can't believe I didn't take photo...

Again, some shopping heheheh!!
These 2 days we went back to the motel before 10? 11? Which is good for me because we have 3 of us & 1 washroom.
The next day will be our last day in Busan then we'll go to Seoul.
Ahhh... my main shopping paradise... HONGDAE & MYEONGDONG here I come!
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 3: 14 October, Sunday

All of us checked out at 12pm then we took the metro to Busan Station.
Jingwen's cousin wanted to bring us to this very popular naeng myeon restaurant (cold noodle) so we walked quite a distance before we saw a queue before us.
& yes it was the queue to the cold noodle restaurant...
We didn't queue for it because there were 6 of us & we don't have the time as our train leaves at 3.10pm.
In the end we walked back along the stretch & settled on a foodshop.

So each of us only get 1 dumpling 😂

I love Korean rice!!!! It definitely taste different. The kimchi stew is nice too!
Actually every food I eat is so damn good lah help 😢

When we were at the platform, the train just nice arrived 😁
Well we went there early so that we can chope the space for our luggage in the train hahahah.

We reached Seoul City at around 5.30pm, then took the metro to Myeongdong Station as our accommodation is located at Myeongdong.
There are 2 ways to go to our accommodation from Myeongdong Station: the long but not so steep but still got slopes route, or the shortcut but the slopes like jibai.
With our luggage we definitely ain't gonna be pulling our luggage up steep slopes so we went the long way.
Yes there were still slopes & I perspired man. In the cold & dark evening. But all is well when we reached the guesthouse.
We stayed in Crib49, the same accommodation I stayed in last year.
After resting from the hike, we went out to have KBBQ for dinner.

It was hard looking for the KBBQ house that we wanted to go because there weren't very specific instructions & has more than 1 direction to the destination.
We even took the metro to the next station but end up it is very near our accommodation... 
The reason being, we thought the spelling is Ooga/Wooga but actually is Ouga.. 
Well, the food & service is good so it was all worth it!
Jingwen's cousin & I shared 3 bottles of beer & boy I'm glad I have a drinking buddy, like out of 5 of them 1 don't mind drinking.

This is it!!

I saw that there are foreign politicians patronizing this KBBQ house among the many hung up papers!

We ain't basic; we ordered premium beef.

Special right the rice?? It is bamboo rice.
That big chunk of rock there is actually charcoal. But damn, the rice? AWESOME.
A little like glutinous rice but it's so good I finished it all!!

Damage done. SO AMAZING. A hearty dinner!

Once we have satisfied our tummy, we did a bit of shopping because after all we were in Myeongdong right...
So many good food....
Busan/Seoul 2018
Day 4: 15 October, Monday

Today's breakfast menu: Isaac Toast!!

Omgosh I missed this!!
Although there is one & only one outlet in Plaza Singapura, I actually never went to eat that.
I told the ahjumma I didn't want pickle & she acknowledged it but ended up putting it in.
I guess it's like a machine doing their step-by-step procedure.
BUT, surprisingly it taste alright. So I ain't complaining 😁

We then took went to this Tosokchon Samgyetang for lunch.
Jingwen introduced this to us because apparently it's very delicious.
There was already a queue there, but not very long.
Shortly after we joined the queue, there were already people behind us.
Good thing the queue moves quite fast & we got a table on the floor.
Very uncomfortable leh to sit on the floor and eat. I guess the Koreans are used to it.
6 of us shared 2 original Samgyetang & 2 black chicken Samgyetang.
Not really a fan of black chicken... I have never eaten black chicken before because by looking at it puts me off.
So when I first tasted it obviously I knew I wouldn't like it heh.
I won't say it's the best ginseng chicken soup but it's a unique one because the soup is thick & the glutinous rice is really sticky, unlike the ones I've eaten before is not as sticky as this.

We took some photos before moving to our next place 😛

That natural flare. Taken by sis' iPhone.

After lunch we went to this pink cafe which entrance is actually a vending machine in disguise.
It's called Zapangi Cafe.
They only sell very limited drinks & tin cakes but their main selling point is aesthetics. 
But not all their drinks & tin cakes are made prettily, & their cups are hot pink in colour.
Their seating style is also very different from typical cafes - it's like a U-shape that hugs the wall, then a centre bench.
They open their windows so that natural cold air blow in.

Once we had our fill in taking pictures, we traveled to Hongdae to do some shopping!
& by some I mean, you know what I mean 😜
Not gonna elaborate on the shopping but I wanna say one thing.
My sis & I entered this shop with the interest to buy something but the counter girl has such a shitty attitude paired with a lanjiao bin, acted like she doesn't want to serve us.
Short & monotonous reply, unbothered expression... Girl, I almost told you off before I left the shop like, your attitude is shit.
But I just give her my typical eew face solely because I don't want my holiday mood to be ruined.

Chuu store!!!!

After Hongdae, Ewha was the next destination.
I didn't do any shopping there but some of the girls did.
Shop until we almost couldn't find a place to eat dinner because their last order have already closed.
Lucky when we took the metro back to our accommodation, we saw an eatery that is 24hours. 
Had ramyeon - cheap cheap good good although it's a little spicy.

All of us took the cab back to our place because we didn't wanna climb up the steep & long slopes with our heavy shopping bags & tired legs.
The cabbie drove so fast that we couldn't tell when he should turn right so IN THE END he overshot until Namsan Tower entrance.
Had to walk back done but at least it's not a climb 😆 
I'm gonna stop here, will continue the rest of the trip on a second part.
Meanwhile, you can download our itinerary here.
Watch this space! 😁

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