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Monday, July 16, 2018

Blessed Birthday 2018

Hey guys!!!
I was in a hiatus for.... 3 months..
As I grew older, the less events & fun I have?? That is not the case omgosh.
It's just that I am living in the moment & hardly take photos unless it's a memorable day.
I'm more active in my Instagram stories (because I'm living in the moment) so follow me!

I'm just gonna cut to the chase.
5 July 2018: Dog Cafe

I met up with Denise & Jiahui! They were my ex-colleagues ehehe.
They wanted to look at make-up & also to celebrate my advance birthday with me 😜
We went around Bugis to shop & shit lah.
Then impromptu visit to a dog cafe!!!!!
I have never been to a pet cafe in Singapore before... So I was obviously damn excited!!!

The cafe is called We The Furballs that is located in Bugis+.
Hmm, the dog cafe doesn't have big dogs... BUT THERE IS A CORGI!!!
I was squealing here & there heheheh!! 😃
All of the dogs are female.
Lemme show you the pictures.

Denise was like, "Look at all these bitches" so I chimed in.

Look at the dog!! Lying her chin on Denise's lap so precious 😍😍

Love the left pic because the white dog is lying her head on my lapCORGI BUTT!!
My legs look weird because of the angle hehe.

That's Buibui on the left

That's Duchess on the right!

Then they treated me to a Genki Sushi dinner! 💓💓
No photos of dinner because we were hungry & all we did was took pics & videos to our Insta-stories 😆
Can never go wrong with Genki hohoho!
Thanks for the plan girls 😃
6 July 2018: My Actual Birthday Planned by Boyfriend

Sometimes I think to myself, why wasn't I born in September because then my date of birth would be 69 😛
But I'm happy being a Cancer ^-^
My boyfriend picked me up from my place at 3pm, & like usual he complimented me when he saw me heheheh!
I was still applying my make-up... Ooops!

One day I just randomly told him that I feel like pampering myself with a pedicure because
1. I haven't been pampering myself in a long time,
2. I only did pedicure once.
So then he said, he'll pamper me. 😍

I wanted a classic gel pedicure because it last very long, but with a nude solid colour.
It's cheaper than some fancy design & a solid nude colour looks cleaner :)
So apparently, the difference between classic gel pedi & express gel pedi, is that classic involve all the massaging, filing, cutting cuticle, scrubbing all & the shit but express is just the colour.
So obviously if I (or rather, my boyfriend) want to pamper myself, I should go for the classic one right?
We went to Bugis Street because there are a whole stretch of nail salons on level 3.
Not many has 'student price' but obviously I covered the expiry date of my student card when I showed the nail artist 😝
However... The colour I chose is a pinkish-nude but when she start to paint my toenail, it's actually pinkish-pink.
Nevermind loh, already paint liao. False advertising!!!
Anyway, the colour would probably last me a few months. I ain't gonna go remove it & redo a new colour.
Imma just let it peel off by itself or cut it away when it gets longer.
I'll see if I wanna go for another pedi sesh 😃

After all that, we went to NEX because the place he's taking me for dinner is near Serangoon, so we were gonna take a cab there.
In the mall, he told me to stay put while he went somewhere. I asked, 'buying flowers isit??'
But no...
He came back with a cake 😁

We got a normal cab, but the cabbie didn't know how to go to the place.
After looking at the map book (yes the thick thick kind) & seeing Google Maps, he told us he know where is it.
End up, he went to the wrong place... He route one big route to Orchard (?????)
At that point, my mood start to sunk. But don't get me wrong, the cabbie is polite & nice, it's just that... we're in the cab for 45mins in the whole journey.
He didn't heed the GPS in the cab, but I too believed the uncle when he said he knows where is it because sometimes the GPS can go wrong.
The cabbie charges us $15 for the whole ride (of course ah how can we pay the metered fare) & he is really polite & apologise for the incident.

When I alighted from the car, my face lit up. IT'S SO GOD DAMN BEAUTIFUL THE PLACE!!!
It's called The Oval but the restaurant he brought me to is called Wheeler's Estate.

Full of aesthetics... It has outdoor dining, pretty lights, LIVE MUSIC!!
Blessed 😊

The food is pretty good!! Will go back again.
The service is also up to my standard. However, I saw some of the reviews in their Facebook page with less than 3 stars, saying their service is bad...
I don't know about them, but the waitresses who served us were polite!

Thoroughly enjoyed the night - the food, the atmosphere, the music, the chill wind blowing in our direction~

Beaming the entire night 💖

I asked one of the waitresses to help us take a photo, & she suggested sitting at Jake's chair because the background is nicer than with the people behind.
Service +1
She even pull back the big fan away (although it still can be seen but it's the thought that counts)!
Service +1

Jake asked the server if they could help us store the cake, & they gladly help us to!
Then when we wanted the cake to be brought out, they already helped us to take out the cake & even lit the candles!
Service +1
The two waitresses who helped brought out the cake asked whose birthday was it, & then wished me a sweet 'Happy Birthday!' 😊😊
It's little things like this that made the experience of dining there better.

We then take a walk around the area, because there are so many aesthetics in the place. It's pretty big!

An Igloo to dine in!

My phone quality really damn bad omgosh.
I genuinely enjoyed my birthday celebration planned by my boyfriend!!
Thank you Baby 💓

I thought my night was over, but little did I know...
My Mama got me a cake!!
Chocolate flavour too omgosh hahaha but the cake Jake bought was a brownie cake.

I just finished showering so my hair is still wet & my face is BARE.
I wasn't dabbing in the picture on the right; I was actually tryna kungfu-extinguish the candle with my palm. (Only managed to put one the last candle)

Covered my house because privacy hehe.

I really enjoyed myself hehehehe I'm overjoyed 😍
7 July 2018: Sissy & I

I am so angry at myself for not taking pictures during lunch because my Sister treated me to an international buffet at Swissotel Merchant Court.
But it was pretty filling!! I think I helped myself to 3 servings & desserts 😁
Sorry I got no photos :(

Moving on, we just went to town to walk around (how boring is Singapore...) but then we impromptu went to sing K!
At first it was horror movie... I fucking hate horror movies but I like suspense but I hate horror movies!
K was as always enjoyable hehhehe.
Some of me & some of us 😝

Vogue fashion.

After that, I joined my sis & her poly friends for dinner at Overeasy.
Both of us shared like spare ribs because we don't think we could finish one by ourselves & true enough, we were stuffed.
I had a pint of beer because I thought the group was gonna stay there & drink but we all went to Level Up to drink 😂
There were 8 of us so we ordered 2 towers, & we played King's Cup.
It's hard to speak because the live music was loud... But nevertheless it was so fun because we're all laughing & being an ass to each other even though I dunno half of them.
There were arcade games there, so we played this game called 'Bishi-Bashi' which is one my of favourite arcade games!!!!!!
A maximum of 3 players can play the game.
Damn straight when I say we're all hyped up by the game!!

After a round of arcade game, they ordered ANOTHER TOWER while we played dice...
But I didn't stayed for the 3rd tower because we wanna go home already hehehe.
It was an awesome night!! A night with games & beer is always a good one 😁 
That's it for now! I think I will be posting a part 2??
Still not sure yet hehehe 😛
I feel so good to be writing on my blog. I hope there will be a part 2!
See you in the next entry 💗

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