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Thursday, April 19, 2018


What's up everybody!
My blog isn't dead, Jesus!
Yes, I wasn't able to continue my start of the month blog post, & on top of that, I did not even have a single post in March...
But why was that the case? Because I was busy with a production! If you have been following me in my social media, I have posted snips & snaps about Studios 2018: I Am Trying To Say Something True 😀
I was the Assistant Stage Manager for that show, it is also my first time in that role, so you can guess that I was pretty stoked about it!
But the content of this post is not about the production that I was involved in.
Imma just get to it 😉

On 16 April Monday, Ong & I met up for a date in the museum.
It was an advance birthday celebration for her because she don't wanna head out around her birthday as her exams are coming.
Actually, I wanted to surprised her by bringing her to the exhibitions in the ArtScience Museum because I shared a Facebook post about it & she commented.
Both of us love galleries 😃
It's like the default BFF activity to do; going to museums or galleries.
But she broke the surprise because she said 'let's go to ArtSci' 😓

I bought the tickets to 2 exhibitions because there was a promotion to the tickets, so I chose Treasures Of The Natural World & Art From The Streets.
She said she's more interested in the first one whereas it's the second one for me.
Well, ain't that best!

Treasures Of The Natural World

According to ArtScience Museum's website:
'ArtScience Museum brings the very best from the museum’s rich and important collection in this hotly anticipated exhibition that showcases the most significant treasures of the natural world. Hand-picked from over 80 million specimens, over 200 of the museum’s star objects will travel to Southeast Asia for the very first time. Selected for their historical and scientific importance, each prized treasure is a marvel that reveals a story of adventure and exploration defined by curiosity and discovery. Featured in this exhibition are scientific specimens and animals from the natural world, boasting a rich record of nature, works of art, gems and minerals, and the manuscript and collection belonging to some of the world's greatest scientists, including both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace, discoverers of evolutionary biology as we know it today.'
You can read more here

Here are some of my favourite picks!

There was a mini activity for patrons, & that is to fold cube animals!
Of course we went on to try! All the galleries & museums that we have visited, we tried on all the available activities because if you don't, why are you there?
If only there were more than 2 animals to play with. But still, cheap thrills.
Actually there were more than what I uploaded, such as historic people & their contributions to the field.

Art From The Streets

From ArtScience Museum's wesbite:

'From its beginnings in prehistoric cave painting and inscriptions on the walls of Pompeii, to Chinese dazibao and beyond, graffiti – from the Italian verb ‘to scratch’ – has appeared and reappeared throughout history and across civilisations. A new era of graffiti emerged in the second half of the 20th century and took hold at the end of the 1970s spreading rapidly across the globe. Nurtured by the urban rhythms of cities as varied as New York, Paris, Rio and Sydney, the movement’s protagonists developed a dynamic visual culture that has been adapted and reinvented many times since.
Street Art, as it is known today, was born out of an ‘ultimate city’ moment – a point in recent history where artists felt the need to make works that were intended to be seen, or experienced in raw, gritty, urban environments. In doing so these artists developed their own techniques and effects to deliver high-impact messages that ranged from simple signatures to political statements.
Sometimes known as ‘Spray Art’, ‘Graffiti’ or ‘Stencil Art’, art born of the street is almost impossible to fix and categorise as it continues to grow and evolve.  Even the term ‘Street Art’ is problematic, as many works today are no longer created in, or for the streets.
Yesterday’s pioneers have become the accomplished artists of today and inspire new generations that in turn go on to push the limits of the movement even further, inventing and renewing again and again.  From its urban beginnings Street Art has become a globally recognised medium of artistic expression and is deeply rooted in today’s visual culture. It relates to our contemporary society, making it one of the most valuable artistic movements to emerge in the 20th century.'
Read more here.

NOW, for the real tea: ART!!!!!!!!!
Ong knows I'm an art whore so when I saw the article in Facebook about this exhibition (which is the one I shared), I was like: I NEED TO GO!!!!!!
To be able to see the art pieces in real instead of scrolling Instagram is a totally different experience.
Before I die, I want to travel to various countries for their museums & galleries!

Sorry I didn't take a photo of the description. If someone know who is this artist, please email me!

We see this in our country too eh?

That is the light reflection

I didn't take a photo of the description as well... But it's by Obey

Photo taken by Ong. Love how the M is shining and seems like the woman is looking at the multi-million dollar company
Sorry, no description too..

I didn't take the description.. 

That's all I have for the pictures in the ArtScience Museum!
I highly recommend anyone to visit these two installations, especially 'Art From The Streets' 😆
After having our eyes & soul filled, time to go shopping!
Thankfully there is Downtown Line, so we took the train down to Bugis for some shoppinggggg 😍
Damn, that girl, that Dugong, never fail to ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH LIKE HELL.
I get so drained every time I go out with her HAHHAHA but in a good way!!!
There were laughter here & there, but there was one moment where, we were walking from Bugis Junction to Bugis+.
She didn't see there were like 3 steps of stairs in front of us, so she tripped on the first step.
THEN SHE CLIMBED UP THE NEXT 2 IN SUPER SPEED, I assume because she wanna stop her fall but she stopped it so darn well?!?
She was like, almost falling flat on the floor because her body was leaning forward & mind you, our arms were hooked (cos we BFF duhhh) so that bish almost dragged me down but I was hella fast so I held her back.
Turns out... she tripped on the 2nd step as well..
Eve being Eve.... So we spent like 3 minutes laughing in silent, halfway crouching down cos our stomach hurts.
There were LITERALLY tears in my eyes, I'm not kidding.
Sigh, I love that girl.

Anywhooooo, we went shopping here & there until about 5ish?
Then I brought her to Genki Sushi because she was craving for sushi.
Luckily we didn't have to wait long because there wasn't a queue but we wanted to sit at the sofa.
As usual, the food was gooooood!
I had 2 Chawanmushi because it's just so good. & I love Chawanmushi.

This particular sushi is so damn good! It has Mentaiko sauce & it's just so good lah. MUST ORDER!!!

Us girls were so happy that day!! 😃😃
I'm so glad I'm able to make her enjoy her advance birthday celebration ^-^
How can we forgot taking selfies?

That's all for this post!! Hope you guys have the interest to go visit the galleries 😁
I wonder what the museum will curate in future!
& I really do hope that I will write more HAHHAHA but I need something to write also mah hor.
Till then!

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