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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant & Potato Head

Alright, as promised, this post is a food review about the 2 restaurants that I patronised.
Everything written here is based on my own opinions & therefore no bias between the two.
31 October 2017: Man Man Japanese Unagi
Okay, before I start, going about the food, let me just say 3 words: IT'S WORTH IT.
I saw that my colleague went there before so I asked him for his opinion, & he said be prepared to queue. He also told me the average damage per person.
True enough, when I was reaching the restaurant, I could already see the long ass queue.
The entrance of the restaurant is rather not the common standing-outside-the-dining-area-please-wait-to-be-seated style, but rather there is a flight of stairs leading up the door & the waitress will be opening the door every now & then calling for any '2 pax'.
Even though there was a number of people in front of me, it didn't took as long as I thought would be to be served inside, but their policy is that everyone must be present before they can lead us in...

Both Ong & I like unagi (she loving it more than I do) & therefore she wanted to try the best unagi in town, so I brought her there to try.
There were a lot of reviews online so we settled for that.

Here is the menu (click to zoom in):

Both of us got the Medium. If you're wondering what is the difference between Medium & Kimo don, I helped you save the trouble asking the waitress because - Medium is all unagi but Kimo don consist of unagi & innards (I think is liver).
Our order did not take long to be served, & I shit you not - THE AROMA OF THE GRILLED UNAGI IS NOSTRIL-FLARING WORTHY.

Look at her and her portable fan
You can watch the eel being properly sliced (bob haired girl gat to go)

The portion of unagi is generous too!

First of all - the unagi meat is so TENDER my eyes rolled back & saw my brain.
Second of all - the skin is not the slimy kind (read: cheap unagi) but crispy.
Third of all - put that together in your month, all your salivary glands received the uncommon alert to produce a lot more saliva to savour that eel goodness. I absolutely love the burnt/charred taste it brings.
I recommend the unagi sauce - there are 3 sauces on the table for you to use in total - to be drizzled on your unagi & rice before you enjoy.

For 2 pax, I spent about $66-ish.


Food: 5/5
Vibe: 4.5/5
How worth it: Worth the queue. 2 pax get table faster. Will go back again.

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant
1 Keong Saik Road, #01-01
Singapore 089109
6222 0678
1 November 2017: Potato Head

Now this is one food house that is distinctly unique that the other cafes you see popping out here & there.
Why? Because Potato Head houses a kitchen (Level 1), burger joint (Level 2), cocktail bar (Level 3) & rooftop bar (Level 4 rooftop).
My Jie brought Huimin to Three Buns, which is the burger joint at level 2, to treat her a birthday meal.
I must say, when we were taking the stairs up, I was awed by the art inside.
It definitely puts me on a good mood!

The wall
Sorry it's a bit blur

The burger joint is dimly lit but it sets the ambiance.
It has music & customers were chatty, which I like!

The menu (I actually took pictures of the menu but then I found out they have it online LOL):

Click to zoom in.
They have Happy Hour too, so why not??

The girls ordered the same cocktail while I had beer. The cocktail is pretty sweet!

Oh my gosh, guys. GUYS! This Corny Fries is BOMB as fuck. It's not the typical shoestring fries but cut from real potatoes & cooked twice to give its crispy texture.
The sauce & corn really complement the potatoes. We all can't stop eating this.

The individual pictures of burgers that I took looks really bad (read: lighting) so here's one full one:

I didn't expect it to be served wrapped in paper but more like on a cutting board or a fancy plate at least, kinda like Fat Boys.

Huimin ordered Honky-Tonk, Jie ordered Four Floors & I ordered Kool Herc.
For Huimin, she couldn't finished her burger, probably because our mouths were busy talking instead of eating so it got cold of her stomach couldn't take in anymore.
Personally, I like my burger! I requested for the pickles to be taken out, hehehe.
It was a hearty dinner, over non-stop catch up! 😁

Food: Between 3.5 & 4/5
Vibe: 4.5/5
How worth it: Would go back to try their rooftop bar

Potato Head Singapore
36 Keong Saik Road
Singapore 089143
6327 1939

So there you have it! I certainly hope my reviews of these two eateries gives you some basis as to whether to visit or not. :)
More food reviews to write, I hope!

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