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Monday, November 6, 2017

Gutetama Cafe, Hai Di Lao & OMOOMODON

He's so sleepy
I will be writing reviews of eateries that I have been last month, so here goes!
4 October 2017: Gutetama Cafe or CUTEtama Cafe??
I had a catch up session with Yonglin & we had our dinner at Gutetama Cafe.
Actually I dunno what was the hype about; just another themed cafe I suppose, so we decided to go there for the experience.

Restaurant vibe was kind of a cutesy vibe (duh it's Gutetama).

The ceiling
Look at their chairs hahahaha
Upon seating down, there were complementary boiled eggs for us to consume. I ate like 2... Then I regretted it because I'm going to eat egg later...

Click on the picture to zoom in 
My drink
His - looks like diabetes

Tater tots can be bought in supermarkets by the way.

I ordered "I'm cold" Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict while he ordered Rib-"I" Don't Care.
Well, I thought it was just like a thick piece of salmon but it was actually like a sandwich, with bread as the base...
The salad is very sour, it's actually bad.
I didn't read the full description of the food because it has mashed avocado in it, & that explains the weird taste...
In the end I did not finished everything on my pan.
I think I spent about $35?

Food: 2.5/5
Vibe: 3.5/5
How worth it: Not really; wouldn't go back again

Gudetama Café Singapore
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #01-361
6677 6195
17 October 2017: Virgin Trip To Hai Di Lao

The reason why I never been to Hai Di Lao (HDL) is because every time I walked past it in 313 Somerset, it is ALWAYS long queue.
Plus, it is pricey.
My Jie, Minyu (who is also like a sister to me), & me planned to go HDL for our next meet up so here we are!
I went there to take the queue first since I ended work early, because if we were to meet up first then queue, God knows how long we have to wait.
Something about HDL that stands out from other hotpot restaurants: their service is out-of-their-way excellent!
They have complementary manicure services, snacks like popcorn & cherry tomatoes for you to snack on + games for you to play while waiting.

As we enter the restaurant, it is HUGE. It feels like I am in some different country, no joke.
I took a good 360 look around & above - the more I scan, the more foreign it looks to me.
Before ordering, they provide: apron, hair tie, clear plastic bag for your phone, warm towel (regularly given), charging cable for Apple & Android smartphones,
If this isn't excellent, I dunno what is.

This is what we ordered:

We ordered the Tomato & Ma La soup base. I didn't like the Ma La one but that's okay because the tomato soup is delicious!
There is this, like prawn paste (?) that is being squeezed out (think piping a cake) then cut into small pieces.
Oh my goodness that is damn tasty!!!!
Our server is a constant server, who helped us shell the prawns from the Seafood Platter we ordered, scooped out the oil from the soups & constantly check with us if we need any assistance.

How could you not order their signature dish when you're at HDL? Which is the 'Noodle Performance' - I call it that because I dunno what is it called HAHA.
The chef will play with one long strand of noodle with music on. I absolutely love dine-in entertainment!
But wait - there's MORE!
There was a Chinese Face Change performance at our lane - ARE WE LUCKY OR ARE WE LUCKY???
Per pax we spent about $50.

Food: 5/5
Vibe: 5/5
How worth it: FUCK YES! The price per pax is worth it the dining experience.

Hai Di Lao @ 313 Somerset
313 Orchard Road #04-23/24
Singapore 238895
+65 6835 7227 / 6835 7337

We then went to have a pint at a bar near the mall (I can't remember what bar LOL) & just talked the night away.
Only after we were about to finish our beer, then HDL called me to tell me the manicurist is ready to serve Minyu, so she went back to do her nails.
It was definitely a fucking good day 😋
19 October 2017: OMOOMODON
At first I thought it was pronounced as 'O-Moo-Mo-Don', but it actually is 'Omo-Omo-Don'
Met up with Partner for a short dinner!!!! Meeting her always end up in food coma & laughter.
It serves Korean-Japanese fusion food.
The eatery is Halal, so all my Muslim friend, y'all can try this place.

I ordered Ji-Ji Don - Spicy chicken, teriyaki chicken, soy garlic chicken winglets and onsen egg topped on Korean white rice.
The soy garlic chicken winglets is actually pretty good!

Partner ordered Yes Sir! Yes Sir! - Thinly sliced seasoned sirloin steak, topped on Korean multi grains rice and kimchi omelette + teriyaki sauce.
The price of their mains are affordable too! With mine being $10 & hers $12.
I absolutely love my food - yummylicious!!!
Partner's Korean multi grains rice is surprisingly good too! I got a little skeptical because of the colour of the rice.

You can even build your own Omoomodon!
They have like a variety of base:
Korean White Rice,
Multi-Grain Rice,
Mixed Greens,
Fried Glass Noodle,
Soba with Soy Based Soup,
Soba with Kimchi Soup,
Udon with Soy Based Soup,
Udon with Kimchi Soup.

I just found out that you can do delivery from their website???? WOW???

Food: 4/5
Vibe: 4/5
How worth it: Will definitely go back again!

1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-14/15, Singapore, 138617
All the reviews here are honest & to my own opinions. Everything is all paid from my own pocket so there is no bias at all. :)
My next food review post will consist of Man Man Japanese Unagi RestaurantPotato Head Folk, both restaurants with at least 4 stars rating 😀

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