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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Cafe Dreaming At dal.komm COFFEE, Garden Specials & Steamboat Fillings

You can't sit with us

On Monday 2nd September, I met up with Ong to finally go out on a proper date.

First we went to dal.komm COFFEE to have some tea break while she study.
dal.komm COFFEE recently opened its 2nd outlet in Marina Square, with only 2 weeks old I think.
So they do not have their loyalty programme system up yet because it's new.
The new branch has seating inside as well as outside of their cafe, & it is relatively easy to find seats!
Even before I stepped in, I already like the vibe the cafe is producing!I'm not sure if they have socket plugs outside their cafe because I'd love to do my work outside; can people-watch too hehe 😁
Inside I think they have socket plugs but it's covered - so kinda like you have to lift up the plate to plug in your charger (damn it, I revealed this so now all the students are gonna flock to my new favourite coffee joint).
Well, at least they tried to make the interior as aesthetically pleasing as possible.
Yes I foresee myself patronizing dal.komm COFFEE often & most likely sign up for their loyalty programme because they serve many non-coffee beverages & cakes.
In general, I'm just attracted to dal.komm COFFEE when I walked past the cafe.
Oh, if you're wondering if the cafe has Wi-Fi, yes they do 😁.The pricing is slightly pricier than Starbucks & CBTL - cheapest one is Americano at $5, the others range between $6 & $8.
dal.komm offers a wide range of beverages & cakes, & furthermore they have like unique types of beverages! 
Photos from dal.komm COFFEE :
Actually she only studied for like half an hour, the rest of the time we're just talking about make up & shit.
It's actually hard to focus when only 1 of us are studying 😛
We did our make up in the cafe because we don't give a fuck that people be looking & judging us.
They won't see us again anymore, ain't it?

I ordered Chocolate Mixtur with Earl Grey Hazelnut (White Chocolate I think) cafe while Ong got Caramel Mixture with Salted Caramel cake I think. HAHAHAHA I can't remember the exact names of the cakes but it's somewhere along that line yah.

Here are some snippets of her applying her BOMB Becca highlighter on me:

Of course how could we not take selfies? (We have a lot more unglam ones but as promised I shall not upload them here but for memories sake 😝)

We then went the MID-AUTUMN @ GARDENS BY THE BAY - lucky both of us were free to go before the installation ends.
But... We went there when the sky is still bright, when it is going to sunset, so the lights were not lighted up.
BUT, it's okay! We did a lot of photo taking there HEHEHE.
I mean, we're girls, we're all dolled up, dressed up, so how could we let that go to waste?? 💖

Ong said I have to write this flower is 'Ash Grey' in colour, but seriously this is so pretty!
If you see closely, you might think that fish is eating a piece of bread, but it's not. It seems like a mouth ulcer or illness and I feel so sad for it! :(

Gotta show of dem highlighter gurl.

I can't breathe I want that Becca highlighter RIGHT NOW.
Now for the scenery:

All the time we were laughing about how her photography skills are damn good whereas mine is like shit. I guess I'm that friend HAHAHHAHA sorry Dugong I'll brush up on my skillz 😃

Thirsty & hot us (do I mean figuratively or literally? 😼), we got our Slurpie from 7-11 & then chill in MBS.
We're just talking away until it's time to head over to her house for steamboat dinner!!
Ong's mother asked me to join them for dinner before I met Ong hehehe!
Is your bff really your bff if you don't eat dinner with her family?????

Alright you cool with a big chunk of selfies?

This picture has a story - I told her, 'let's smile with 2 teeth', and then she smiled with 2 tooth while I smiled with 2 set of teeth. 
Okay maybe we're both not wrong and that my sentence is can be interpreted in two ways.
But after I snapped at her, we just break out in laughter 😂😂

My goodness, I think both of our make-up are on point y'all 😵😵
Whenever I apply highlighter on my face, my mood instantly lightened up (pun intended).

Okay guys, time for some steamboat!!!!!

That's my bbg right there hehe. 
The food was SO TASTY!
There was this Korean noodle, kinda like Tang Hoon or glass noodle, that is so nice!
Soup base was chicken but we added Tom Yam paste to our own bowl.
Dugong even helped me peel prawns for me aww!! (But she bit a bite of the prawn & put it in my bowl. My bff, guys.)

I'd say, it's a damn fucking awesome day well spent with bbg!!
I'm actually meeting her today (separation anxiety to the people I love) so I can't wait to laugh with her 💗

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