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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Quick Update #15

I'm actually choking her
29 August 2017: Ikea Eye-kay-ya

That's how you pronounce Ikea right?
Ongster & I went to Ikea for their cafe cos duh, their food, READ: MEATBALLS, are the main purpose many people go there for.
She doesn't eat beef nor pork, so all the more for me (yay!).
I actually did some eye shopping, & the next day I actually went back to purchase a kitchen trolley & a shoe shelf.
Thankfully I have my servant boyfriend to help me assemble the furniture! It was kinda fun assembling together hehe.

I'm gonna bombard photos sooooooo

Some goofy shots because, is your bff really your bff if y'all don't take unglam pics

13 September 2017: Found a friend whom I can click 

I had First-Aid training for my part-time & my colleague closest to me, Denise, attended as well.
We've actually went through first half of the programme but oh well, we're already there.
Fast forward to the end of programme, we went to sing K!
It was actually a plan we set some days ago. She tried to psycho me to watch IT but me being a puss, ended up not watching.
But I admit I almost got persuaded cos I find that I'll be comfortable watch movie with her, some more since it is a horror film. Cannot later I cannot sleep at night.
K session was AWESOME hahahhaha we basically just let it all out, singing at the top of our lungs, laughing at each other & pretend we're in some cool ass concerts.
After that we went to have dinner - that's when we start to bond.
Actually after leaving the training we were sharing our personal experience to each other & shit, but throughout the dinner we were just talking & talking & you know, we got closer! 😃
She said, she 'can see a good connection between us' & yeah, that's how I made a new friend 😊
We gonna go M'sia soon & I promised her we will watch Insidious with her... (What did I sign up in)

Pardon for the grainy quality 😛

The finger to the cheek is an inside joke 😃
Can't wait to meet up again Baober!!
20 September 2017: Freelance HMUA & birthday treat for birthday gal

So I was engaged by Egg Productions to be the Hair & Make-Up Artist (HMUA) for a shoot!
Damn was I excited for it!!! Great opportunity to grow & also gain experience! 
Wanna thank Nicole for approaching me & also the company for selecting me as the HMUA for the studio shoot 😃😃
Unfortunately, I forgot to take before & after photos of the model.... ALAMAK LAH ME.
But luckily Nicole took some BTS pictures :D

My workspace
Hahahah that's the photographer

I hope to have more opportunities like this in future! I really love Make-up omgosh hahaha


I met up with Adeline, my friend & also my FA (Financial Advisor) for a dinner, belated birthday dinner to be exact :P
She's always buying me meals & I never had the chance to treat her!! So perfect time to treat her hehehe!
We had our fill at Genki Sushi & talked about boys & work stuff. Someone whom I can trust ^-^
It was a short evening together because she was meeting her friend after dinner so I went back home first.
Guys, if you ever need any hospitalisation insurance or savings plan, I can hit you up with Adeline! She's really a consultant who takes care of her clients, like legit care for them.


Imma end of this post with a few selfies 😛


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