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Sunday, September 3, 2017

Birthdays & More Birthday + Voices Of Amazon

A workaholic, shopaholic and alcoholic walked in a bar.
I was the only one there.


I have been busy with work & work &... work.
& even when I'm on my off day, I'm not home.
I only am updating with the little time I can squeeze!
Here goes!
28 July 2017: Voices of Amazon

I got a pair of complimentary tickets to the show from Andrew (thanks Dido! ♥) so I watched the production with Jake.
I was afraid we couldn't make it because I was working till the evening but thank God we managed to enter the theatre just I think 1 or 2 minutes before house close!

When the show starts & the main singer sang, there wasn't any audio coming out from the speakers, which was weird.
She was mouthing but nothing came out, till one part she had to project her voice real loud & I would say the acoustics of the theatre isn't very good, but the audience could still hear her raw voice.
When the first scene ended, the house curtain came down followed by an announcement, informing us there was a technical difficulty & they are solving it immediately.
Damnnnnnn I bet the sound operator was cursing himself & the crew, stage manager were all panicking.
Can't help it that I thought of the technical theatrical elements when I'm watching a show 😁
(Pardon the quality of the pics sigh)

Once again, thanks Drew!

I look shag because my hair was wet from work oops.

The story is about 2 sisters who were very close, until one of them died from a mysterious illness.
The other sister went on a journey to a distant tribe to find the witch doctor (I think) who can bring her sister back to life.
So on her journey she met with a man who was in the tribe & then 'a bond sparked'.
However, among the tribe there is a brother of the man who obviously do not approve of accepting the woman into the tribe. Either that, or not agreeing to help her because she is not one of them.
My boyfriend's theory is that he is jealous of his brother that he manage to capture her heart instead of him.
The tribe set sail to find the ingredients & the brother poisoned his ingredient, so when the sister drank it, she sort of died (but revived in the end).
All in all, the man forgave his brother, the dead sister came back to life.

I like the costumes & the music! I rate it 8/10 because of the acrobats involved. 👍
29 July 2017: Ash's birthday party

It was a surprise party for Ashley, she didn't know her close friends were invited to celebrate her birthday with her!
She was blindfolded & guided into the hotel room in Capella Singapore at Sentosa.
When the blindfold was removed, my tears welled up as we sang Happy Birthday (I don't know why).
Soooooo happy to see her!!! Catching up with one another & taking photos like how we always take.
I miss working with you, Ash :(

Knowing her is a plus in my life, because I click with her so well & we can laugh & talk nonsense.
My favourite part about her? She enunciate vulgarities so well (actually got many more but I miss her swearing LOL).
Let's meet up for cafe hopping again Ash!!!!!!!
30 July 2017: Boyfriend's wild birthday

The day my dear boyfriend turned a year older!!!
Since he told me he have never been to the zoo before, well, a perfect place to celebrate then!
Actually I wanted to blindfold him but I know people be judging hahaha.
It was raining when we were reaching the zoo, & I got really angry & sulky.
Like, WHY OF ALL DAYS!!!??!?!
But the sky cleared after a short while hehehhe.
I wanted to go early in the morning because we can slowly enjoy every exhibits in the zoo but as expected he woke up late 😑.
I didn't take a lot of photos because I was spending more time with him & appreciating the animals.

Before this shot was taken, the lion was humping the lioness, but the lioness was like, 'meh'.
Then we entered the indoor viewing gallery & there was another lioness a distance away from the duo. When the lion start to hump his lioness again, this (lonely) lioness got up & stare at the duo's direction.
Talk about jealousy hahahah.

I touched the snake, Ma!!! It isn't scaly or slimy but smooth!
The Angmor whole body shook when he turned around and saw that huge ass snake HAHA

It was a well-spent day at the zoo!
Moving on, I brought him to a place for good food!
He insist not to spend so much money on him... Initially I wanted to bring him to KBBQ but it is so far away, but then I got a better idea... 😃
I bluffed him that I'm cooking maggi mee for him with egg, & he's reaction was like 'huh' for a split second before he said 'yeahh can also as long as you cook for me'
Then he said he want 3 packets of Mee Goreng with 3 eggs. But of course I'm not cooking him maggi mee for his birthday because I can cook for him any day right?
So I brought him to.....
Marsiling Blk 19!!!
Marsiling Blk 19's coffee shop has like famous & delicious stalls.
I treated him to Bak Kut Teh, & is the herbal kind - which he prefer!

Both of us ate it all clean! 😁
To end his birthday, a birthday cake so he can blow his dreams come true ^-^
19 July 2017: Kate Spade Themed Birthday

One of my friend in my poly clique turned 21 last month & she held her 21st party at The Warehouse Hotel.
Never heard of it before, but the interior of the hotel is damn chill & relaxing!
It's not very bright in your face but somewhere you could do your work there.
Lucky the way to reach the hotel is not difficult; bus stop is opposite the hotel.

So darling 💮
& then me being playful...

Imma protect you from fuckboys honey
Oops exposed where the lighting came from
The dress code is white for girls, & black for boys, which explains the our outfits hehe.

Good to catch up with you girls 💥
After I left the party, my boyfriend & I went for a Singapore Night Festival date but apparently we didn't manage to see many of the shows or installations.
Hence, we did not spend a long time around the area that covers SNF. :(
I have been busy with work, work & work.. I can't help that I like to see my calendar filled with something; I like to stay occupied!
Today is my own 'rest day' where I can spend some time with myself, although I had work in the morning till early afternoon.
My only day which I have nothing is like, next Tuesday.
But then, I ain't complaining!! I love my work & I have 2 upcoming shoot collabs coming up & I'm extremely stoked! 😊

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