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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Delicious & Blessed Birthday Month

Hey guyssssss! What's good??
This is my 2nd post of the month - not bad not bad.
It will be focusing on.... me, myself & I 😀
If you guys know, July is my birthday month!
Nothing really lavish or huge celebration, just with my close friends 😄
6 July 2017: Birthday Surprises From Love

A birthday date with my love! He had many surprises up his sleeve.
He came over to my place to fetch me first & I was only fresh awake. When I looked through the peep hole, I'm like, 'damnnnn who that fine looking hunk???'
He wore a simple white smart top with pants but by golly, he's hot as fuck.
Anyway, he waited for me while I prepare & then we head out to Toa Payoh for lunch.
I can't remember what we ate (pardon me, it's been 3 weeks since) but we drop by his house for time to past.
When we were about to reach the train station, he told me to wait for him while he go take something. Which left me puzzled because we always accompany each other when we gotta buy something or take something.
So he left from the front but when he came back, he appeared from the back. He had his hand behind his back so I thought 'wtf is this boy holding is he gonna scare me with something??'
So I slowly backed away, 'what's that behind you?' & he has this smirk on his face.
A bouquet of flowers!!!!
Pleasantly surprised, of course! It was my first ever bouquet of flowers received, much less from a guy.
I really love it 😍

We then head over to Cineleisure to watch Despicable Me 3.
I've been wanting to watch that!! Yes I'm more of a acting more than animation kind of person in terms of movies, but there are some animations that are so good that I wanna watch (e.g. How to Train Your Dragon 1 & 2).
There was a Minions hype before Despicable Me 3 (to market the movie I suppose) aired in Singapore that were literally Minion everything - from bags to stationery to even CAR!! No joke I saw it on the street one day.
There's even a film for Minions. Talk about huge fan base eh?
No regrets watching the movie, I rate it 4/5!

After the movie he didn't wanna let me know where he's bringing me for dinner.
Apparently when he was working as a food taster, his boss & his colleague went to this quaint restaurant to try their dishes.
There were many 'famous' or 'No. 1' stalls around the area, but my memory failing me because I forgot where it was.
I need to work on my brain, goodness.
At last, the restaurant he brought me was an authentic Thai cuisine. The waitresses were all from Thailand.
Prior to bringing me to the restaurant, he asked me if I was craving for anything. I said I'm not craving for anything but got feel for Thai food.
He really can read my mind gosh.

I ordered my all-time favourite Thai dish - Green Curry while he ordered Tom Yam Soup Clear base.
Their green curry is the bomb!! So glad I ordered that hehehe.
I also come to know I don't like Thai Lemongrass drink 😞

Hey baby
After dinner, we slipped into minor food coma...
So we went to Orchard to just walk around to digest our food.
There was another surprise he wanted to bring me to, but unfortunately the place is under renovation... ION Sky is under renovation..
So we went outdoor to just chill under the night sky 😊
Both of us just spend the night talking away - deep conversations & intellectual topics - something which I LOVE.
Then all of a sudden, he told me to wait for him (again) while he go buy something.
Babe, you know I'm gonna suspect you're buying something for me right 😂
When he called me, I turned behind & I saw a slice of cake with candle lit up!
This guy always surprises me hehehe!
I'm glad he bough one slice instead of whole like he said he wanted to.

He fetched me home & then....

There's another surprise waiting for me at home!!
My mum bought a cake for her darling daughter hehehe!!
22 years old but still a baby in her eyes.
Actually I think I reminded her it was my birthday because when she asked me why I'm going out I said Jake celebrating my birthday then she looked at me for a good 2 seconds 😂
Still, thank you mother for the gesture 💜
Everyone was home except for my brother, together with Jake who sang birthday song for me, I really couldn't ask for more. 😃

8 July 2017: Bounce With Us

Celebrated my birthday with my clique, minus Fian & Yuwen 😢, so it's me, my sis, Ong, Cong, Jingxuan & Serene.
We had early dinner - Thai food at FEP (lol lately I have been eating Thai cuisine hor) because we need to digest before having fun at Bounce SG!!
We booked the Saturday Night Jam which was $30 for 3 hours! Furthermore there will be special lighting & good music while you jump around.
That was excluding of the $3 grip socks ah, just saying.
I was squealing with joy because I have always wanted to play in a trampoline park & finally I am doing it!!!
Gosh the adrenaline pump was so shiok no joke.

There are a lot of zones ah, to name a few: slam dunk zone, free play zone, dodgeball arena, etc.
Basically we played in every zones 😂
I wanted to do a flip but I was too pussy because I was scared I might break my neck of knee or die.
We played catching at the free play zone but we cannot run, got called out by the crew. Damn it.
It was fucking fun because when we fall or wobbled down, it's damn hilarious so we're laughing hysterically 80% of the time.

At the Slam Dunk zone, me being me, I just cheered this boy (important, take note of this boy) or whoever tried to slam dunk.
Clapping, cheering, shouting 'WOOHOO!! GO STEPHEN CURRY!!' or 'NICE!! POTENTIAL!'
My clique joined in as well okay, that's why we're friends HAHHAHA
As I was cheering this little boy, I went over to ask for his name & he's called Jayden.
I shouldn't have cheered for him or even asked for his name, because later part of our 3 hours of fun, he sort of stick to us.
He held my hands & asked me where I stay... I asked why does he wanna know where I stay & he replied what do I mean then I repeated my question. He said so he can visit me.
Kiddo bruhhhhhhh....
Asked me if I can whistled the 'weewit' but I can't, then later on he came to me & whistled at me..
He asked if we met before & I'm like yah, at the slam dunk area loh but he meant otherwise.
Boy, I never see your face before LOL.
There was this convo:
Jayden: Your birthday is on August right?
Me: Nope my birthday was 2 days ago
J: ....
J: Your birthday is 6 July right?
Me: *legit shocked* OMG how you know???
Eve: Bro you just said your birthday was 2 days ago stupid
Me: Oh yah hor

So basically he stuck to us lah.

There were platforms at the free play zone so Cong & I stood on the platform & sang concert to Katy Perry's ET as if we have audience.
Both of us tried to kick each other out of the limelight, it was fucking funny hahahaha oh what a wonderful feeling.
3 hours went by so quickly. We were all sweaty & tired but we still gotta eat so we went to KFC to have some bites.
As Jayden was leaving, he turned back & asked, 'Zenna can we meet again?' but then his mother just pull him closer HAHHAA.

Fucking fun-filled activity to celebrate my birthday!! If only Fian & Yuwen were there, I bet it would be a lot more fun :(
Never mind, there's always next time!!!
11 July 2017: Meet Up With Esplanade Interns

Andrew jio me for lunch - I thought it was just a meet up with him to have a simple birthday lunch.
That boy was late but if he wasn't late then he wouldn't be him.
He told me we're eating at IMM Swensens, then I asked, 'eh you got call Saiful anot? Confirm don't have right you where got xim one'
But as we walk into Swensen's, I jumped as I saw Amirah & Saiful sitting inside the restaurant. On the table there was an ice-cream cake with a candle on top!
Turns out this boy Andrew got xim after all 😊

They treated me with a Swensen's meal & even bought a present for me! (There's a meaning behind the gift wrapper LOL darn Andrew)
They told me it was chocolate, but he ain't fooling anyone because it's too heavy to be chocolate, he told me it's something from Daiso I'm like, 'oh okay loh. Still something!'
Aww Andrew wrote me a card hehehe.
They recorded down my reaction when I unwrapped wrapper but I didn't have the video.
Basically I yelled excitedly in public & showed off my present, waving it in the air.
Having me as a friend is so good right??

I'm such a terrible photo-taker.
Why didn't we take a group photo??
12 July 2017: Auntie Mode with Partner

Partner belanja me dinner at La Pastificio which is located at Sembawang Shopping Centre.
When I saw her, she was carrying like big bags from Giant.
Apparently while waiting for me, she went to shop at the Giant sales at the atrium.
She purchased a mop which cost freaking $10??! & a hair straightener (I think), rice bucket & something else.... Or is that all LOL I can't remember.
She ordered Sirloin Beef Steak & I ordered Cordon Bleu Chicken.
I have no idea what's a Cordon Bleu Chicken so I googled for pictures, & it looks promising.
But when it arrived to my table......
Let's just say the price range is in the affordable level considered they have no service charge!
Thank you Partner for the treat 💗💗

She wanted to buy a pillow & pillow sheet, so after we are done with our dinner we went back to the atrium to look look see see.
I end up buying the mop too... Well that mop seems to make life easier so just buy HAHHAA.
We were talking about how we are reaching the stage where we look at household products or furniture. & we said we'll go for household shopping when we get married 😂😂

Do you feel me
La Pastificio
Shopping Centre #01-26, 604 Sembawang Road, 758459
Opening hours: 10am - 9.30pm
Halal certified.
Contact:  +65 6570 6991

As I was accompanying Partner to wait for her bus back home, I just happen to turn my head back & I saw something like a candle.
Turns out, Jingxuan was holding on to something with a lit candle, then Fian appeared!
No wonder Fian keep asking me where I am & what time I'm heading home, & when I'm about to reach home, text him.
It was Fian's way of making up to me for not able to celebrate my birthday together with the rest of the gang at BounceSG, with Twelve Cupcakes!!
Sigh this kind of friend where to find...
We then went to our usual lepak corner to chill & talk the night away.
The spot was taken by some kiddos so we slacked at the playground then shifted there when they left.
Impromptu chilling sessions like this are always the best; talking about future, playing music & just laughing our hearts out.
Thank you Fian for planning this 💥 
15 July 2017: Treat from Gentle Giant & Best FA

Gentle Giant is actually Yonglin, I gave him this nickname because well, he's big, tall & is caring & gentle.
We planned to eat at Tom Yam Mama back in May but didn't happen, so he said he'll treat me that as a birthday gift.
Who would reject food treat right??? 
I came across a video of a claypot Tomyam maggi mee & it look sooooo appetizing!
That's it, I'm so gonna eat that.

Does it not look tasty?! We both ordered their Signature Claypot TOMYUM MAMA. It has seafood as well like  prawns, clams & sotong.
You can also choose the level of spiciness, both of us called for the lowest level because we aren't someone who likes spicy food.
The egg yolk was runny - me love it! So I can poke & mix it with the soup. Oh the soup, THE SOUP, is AWESOME!
Because it is instant noodle, it gets soggy in the soup after awhile.

The Thai Fish Cakes isn't to my liking.. It's too hard & I didn't like the taste, but the Thai Grilled Pork is succulent! It's not very hard to chew, & it was marinated well.

90% of the photos were taken by his phone. Not fair sia so nice!!
Selfies 😛

244P Upper Thomson, Singapore 574369 
Contact: +65 8687 9990 
Opening Hours: 12pm – 3pm, 5.30pm – 11pm 

I then met with my ex-schoolmate + ex-colleague turned good friend & Financial Advisor (FA) Adeline for dinner 😄
She said she was collecting my prezzie before meeting me & it turned out to be...

Another bouquet of flowers!! So sweet of her lah!! 
She is indeed the best FA guys. If you need any insurance - be it savings plan or hospitalisation insurance, look for her. You can hit me up to get her contact number.
Adeline maintain her FA-Client relationship so damn well. She don't just shove plans to your face because she personalise available schemes to you. 
Actually everyone should invest on a medical insurance leh, just my opinion lah hahaha.
Again, she treated me a meal! We chatted over some Manhattan Fish Market 😁  
Stay tuned for your birthday treat okey Ade!! 

I told her we look like lesbo couple here hehehe.
Thanks once again Ade ♥
15 July 2017: TOY with 5 Dogs

What's TOY you asked? It stands for 'Tan', 'Ong' & 'Yeo' - our surnames.
The last time we met was I think Oct 2016 ah? Or 2015 LOLOL See so long till I forgot which year.
My sis & I bought Mac over to Minyu's house. Omg the Buttermilk Chicken Burger is so good!!
Minyu shifted house, now with 5 freaking doggos!!!
Not all is hers lah, 2 is under her care while their owner is away, 1 is she picked up from outside, 1 belonged to her housemate & 1 belongs to her. 
Basically the 3 of us talked non-stop & laughed all the way.
Reminiscing our primary school days, talking about this girl, that boy, who & who got together, who's a bitch, who's a cheater, etc etc.
Minyu even remember our classmate, Felicia, broke my spectacles & was feeling terrible about it. She kept apologising & promised me that she'll pay me back my broken glasses.
I totally forgotten about it until she mentioned that.
Bye Felicia (Lolol how apt).

Following are spam of (blur) doggo photos.

That dog wanna hump Jie hahaha

Enough of the dogs, we were so engrossed in stalking our primary school friends that we didn't take note of the time. We cabbed over to SCC & had our dinner.
Minyu Jie treated me Astons as a birthday gift! 😆😆

Doesn't look that nice right...
Should've ordered steak damn it
Hehehe I squeezed our cheeks together :P

Photos taken on Minyu's phone so that explains the super flawless skin HAHAHA
It feels damn incredible to catch up!! Talking shit about our primary school mates HAHAHAHAH but yes we gonna meet up again!! ♥♥♥
My 22nd birthday had been a truly blessed one, having birthday meal treats.
Food certainly make me happy, but spending time with people who cares makes my mood even joyful 😃 💓

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