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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Come What May

Open your spiritual Chakras
Hey guys!! How's it going?
Gaaahh I have no job now.. I've completed the course in Esplanade & although I have a bond with the company, I have not worked since May 1.
BUT, I went to 2 different job interviews (not full-time though) & I hope I get hired!
28 April 2017: Trainee to Casual

One year have passed, we were trained in 3 different areas: Lighting, Sound & Set/Scenic.
Being attached to different venues, various kinds of performance - dance, musical, orchestra, plays, etc.
This one year journey in TTTP has been fruitful!
It had taught me valuable knowledge & imparted me skills relevant to not only in the theatre industry but in everyday life sometimes.

Mmm pizzas

Gonna miss the times when I was doing carpentry project, fun times with the rest & also with the interns (yes you Andrew).
30 April 2017: Virgin Trip to a Vegetarian Restaurant

Pretty short meet up with Cong & JX, forgot why Fian wasn't there.
The food was not bad! It's Tze Zhar-like so we ordered several dishes to share.
I guess I was an embarrassment because when I saw the menu I exclaimed 'eh they sell meat!!'
Cong got pissed hahaha telling me off that I need to speak softer.
Sorry brah hehe.

09 May 2017: I'm Not The Only One Graduating

The interns attached to Esplanade Theatres have also graduated this year!
Andrew invited me to their (Andrew & Saiful) graduation. Of course I'm going!!
I even bought flowers for them! 😁
CauliFLOWERS. πŸ˜‚
Hey, it's funny! I see people giving broccoli, bananas.
Andrew received 2 eggplants πŸ†πŸ† & a cauliflower.
What creative & fun friends he have.

Saiful holding on to the cauliflower (with the message Happy Graduation!) and Andrew stroki- holding the eggplant

Proper vs play

There's actually some more 'what-the-hell' photos like these but I figure I just post 2. πŸ˜‚

Right you took selfies using my phone hor, time to show off your glam looks πŸ™‹

Eh I graduated also
14 May 2017: Your Highness Royal Day

It's Mother's Day & on that day Esplanade had a free show for anyone!
The show was Mother’s Day Special: Songs for Mothers with Love.
The theme was Beautiful Sunday.
I find that it was a perfect event to bring my mother to, because the concert plays songs from her days & during the performance, she laughed & sang along to the Teochew song. πŸ˜„
When I see my mother laughing & singing to the song, I feel happy inside. After the show, I asked her how was the concert, did she enjoy herself. She answered in a relaxed manner, '还okay啦' 😊😊
During one of the performance, the singer asked us for a favour - to turn on our flashlight from our phones during the song.
Then my bro nudged me, 'eh Mei you see that uncle in front, cannot find the flashlight'
The uncle was I think 3 rows in front of us but we can see very clearly the uncle using his phone.
Damn bastard my bro, both of us laughed during the performance!

Note: My phone camera sucks ball.

Gosh my camera makes them look like some ghostly figure.

Then it was time for dinner, I brought my mother to Wah Kee Big Prawn Noodle and Bistro.
I've been wanting to try their prawn noodle because
2. The broth looks rich!

If you are planning to eat there, here are my feedback:
They do not serve thin Bee Hoon, only the thick ones (sucks because I like the thin one :().
I think I rather ordered the dry noodle instead of the soup one because I got a feeling it is tastier that way. I mean, you have a bowl of prawn soup & a bowl of noodles with soup, although the prawn soup is richer than the one with the noodles.
The prawn soup is strong, not exactly to my liking. It is delicious when you first slurping it but I can't finish the bowl of broth.
But definitely one of the best prawn soup out there, plus the jumbo prawns are really juicy.
16 May 2017: Ikea Balls in Our Mouths Please

I met up with Andrew & Saiful although we saw each other the week before (LOL they miss me so much sigh can't help it).
This time we head out to Ikea for their cafe!!! Ikea meatballs are UNDENIABLY YUMMY!!
I can safely say, I can finish 15 pieces of their meatballs by myself.
Saiful drove out so he picked me up first (yes I got shotgun) then we went straight to pick up Andrew.
Bitch was still lazing, have yet to shower when we're on the highway.
Bluffed him that we've already reach his place & he panicked HAHAHHA.
We went to sing K at Cash Studios.
Damnnnn we sang our hearts out, but most of the time it's Andrew & I who went 'high'.
We danced in the room, like whatever you can think of - hiphop, random, slutty, etc. πŸ˜‚

According to Andrew, food must be placed in 'S' manner

I like taking candid pictures hahahaha

Look at this photographer
A lot of the mussels are not cooked :(

There's a lot more photos but I pick out the nice ones hahaha look at this hipster over there.
Imma end this blog post with my selfies πŸ˜›

Okay bye.

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