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Thursday, June 29, 2017

AnnyeonghaSEOULyo 2017

I'm not actually a mermaid in case you thought I am 
Hi guyyyysssssss!!!!!
Yes yes I'm at my bad habit again; I don't update often...
But I promise this coming posts will be entertaining!
It will be long so I'll break it down into 2 parts.

If you have been following me on my Instagram, & have watched my stories, you probably know where I have been!
Yesssess I had a vacation in Seoul, South Korea. AGAIN!
Hahahaha it was actually planned like few months after my first visit to South Korea. My Da Jie & I love the country's culture & food so much that we decided to go again. This time, with more people!

Before I start, I'd like to let you know that I have A LOT of wonderful deals that you can use when planning for your trip to Korea! Read on to find out what kind of discounts you can grab when creating your own itinerary 😉
Gonna cut the chase & start on my 7 days trip in Seoul!

Day 0: 18 June Sunday
Our flight is at 8.50pm - from SIN to BKK (transit) to ICN.
I met up with Ong & Da Jie at 4pm, her father gave us a lift to the airport. Thank you uncle!
Over there we met up with Bao Er & Guo Hao then we went to the early check-in lounge.
Before we fly we already met with drama - if your name in the flight tickets you booked online does not tally with your passport, i.e. Jane Lim on flight tickets but Jane Lim Jia Min on passport, you have to pay a charge of $50 so that they can rectify the 'problem'.
Apparently the Korean immigration will not allow you to pass if your flight tickets is not the same as in your passport.
Be aware guys.

We collected our pocket wifi then went to eat at Burger King.
Guys, I recommend y'all to reserve the pocket wifi from Changi because they need at least one day in advance & also it is subject to stock.
Have a pocket wifi is so much convenient than buying a sim card.
Our flight got delayed, the plane was suppose to fly at 8.50pm but we only boarded the plane at 9.10pm.
Once we reached BKK, Bao Er & Guo Hao were more urgent than us because their transit flight is earlier than ours, so they went ahead to Incheon first.
The rest of us were all so lost & the queue to the security checks were quite long.
When we finished the security check, a Thai Airway stewardess held up a paper with the words of our transit flight.
And what do you know, drama no. 2! 
The flight attendant started running & so do we. We literally run to the boarding gate & it's just us only because everyone is already in the plane.
Our fitness gotta step us sia hahahaha but thankfully the airline checked whether all passengers are in the plane & actually went to find the missing passengers!
I guess the delay of the arrival to ICN was partly because of us?
I slept during the journey because I was kinda pooped, Ong & Da Jie said I was K.O. because my mouth was wide open...
The only time I woke up was to eat & to play game when it is landing.
I thank God the flight from SG to Seoul is a safe one :)

I also slept in the train from the airport to Seoul station 😛 Then from there we took the metro to the station nearest to our accommodation.
Okay this is always the hard part - FINDING OUR GUESTHOUSE.
We stayed in Crib 49 Guesthouse as it is affordable and situated in Myeongdong. Da Jie did the research - "Facing Pacific Hotel, turn left go straight"
We relied on Google Maps (oh hail Google) & also shop owners.
End up we walked one big round to get to the guesthouse. There are a lot of steep slopes too.
Then when we came back to the hotel at the end of the day, we can see Pacific Hotel big big. *rolls eyes*
Sometimes you missed out something huge, even though it's right under your nose.
The guesthouse is really cozy to stay in! The host is very friendly & helpful when we want to order delivery and booking a airport van to pick us up from the accommodation to the airport.

Day 1: 19 June Monday
We were behind schedule but still heck it, we went to our first destination which is Noryangjin Fish Market.
They are popular for their freshest & wide range of seafood!! You buy whichever seafood you want, then you can bring to a restaurant & cook it.
When we entered the market, it's not like the traditional kind. I mean there is the traditional fish market but the one we went was air-conditioned.
I was awed by the selection of fishes & shellfish & basically the live seafood on display! A man who can speak Mandarin sort of like 'help us' buy seafood from an Ajumma & he helped us to translate as well.
He sort of like want us to faster purchase the seafood so he can bring us to a restaurant (where I assume he work at) so the chef can cook the food for us.
We bought King Crab & lobster, then the Ajumma gave us octopus & abalones as a service!
In Korea, 'service' means complimentary. Well, we spent 166,000₩ on the seafood itself leh.
It was my first time eating King Crab & lobster!!
SHIOOOOOK I TELL YOU I wanna thank my parents for bringing me out into this world so I can have a taste of this experience (lol pun not intended).
It was a hearty lunch :)

We bought our seafood from this Ahjumma
Live octopus!
Abalone as service!
I like the broth so much!

If you want to visit Noryangjin Fish Market and other popular tourist destination in Seoul such as Myeongdong, Namsan Cable Car and Hongik University, you can sign up for the Panorama Course from Trazy. The Seoul City Tour Bus consist of 16 stops!
The duration is about an hour and a half, Usual price is USD12 but if you purchase from Trazy, it is only USD10.80! Click -- Seoul City Tour Bus Ticket to make your purchase!
Next up we went to Times Square because Da Jie wanted to find the Puma shoes she wants but couldn't.
In the end Bao er, she & I bought a pair of Adidas Campus but different colour. 😂
We moved on to BauHouse, a dog cafe!!!!
This time the doggies were quite lazy.. I didn't buy the treats seeing how inactive they are.
Then I noticed an old dog, he was shaking so visibly!
I tried to stroke his body & head but he rejected me.
I placed my palm under his head & he laid his head on it, & I start to stroke his mouth.
Such poor dog, it seems like he has anxiety :(

After the dog cafe we wanted to bring the rest to this army stew restaurant that we dined at last trip but both my Da Jie & I couldn't remember where is it. We decided to just head back to the guesthouse & call for delivery because
1. Everyone was pooped from the traveling + not sleep well due to traveling,
2. We weren't really hungry at that point.
Washing up seems like a really nice idea & I felt so much comfortable after a good shower.

Pocheon Herb Island was actually part of our itinerary for Day 1 but we were short on time so we didn't visit the place.

Our noodles (jajangmyeon & jjampong) & fried chicken arrived shortly & we ate it at the rooftop!
Damn awesome to be eating at a rooftop especially at night where it is chilly ðŸ˜
The food, sadly, isn't really nice... But at least the rooftop seemed nice to make it all better ^-^

That man is the owner of the guesthouse!
We ended the day early because we gotta wake up early the next day + it's gonna be a loooooong day for us!

Day 2: 20 June Tuesday
Today is FUN day!! We all gathered at 9am & head out to EVERLAND!!
Although breakfast is provided every morning, we had our breakfast outside of the guesthouse. So we pop by Isaac Toast to buy breakfast.
It is really yummy! Cheap cheap good good! I miss Isaac Toast already 😡

While waiting for Jie to get ready hohoho

After a long ass metro journey, we finally reached Everland!!
We rode almost all the rides available, unfortunately one attraction is closed for maintenance, & unfortunately it is one of the wildest ride 😫
This time I visited the animal safari part of Everland. We all rode one wet ride there & boy, poor Baoer was the wettest 😂

I find it funny how a flamboyance of flamingos turn their heads
 The crew of that wet ride attraction is damn hyper! Especially one, I think he's the leader because he has the microphone & speaking.
Damn he was dancing so cheerfully it made many guests whipped out their handphones to record a video of him!
Then we sat on an Amphibus that brings us to tour around the safari to see the animals.
It was pretty cool, once a giraffe got too close & personal with the bus I could reach it!

See how close??
When we decided to ride the T-Express, we met up with drama no. 3.

Here we go:
Okay so we bought Q-Pass for T-Express, kinda like USS Express Pass, but this Q-Pass is only used for T-Express & only one usage.
Unfortunately, the crew said we have to exchange the ticket at the tour group counter which is near the main entrance.
By golly.
In the beginning when we were exchanging our park tickets, Da Jie asked how to get the Q-Pass, & the counter staff said to exchange it inside.
How?!?!?! No choice we had to turn back to the start to get our tickets.
After all, we paid for the passes.
Mind you, the distance between T-Express & main entrance isn't walking distance; you have to sit the sky ride which beings you to the other side of the amusement park. In addition, the speed of the sky ride isn't helping 😂
After we exchanged our passes, we re-rode some rides & also the Viking before returning to T-Express.
When we arrived, the waiting time for normal guests is only 10mins. *roll eyes*

If you are planning to have the time of your life in Everland, I have some deals for you 😚.
For only USD31 instead of the usual price of USD49, you can purchase Everland Discount Ticket - One Day Pass on 40% discount!! You can either click that link or this for the awesome deal!
When I came back to SG, I realised that the Q-Pass is not only applied for T-Express, but also Amazon Express, Safari World, Lost Valley & Panda World, but one Q-Pass per attraction lah.
I love sharing great deals or promos so that's what I'm doing! Now that you know you can cut the queue at these attractions, what better way to jump queue knowing you bought the Everland Q-Pass (Express Pass) at a cheaper price? Trazy sells it at USD10 whereas the usual price is USD20! What in the world...
But be sure to buy it fast - only 10 passes available per day per attraction!

I was really hyped up for it!
We sat at the back for maximum thrill.
When it was our turn, the suspense is already creeping in. As the roller coaster starts to move, I was so hyped up until I feel like exploding (exaggerating ah).
The first drop, which is also the climax, is the most HOLY-SHIT-THE-G-FORCE-&-ADRENALINE-RUSH is comparable to bungee jumping.
My butt literally lifted up the seat!! I tried to raise my arms for even thrilling experience but I couldn't.
The force was so huge that my head crank to one side & I had difficulty turning my head back.
That's how strong the force is; I had to hold my head back using my hands.
After the ride I felt like my soul just ate a whole load of adrenaline.
My soul left my body...
I didn't know I had saliva at the side on my lips until Jie told me..

After Everland we went to Dongdaemun for the night market, but it was quite disappointed.. For the second time I went there.
Probably because we didn't went to the right place.
Had our dinner there & then it was time to head back to rest because tomorrow is a very long day!!!

You know, Everland is location at one end of the city. Yes, that's right, the metro from our guesthouse (Myeongdong) to Everland took about 2 hours. So if you want to spend lesser time traveling, I have something for you!For only USD38.50 (U.P USD61), you get one discounted ticket and a shuttle bus pass .
Or click this - Everland Discount Ticket & Shuttle Bus Package
If you're don't even feel like traveling to the shuttle bus pick-up point, there is also another alternative for you! You can hire a private van to pick you up from your hotel or guesthouse to Everland. From USD75, you get to sit in the comfort of your private van.
And yes, it includes discounted ticket as well!
So if you would like to sit comfortably, Everland Discount Ticket & Private Van Package is perfect for you! 

Day 3: 21 June Wednesday

Again, waiting for the rest to get ready 😜

Today's itinerary is the most anticipated one in this trip, & that is WATER SPORTS!!!
We booked the morning slot because it is cheaper than peak period.
Morning slot is from 8.30am to 11.30am so we didn't wanna waste any time, we woke up early & got ready at 7am.
We decided to take a cab & thank God we managed to find a cab driver who is nice enough to drive us from Myeongdong all the way to Gapyeong.
The drive was about an hour long and cost us about 70,000₩.
The road is really damn ulu like you can only to drive to reach location.
When we reached, we were quite lost as to where to head.
There were several 'fun boats' for you to choose from, like Banana Boat & Flying Fish, unfortunately we didn't play the Flying Fish because apparently the crew said it was dangerous. I'm guessing they are repairing it.
The water sports are unlimited for 3 hours, which I think is reasonable.
We really enjoyed ourselves throughout the activities!!!

All of them fell out of the boat before except for me.
Once I was the only person still on the Banana Boat & I'm like 'who da champion?!'
I saw the captain giving me the 'I'm so gonna make you fly out of the boat', even Jie confess she signaled the captain to make me fly.
The captain really jerked the Banana Boat hard twice, the second one was bigger in impact but I held strong.
He stubborn, I also stubborn!
I gripped the handle really hard that when I almost got fling out, there was an abrasion on the back of my hand.
I could feel my arm slowly getting number & painful. Yikes. I should've let go & feel what it's like to be flown out of the 'fun boat'.
But is the injury worth it? HELL YES.

This is the only photo I took of the Water Sports...

I don't know what pose is that LOL

After we had our fun with the 'fun boats', we went for a lunch break (actually because it was time for the crew to have lunch) & after that, it was time for WAKE BOARDING!! ðŸ˜ 😝 💥
It was actually harder than it looks.
When the crew ask us about our experience & we said none, he mildly got taken aback. 😂
They brief us the proper body position before we plunged into the sea.
Mind you, the water temperature is very cold!
All of us tried at least 5 times, but none of us managed to get upright.
The force of pulling takes a toll on your body & your strength gets depleted quickly.
When I almost stood upright the first time, the crew said 'okay, very good'. I felt encouraged to glide for at least 3 seconds!!
On the last attempt, he told me I have weak knees.. Yeah I do so I don't have the strength to pull my body up although he said to let the boat pull me up naturally.
We all have aching body, especially our arms.
Overall, I think everything is worth it. I always love thrills & trying new things.
Proud to say I've done wake boarding before :D

That tan line

 After washing up at our accommodation, we head up to Myeongdong for O’sulloc Tea HouseStylenanda Pink Hotel & Pink Pool Cafe.

Must try! Egg Bun!!

As a tea person, the tea house is my heaven! What's more, they serve Matcha drinks & cakes!
Oh my goodness.
It's like a cafe but they sell their products as well. I bought 3 type of teas back but I bought the one that has 3 sachets inside.

What I purchased
Moving on to Stylenanda Pink Hotel. I LOOOOOOOVE the store because it is everything pink!!
I didn't purchase anything there though, but I saw one product that I absolutely like!! It's a liquid pigment for your eyes. Damn shimmery, I like.

The girl on the left spoil the photo..
This is the one I'm talking about!! I love the white one. A bit regret I didn't buy it

Day 3 was a superb & fun-filling day for me! 😃

Watch my blog! I will be posting Part 2 of AnnyeonghaSEOULyo next week (hopefully) 😁

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