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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why do I love food so much?

I be freakin' and fleekin'
I just do what I wanna
It's the tail of April & 1/3 of 2017 is just like that - gone.
(Omgosh do I sound like the typical girl who says cliche words like that)
This is gonna be a very short post, I probably should write at the end of April because I have events on the last few days of April.
Oh well, let's go!

08 April 2017: KBBQ because why not?

My clique went to Tanjong Pagar for KBBQ because that area is where many Korean restaurant resides.
Previously I have blogged about a Korean restaurant we went. The KBBQ is apparently under the same company.
Cong said it is affordable for KBBQ so why not?

It looks very similar to the one I had in Korea...
The meat is good! Well-marinated I'd say. The tteokbokki is just.. chewy. Chewy is a good thing but I prefer the ones in Korea. The seaweed soup is not too salty & there's abundant seaweed inside.
We ordered 2 flavoured Soju because what's KBBQ without Soju am I right??
Actually we (Cong) sneaked in his own Sojus because it's expensive in restaurant (or in Singapore in general).
He brought 3 bottles but we drank 2. My goodness IT'S SOOOOO GOOOODDD!!!
I can't remember what flavour he brought but I swear flavoured Soju might just be my thing.

Another example of LJB
Restaurant: 2D1N Soju Bang (Ssikkek)
Address: 46 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088467
Tel: 6227 6033

Because Batman over here is Vegetarian, so he went over to a vegetarian restaurant nearby that sells soya noodles (???).
Vegetarian cuisine are so expensive! But the ambience is great! Very like Chinese style.
The restaurant also have games to play!!

It's pretty thrilling!!! We get all worked up from the suspense because it does that to you!!
They were all pussy when it is their turn to take the bone. & it's not just any bone; you take a card & have to take whatever is said on the card.
E.g. 2 green bones or 3 blue bones.
Love this game!! Lucky we were the only customers in the restaurant because then no one (except the staff) can hear our screams.
13 April 2017: 1 tier? 2 tier? 3 tier? Nope, 4 tiered buffet!!!

Are you confused by the title?
Let me show you what I meant:

4-tiered buffet!! 
Base there is the soup (or can be used as steamboat), then moving up to BBQ, above it is cheese (you can choose between cheese or salted egg) & finally the top it is steaming pot!!!
Furthermore you can have 2 soup bases!
Jake said he's bringing me to a place I've been wanting to try but refuse to let me know where because, 'surprise'. 😝
When he said 'we're here', I was like 'HOOOO MYYY GOOOAATTTT'
The ingredients were free flow (duh) & I'd say the selections aren't little neither are they huge.
There were the 3 main meat choices - chicken, beef & pork. Each has the same marinated sauce.
Seafood like mussels (I loveeeee mussels), prawns, sotong, etc.
Other soft food like cheese hotdog, tofu, seafood balls, etc.
It's pretty affordable, I think it's less than $25 per adult for dinner!
Considering you have steamboat, BBQ, cheese/salted egg sauce AND steaming pot PLUS FREE FLOW OF ICE CREAM & DRINKS?!?!?! 
I say it's fucken worth it.

The restaurant: iSteamboat By Shi Fu Ge
Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard #04-102A Marina Square Shopping Mall Singapore 039594 (It's beside the foodcourt)
For the soup base you can choose 2 from Chicken, Fish, Kimchi, Ma la, Herbal, Hot and spicy or Vegetarian.
We got chicken & Tomyam (don't know why it isn't stated there) & the Tomyam soup is good!
I highly recommend this place!!
You're welcome guys πŸ˜‰

23 April 2017: It's Thai(m) to have some Thai food

I had a catch up session with a friend I haven't seen in a long time!
He brought to me Golden Mile to have some Thai food, a stall he frequents that he's a regular customer & he knows the owner.
It's very family-oriented! The owner is very δΊ²εˆ‡! Having small talks with the owner who is all smiles πŸ˜ƒ
The stall is Porn Thaifood
There's Mookata here at Golden Mile as well (figures).

I call him Gentle Giant because he's really soft & sweet to me!
Caring & definitely not the fuckboy type.
He ordered Pineapple Fried Rice, I ordered Green Curry & he bought us Thai Iced Milk Tea πŸ˜€.
The Green Curry is a little spicy at first, when it's hot. But when it cooled down it's more of a sweet gravy. I liked it!
His pineapple fried rice taste well, like that loh.
Thai Milk Tea is very sweet, so it's not to my liking... Too sweet!! I'm already very sweet & now that I drank that, what's make of me?

He said 'so am I gonna be in your blog???'
Well, ask & you shall receive πŸ˜‚.

The reason why it looks super grainy because I had to up the exposure & contrast because his face is covered by shadows.
After knowing each other for so long & going out several times, this is the first time we took pictures together πŸ˜‚
Meet up soon Gentle Giant! I want my Tomyam Maggie Mee hahahaa

19 April - Met up with Partner for this Halal Korean restaurant (Korean cuisine again) called Muk-Bang Korean Restaurant because the photos look so good online. We ordered their Budae Jjigae (Army Stew) but it was just meh~
The drink she ordered isn't very nice; she had like 2 sips then she didn't like it & had to pay 30¢ for it.
It's pricey for what we ordered. Never gonna visit again.
I googled the place after we went there, & it's 3.3 stars for a reason hahaha.

My artwork was posted to body art Twitter account (at)BeMyCanvas & to me, to have reached that number of audience, is a small achievement to me!
I feel so driven to do so much for my passion 😊

A selfie to end the post hehe.

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