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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A Head Full Of Dreams

She dreamed of para-para-paradise
01 April 2017: Lights will guide you home, and ignite your bones

A waaaaay overdue post!!
I'm gonna just start talking.

When news of Coldplay performing in Singapore, the Internet broke.
When ticket sales are up, the website crashed because of campers & too much traffic in the web page.
Shortly after, all tickets are sold out. To the point Coldplay decided to play a second show!
I am so lucky to be able to get a Pen A ticket because do you know how hard it is to get a mosh pit ticket??? Have to thank my Sis' friend who camp in front of the com.

Fast forward to the day, I met my Jie at 10am, have breakfast then buy some food (this is extremely important) & head to National Stadium.
We reached the queuing line at about 12pm & it's not surprising to see people already queuing.
Lucky we emptied our bladders and have some snacks with us.
When you been to concerts, especially standing tickets, you will know what to prepare.
Portable charger, food (in this case we have cookies, QQ Rice because rice makes you full & water) & fan.
We didn't have fan though because we want to make our bag as light as possible.
Somewhere in the middle, it started to rain. Didn't affect us because we were sheltered & the droplets weren't traveling to us.
The rainwater started to flow on the pavement. Slowly, you see fans standing up from sitting down.
We also stood up, but the rainwater flow wasn't directly 'attacking' our side so we sat back down.

When it was nearing the opening of the gates, many people were entering the queue for what I assume their friends chope the queue for them.
It was getting very annoying because there were already people around us, & we have to move our body to make way for them.
The group of fans in front of us had 3 friends who came later, & one of them squeezed herself in the small gap beside me so she can sit. The other 2 just stood.

When the gates opened, I swear I was ready to run.
Actually no need to run because we were rather near the stage!!!

Yes that was what I ate. Some sort of healthy shit.

We're going in!!!
My Jie's 5 other friends joined us in the queue in the evening. The more the merrier!

Stage!! Damn pretty oh my God
That woman over there, you're in my shot

I forgot the sequence of the songs but I'm gonna post the nicest performance pictures, followed by videos at the end!
Keep in mind that because it was recorded on a smartphone so I would describe the audio quality & video quality the same: SHIT.

Every fans are given a LED wristband that is wireless controlled.
So different colour & flashing speed were different for each song!

You can see his beads of sweat sparkling

& finally my worn out face after the concert:

Something Just Like This

A Sky Full Of Stars

Hymn For The Weekend

Viva La Vida

Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin Singing A Song For Singapore On The Spot

Is he talented or is he talented??? Witty & humourous lyrics 😂

When we all sing along... I actually teared up during Fix You...

I had a hoarse throat. My legs, back, spine & arms were aching.
As we were walking to the Old Airport Road hawker centre to grab supper, I already suffered PCWS - Post Concert Withdrawal Syndrome.
I was starving, thirsty & need the washroom BADLY.
To make things better, my boyfriend came to pick me up!! 😁
He joined the rest of us for supper :)
We were all too tired to rush for the last train & to stay in the long journey home, so my boyfriend & I, my Jie & Sihui shared a cab back.

The concert was a solid 100/100!
Lighting special effects (strobe lights, laser lights, smoke machine, pyrotechnics, confetti, etc), sound system, set design, visual media, everything was put together like a puzzle.
It all goes so perfect.
Ever since I joined Esplanade Theatres, I became so aware of the Audio & Visual Systems in National Stadiums.
I also saw something I have never seen before: 4 Follow Spotters being flown up!
To describe, 4 seats were being rigged onto the fly bar, then 4 Follow Spotters went to their position & the fly bar is flown up.
I'm so gonna talk about this to my Technical Manager! It's so fucking cool I wanna learn more about that!
If Coldplay is coming back to Singapore in future, rest assured I will go see them again 💙

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