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Sunday, April 2, 2017

So Many Happenings, So Little Time

I'm really late in posting my activities like, it's already April.
Many events took place in March! So occupied & I'm loving it!

11 March 2017: iLight Marina Bay: Don't Bother

Ong & I went on a double date (first time in my life I did that).
iLight was the hype in March with all the articles popping up, & Twitter photos circulating around, so we decided to go check whether is it really all it seems online.
The installations stretches from Marina Bay Floating Platform to... Marina Bay Sands I think hahaha I just know it was a long distance.
The boys did get along (well by the looks of it) and like, the guys do their things & we girls do our thing.

There were amusement park there too but we didn't play any before we know it's out there to con people.
Anyway, iLight is a good event to go with your S.O. but I'll only go once. If next year there's gonna be iLight again, I'll consider going if they have new installations.

 18 March 2017: Our Monthly Chips Appointment

We missed January & February, probably because in Jan we drank so much from NYE & in Feb we bust our money in the Korean restaurant.
This time we're missing Yuwen :( Damn, when she comes back in July, we're going as full squad I don't care.
I missed their Patio Rolls SOOOO BAD! It's damn tasty even though it's a snack.
We ordered 2 towers & wanted to call for a dozen of shots but when we're finishing our 2nd tower, Cong is already almost gone.
Okay not almost gone but he's already hazy, & I'M NOT!
Surprising leh. Each of our drunken state is very different.
But some details shall be kept private 😉

What's up with JX lah
Seriously bro
Cong is giving a BJ to a ghost & I'm drifting off
When's our April one guys?
22 March 2017: Why Do We Eat So Much?

Finally I met up with Partner!!!!!!  đŸ’™
Our original plan was to have dinner at Fat Papas, a Halal version of Fat Boys (my FAVOURITE burger joint!!!!!! I need to go stuff some Fat Boys down my throat)
I wanted to make a reservation but apparently they don't have a number? So when we reached there, the queue was long & we didn't wanna wait.
We jumped from Fat Papas --> to a Western cafe --> to Mad Sailors --> to finally a Japanese cafe.
Mind you, the cafes, or should I say, food in Haji Lane is pricey.

Kumoya, only has like 6 main dishes - 3 Udon, 3 Pastas.
Limited selection I'd say... We both ordered the same Udon because well, we ain't got much choice right? 😆
The interior is very bright and white, they even have cushions for your comfort!
Food was.. meh.

Would you look at the udon. The portion is small, the beef is overly sweet (but still nice lah) & the curry is rather average.
Without a doubt, we weren't happy after our meal because when we don't enjoy our food, we become bueysong.
We were so steady on going for second round at The Ramen Stall but as we walked further down, we saw a dessert shop that sells waffle!!
But we both were like 'eh should we go in? Or nah?', so we stood outside for quite some time before I entered the shop.
The waffles was gooood! Yes our stomach got satisfied. 😋

To more food comas Partner!!
23 March 2017: NOVU Aesthetics - Party Now, Age Later

I was invited to my friend's friend's re-launch of his business, an exclusive invite-only party at CÉ LA VI.
There were cocktails, wine, finger food & a photo booth!
It was a great networking opportunity & I get to know some people there!
My friend got a sofa & champagne keeps on flowing. My glass is always being filled up by the waitress.
There was also an artist, Adeline Yeo, demonstrating her art skills being blindfolded.
NOVU is a skincare clinic & it showcase their new products to the invited guests.
Great night!

 Art by Adeline Yeo

Got to know new friends, Jasmine & Eileen!

Hope to attend more parties like this in future! 😁

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