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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Living The Moment

You girls brighten up my life

23 February 2017: Girls Wearing Sneakers & Attitude

Final-fucking-ly, we girls managed to find a time where all 4 of us are free to meet!!!
It's been like ages (exaggerating but really is damn long) since we four come together! We didn't even meet up during Chinese New Year gosh.
We met up for dinner & just chilling in the CBD area. When was the last time we spent the whole day out together?! It's always after work :(
Initially we went to Raffles Exchange to see what we can eat, but we somehow settle in this Korean food place (wouldn't say a restaurant because it's not, not a cafe either).

3 bowls of ramen & 1 spicy octopus set.
The ramen is rather tasty! The noodles is chewy/QQ enough! Not soggy. The soup has just right amount of spiciness & with the added egg, taste so good.
Somehow for Serene's bowl, it doesn't seem to decrease no matter how much she eat. It feels like she has been eating for very long but there was still a lot of noodles in the bowl.

What Eve wanted to say 'chee bye'
Omgosh grainy as hell

 Gurl we be vogue-ing whenever we two take selfies

We were so full from our dinner, but there's always room for desserts!
Even though we were in the CBD, we had no idea where to go. Jas suggest Starbucks since there was a one-for-one promotion so, why the hell not?

Basic bitches be like

We stayed in Starbucks for a while because even though it was already night, it was HOT.
Strawberry generation needs air-con to cool down.

We walked around where our legs brings us to, and damn, whenever we are together we are just so loud & laughing excessively
I feel joyful & myself whenever I'm out with my girls. Seriously, even when we hit 25 we'll still be we.
Quote of the day: Fuck Fake Friends.
I forgot how we got to that, I know I was the one who started it but I forgot what led to me saying that. It was a song title by Bebe Rexha. Maybe the girls said something as if they are putting up a front.

There we go again, step one 'Vogue' but there were 2 women at the back aiyoyo (the effort to blur the background though).
Come to think of it, back in secondary school, some people, like our seniors, called us twins hahahaha!

Looking forward to our next outing girls! 💙

24 February 2017: Pillowman

I was attached to Pillowman in that week, but not following the show.
The set design was something I never see before, & it was really detailed!
Most of the scene was in an interrogation room. There's even like exhaust fan!

The show is dark & twisted, I like it!
It follows a writer who write sick (think psychopath, children being murdered or rape not the 'ayyyye this beat is sick yo! kinda sick) stories & his backwards brother.
There's gunshot, blood & fire used in the show.
During the full dress rehearsal, I jumped when the actor pulled the trigger because I didn't know there was gonna be a gun shot & it was loud. Obviously I was startled!
One of the actor vomited on stage as part of the script. I was so impressed like, how'd he managed to do that??

At the end of the show, Adrian Pang gave a speech about an issue - child abuse.
Something like 'Children Of Ours', in which the show is trying to send out a message.
I respect shows that support causes like this, to send out meaningful message & raising awareness.
Great show, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

 25 February 2017: We're Good At Eating, Drinking & Laughing

We were suppose to meet at 2.30pm at Woodlands, but lo & behold, all of us met at Tanjong Pagar at 4pm.
The lateness gotta go man (especially you Fian, yes you).
It was a mini birthday dinner for my Sis & we settled in a quaint Korean restaurant.
We were like starving but most of the restaurant opened at like 5pm or 5.30pm for dinner, so we acted like a hobo temporarily eating microwaved food in Cheers.
There weren't even like tables & chairs in Cheers we just stood around & eat. Kinda like accompany the lone store assistant.

This was what we ordered:

Seafood Pancake
Sweet & Spicy Chicken
My order - Jjampong! Spicy Seafood Noodle
We also ordered bottles of Soju heheh
The Jjampong is fucking delicious!!! The soup isn't very spicy, the seafood is very fresh - the mussel is oh my gosh, BIG!
The noodle is chewy too, not too soggy! ME LOVE IT!!
Basically everything we ordered is yummy lah.
The restaurant is called 2D1N Soju Bang.
Cong & Fian as usual entertaining Sis with their guailan attitude hahahaha!

Be prepared for the influx of photos.

The reason why my face is like this because Fian's camera screen has this small box that zooms into his face & that crack me up. Actually, all of us up.
And his camera has this like super bright effect, it's not even a filter.
Tryna be serious lolol

A selfie coming through

My 2 favourite boys 👦👦

We took so many shots, Fian was like so done with his best friends AHAHAHHA
Copycat sia Cong wear white shoes also. I almost wore flannel also wah heng sia.

 His face here need to maintain sia

Actually I have more, but I'll keep it to save his face. 😂

February has been fun for me!!
It's the people I surround with makes everything livelier :D
That's it, till I write again!

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