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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Amazing First Quarter

What it says
I should have group all the parties I attended in March in one post (NOVU exclusive party, Karise's 21st birthday party, & Urban Decay's party) but I did it in chronological order.
Never mind! I shall keep this post short because the next one is gonna be long! 😁

25 March 2017: Bright Girl's 21st 

Why Bright Girl? Because that's how I describe Karise; she has a bright smile, her face emits a bright glow & she is bright. πŸ˜„
She held her 21st birthday in her house. When the lift reached her house floor, the first thing that let out my mouth was 'oh my God'.
The buffet & decoration was the first thing I saw.
I was the first person in the group to arrive. Well there were other Mentoring Club people but I only talked to Sun Wei because he's the person who was beside me hahaha.
There's even a microphone with a loudspeaker! Her father was like the MC for the party & I swear he's so damn funny!

No idea why

Ming do you really like sitting on my lap?


Hehehe those rolls
Cake cutting time!!!

Look at how happy the birthday babe is πŸ˜„

Solo picture with the birthday babe!

Edited this picture for Karise, look at her tears of joy
Although the party has long passed, I still wish that you will stay cheerful & bright darling! You deserve all the good people (family & friends) around you πŸ’œ
30 March 2017: Urban Decay (UD) VICE Lipstick Launch Party

I dragged my boyfriend to go to UD's new VICE Liquid Lipstick launch party at Vivocity on March 30th.
Lucky I was able to RSVP before the closing date if not I'll be damn sad because people who RSVP to the party get first-dibs on the listick.
Jake (the boyfriend) was the only guy in the store HAHHAHA! I specifically instruct him to only let me buy ONE LIPSTICK & ONE LIPSTICK ONLY. 
Damnnnnn if I spend at least $100 I can get a free gift!!
There was also a demo on how to apply the VICE liquid lipstick to achieve different look i.e. day mood & night look
While dolling up the model, the make up artist said  'ladies, you won't have to worry about kissing your boyfriend and leaving a lipstick stain because this lipstick is waterproof, it will not smudge or transfer!'
Then I turned to look at Jake & he's like all shy hehehe!

They had a photo booth with props & ring light!
Time for my inner model to be out (who am I kidding).

At one point I gave my boyfriend a peck on the cheeks & the make up artist saw, & ask if there is a stain. I said 'oh I'm not using the VICE lipstick!' & yup the lipstick I wore did transfer to his cheeks πŸ™Š
Upon subscribing to their mailing list, I got a door gift which was a liquid eyeliner.
I tried it the day after & wow, it still stays solid & it didn't like melt down to my lower waterline.
Whenever I wear eyeliner for a long period of time (say 8 hours or more), I look like I never sleep for days because the eyeliner melted to my lower eyelid.
I'm so gonna buy that eyeliner.

The shade I bought is called Backtalk. Photos taken from UD's website.
It is also the shade Ruby Rose wore it in their store (from a poster lah har) & I fell in LOVE with the nude-ish pink colour.
The pigment is true to its colour, glides easily, doesn't chap your lips even though it is matte.
It also stay true to its claims; it doesn't transfer to surfaces & smudge! Waterproof as it can be. I can eat, gargle my mouth after eating, kiss, & the colour STILL STAYS ON MY LIPS.
Mad or what?!?!

I asked the beauty advisor whether they have the SPECIAL EFFECTS Lip Topcoat & she said they are not here yet.
Keyword: YET.
Can't wait for them to be launched here!!

Credits CHIO OR WHAT??!?!?!
White Lie, Litter, Fever, Copycat & Ritual caught my eye.
Hope there will be another party when it comes! πŸ’–
31 March 2017: A Sense Of Achievement In Art

On this day, my company (Esplanade Theatres) organised a Thank You Lunch for us.
It was also to showcase all the entries for an 'Art For Mug' design & the theme was 'Yes You Can'
Obviously whenever there is a design competition or an opportunity to draw something, I'll definitely be interested in it.
Of course I participated in it!
To be honest, I didn't expected much that my design will be chosen as the Top 10, even though I secretly wish my design will be emerged as the top 3 because the top 3 designs will be printed on the mug with your name & handed out to everybody.
But when my batchmate told me my design is in the top 10, I couldn't believe myself!
More than happy, I was excited to share the news to Jake & my friends :)

The buffet was a high-tiered one & there's even a station where a sever was slicing beef.
It was like sex in my mouth - fucking delicious!
I wish I am a cow with 4 stomachs (well my boyfriend says I'm one & sometimes he said I'm a pig so I guess I'm either)

Spot mine!

Here are some designs I find nice:

Left: If that is hand-drawn, it's impressive! 
Right: Kinda looks like Japan propaganda 

Left: The Top 3 design. I like how she used ink brush & water colour 
Right: My batchmate's design

Left: A variety of ways to say 'Yes We Can'
Right: Although not original, I like it because the man there is our CEO hahahaha! 

To be recognised for my design, means something to me.
Art has also been my passion & hobby since I was young (from Primary 2) & I continue to explore different kind of art. Different style of drawing, painting, etc.
I wouldn't call myself an artist, but I am someone who loves anything relating to art.
Theatre show is an art, photography is an art, music is an art, graffiti is an art, tattoo is an art.
I could go on & on, but there are just too many to catagorise.
I'd say I'm more of the traditional type than digital.

My future plans include body painting, watercolour paint, oil painting, oil pastels, Batik art in Jogja, stamp carving.
So stoked for my own projects!
I'd love to expand my knowledge & skills in art, so if anybody has a project that wants to collab, please hit me up! I'm very willing to work with you! πŸ˜ƒ

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