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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Marvelous March

We're all human; nobody is perfect. If they can be accepted by the society, why can't we?

Hey, hi, hello!
Yo, it's already like the tail of the first quarter of 2017. Fast or what?
Okay, okay, cut to the chase.

15 February 2017: Don't Drink & Drive

The interns in my batch have already made their exit of their internship (-sad face-) but we met up for supper!
Actually we met up on 14 February (Spent Valentine's Day with these 2 boys) but it hit the 12am mark so I'll just consider it as 15 Feb.
Saiful got car so he fetch me after my work & we went to Al-Azhar for some good food!!
The night ride was sooooooooo chill - music blasting, singing our hearts out, windows rolled down to feel the wind gushing to our face.
Some songs that played were really damn apt to the setting in the car!

You can tell who are the sassy ones & who is the more 'decent' one (Apostrophe because he ain't very decent). I should've worn a cap too!
What is Saiful's hand doing?? It's like he's appalled by something.

& then there's me tryna block Andrews LJB (Lanjiao Bin if you don't know) from the camera.

Food was delicious! I ordered the Creamy Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan.
Should have ordered the plain Naan though, I find that the garlic is too overpowering.
The three of us ordered the 3 litre Milo tower... I keep saying we couldn't finished it but I agreed to ordering it anyway HAHA!
We slipped into food coma (mainly because we keep pouring Milo into our stomach) and had a hearty chat during the supper.

So much laughter & chit-chat in a short period of time!!
We were just blabbering nonsense at this bench when not far from us away, there were these 2 Indian girls.
One of them were laughing loudly (just like us) and suddenly snorted. Immediately the 3 of us burst out laughing at her!
Especially Andrew & I, we have no consideration about whether she knows we were laughing at her or not, and we just laughed away!
That girl doesn't seemed to care as well because we kept on laughing.
Andrew was being an ass (like he is, as usual), he made fun of her by making snorting noises too.
Bloody hell it made me laugh even harder my stomach literally HURT from laughing.

Then Saiful drove us to some ulu road to take a breather.

In the above 4 photos, we show the typical fuckboy poses.
The poses not only applicable to males but females. So we're on our way to fuck money get bitches.

But Saiful needed to PEE SO BADLY he drove to Marina Pier (I think). Then he left me in the car all... alone... He even turned off the engine..
No air-conditioning, no music, by myself...
"It's been 1 minute since they both left, I assume they are dead. I'm next"
I'm glad to have met them - Andrew the Sass & Shit Saiful Says.
More car rides & food hunt guys!!!

19 February 2017: My Aura Is Wicked & My Soul's On Fire

Wicked Aura played in Esplanade at the Annexe Studio on this day. Apparently, the band played in last year's Baybeats.
I've never heard of them before but when I was doing the set up, sound check, show & strike, I came to like their music!
They play percussion mainly & is very upbeat!
Makes your body move & naturally you will bob your head when they play!
I love the setting of Annexe Studio - it's less restricted and the vibe is positive!
If you have been following my blog, I have wrote a post about working on the set up of Annexe Studios (yes like from scratch in the Lighting Department) and colour gels were used on the lights. Blue & pink!

Wicked Aura's energy level is OFF THE ROOF!!!
There was no interval and they are able to hype the audience from the start till the end.
I like how there are some tricks from the 4 drummers on the left like flinging the drumsticks in the air.
Some of the musicians - see 4th picture, the one with the green lighting - have fun and simple choreography that were in sync with the music!! What I meant was they feet movements and how they play with their individual instruments.
Really a true experience from a professional band. They not only produce good music but when they perform, they had fun on stage which is very contagious because I can see the audience were also having fun!
The sea of audience were swaying side to side in unison like waves!

Skip to 0:50 for my favourite track they played!

Amid the concert, there were also a mini art exhibition.
I thought they were drawn by the artistes themselves, but they were actually commissioned.
Here are some of my favourite pieces:

Sheep (Instagram)
Antz (Facebook)
Andrew Mosco

21 February 2017: Our Body Is A Canvas

If you know me, I've been inclined to the arts since Primary School, I was in Art Club.
Fast forward to my age, I came to have a passion in all kind of arts. So I really wanted to try painting on someone's body! Like an artist.
So I had an opportunity to unleash my creativity and make my wish come true when Andrew approached me for a collaboration project with his model.
Furthermore, the creations I did on the model's face has meaning.
There were 2 concepts.

1. LGBTQA equality and love

Make up & paint done by yours truly! :D
I make sure my photographer is satisfied with my work before I continue.

Above 3 photos were taken by Andrew, edits were done by me.
The concept behind this shoot is to reach out to the LGBTQA community.
Emotions, expression and the rainbow streaks of tears all combined together to portray the how the individuals feel in reality.
Society may seemed to be 'accepting' them, but there are still social stigma that exist against them.

"We are all born to the same Earth. We choose how to live our life, not you. We are comfortable with who we are, and if you're not, it doesn't concern us. Does our choice of lifestyle offend you? Does it make you lose a leg or arm? Does it take away your salary? If the answer is 'no', just mind your own damn business"

2. Asexuality Exposure

Sure, we know what is lesbian, gay, bi, & trans. But do we know much about asexuals?
Taken from : this link
An asexual person (“ace”, for short) is simply someone who does not experience sexual attraction.  That’s all there is to it.  Aces can be any sex or gender or age or ethnic background or body type, can be rich or poor, can wear any clothing style, and can be any religion or political affiliation.
In short:  There is no asexual "type".
I don't know what does Ace means when people ask me. I'm always guessing like, 'I think they reproduce by themselves?' But it's biologically impossible for human beings (right? Or am I wrong?).

Photography: Andrew 
I added some rhinestones to their respective colour.
The make up for this concept is less harsh, with a light-hearted feel to it.

Please do not mix up homosexuals & heterosexuals with asexual.
He hope through this shoot (and other projects), more people will understand what are Aces, with the correct information.

Was checking out his room when I notice he read the same books as me! Rot and Ruin trilogy! Actually not trilogy anymore because the author has a fifth book to that series.
You need some sass, girl?

The whole preparing progress & shoot were super, duper fun & amazing!
I helped out with the reflector screen & gave a few suggestions to the shoot. Can't help it that I'm pro-active. 😛
Model, Iliya, was flamboyant & I was able to chat with him while painting on him.
Good lad.
He even complimented my music taste, 'you have good music taste'. Why thank you! 😀

I didn't have the time to do a full piece on the model's back & my leg, so we leave that to part two of the collab project. 😉
Anticipate that day!!

After that, I met up with my boyfriend because #separationanxiety.

 Pedo face ↑

It was an impromptu meet up because I wanted to see him. He got his lazy ass up to meet me because he wanted to see me as well! He can read my mind hmmm.
The day was a fulfilling day for me! I get to do what I love & see my love. 😊

There are some more events in February, I will write them in the next post!
Till then! 😃

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